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Mario & Sonic London Olympics Sprints to 2m Sales

Posted by James Newton

Going for gold

SEGA's latest — perhaps last — Wii game, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games has sold over two million copies since its November release.

The mediocre outing reached 2.39m sales in the last quarter, easily dwarfing sales of the far superior Sonic Generations on PS3, 360, PC and stablemate Sonic Generations on 3DS: across all four versions, Generations managed a combined 1.63m sales around the world.

The sports title gave SEGA a considerable bump in unit sales on Wii, selling 2.8m Wii games in the past quarter compared to 1.42m in the same period last year.

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games on 3DS is out next week. With SEGA's 3DS sales in the past quarter standing at just 620,000, can it become the publisher's biggest 3DS game?


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Mok said:

Not sure why anyone would want this game on either Wii or 3DS.



Popyman said:

Those Generations sales are sad. Hopefully Sega will port it to the Wii-U eventually.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

played the trailer, didnt spark my inrterest. if they make the original sonic now that i would consider buying.



joevox316 said:

Where'd that image of Classic Sonic with a baton come from? I can't imagine it's promotional art for lanky wobbly Sonic's Olympic outings.



Megajack said:

ive never liked the olypic games. but i still rented the wii one at redbox and it was great.



Shworange said:

Yea, I played the demo and then deleted it right after that. I cant imagine someone buying it because it's a great game. It was more likely a case of parents pulling something with recognizable characters off the shelf for a Christmas gift. The demo games on the 3DS were just not very fun and way too easy. There has to be a better way to make a game like this...



Whopper744 said:

@Shworange So is it a great game or a bad game? Sorry, don't mean to sound smart. I just think I misread the comment.
I wish if they would put Mario and Sonic together (two of my favorite), they would really put more into it.



CliffordB said:

Not much love for M&S London 2012 in the comments so far, so I thought I'd add a more positive one, I have the game for the Wii and personally I find it great! fun, I've always enjoyed athletics/olympic themed games and M&S is just plain fun IMO, I find most of the events have that "one more go" feel to them when trying to beat your own and other players records etc.

I've even pre-ordered the 3DS version as it looks like it's different enough from the Wii version to make it worthwhile.



NintyMan said:

I don't think Mario & Sonic 2012 is that bad, honestly. To me it's not the best sports game on the Wii but it's not the worst. The whole series has quirks and perks and this was the only one I played. I may even get the 3DS version if the demo entices me enough.

The sales themselves aren't that surprising, since this is a game with both Mario and Sonic characters with pick-up-and-play gameplay. The latter reason is why I think I get a small kick out of the game. It's sort of like Wii Sports, only with Mario and Sonic characters. Sonic Generations not doing that well is puzzling, though.



Samholy said:

not sure why it sells. i tried the demo and it was.... worthless.
dsiwares titles are more sophisticated than this.

comon, this is like a microgames game, but boring.
What about the shooting range. Click on R 5 times in a row and youre done. without thinking. just click when it says so.
What about the soccer thing. it could have been nice to play, but... all you need to do is push directional button at the right time.

no really, dont get caught because there is mario or sonic in there. the game wants your money and thats about it. there is 0 freedom or 0 sense of a sport there.
Again, very young audience might find it fun for an afternoon or so.



Hyperstar96 said:

Wait... so THIS piece of s*** sold more than one of the greatest Sonic games ever made? And in less time?! What is WRONG with people?! If people want crappy minigame compilations like this so badly, then I can only imagine what the next Mario Party will sell! I will be genuinely surprised if Mario Party 9 sells less than 6 million copies within its first two months.

People are obviously desperate for good Wii games, and the Wii won't be able to print money for much longer. In other words, Nintendo REALLY needs the Wii U to be good...



Capt_N said:

I'm trying to like the demo, & I see the concept has potential, but I am not sold on purchasing either Wii/3DS ver., but perhaps over time I will grow to appreciate it for what it is, though I mostly doubt it.

I also want Generations more, & I knew that art wasn't new; that's not the modern look of Sonic/Tails, to me anyway.




The game on Wii is a good one and a significant upgrade from 2008 which was good. Its huge fun in multiplayer especially. It could have been done slightly better, but the negative reviews are a bit baffling to be honest (why are you not reviewing in context and multiplayer etc etc??) Not sure about the 3DS version yet but I've bought the DS and Wii versions before of winter olympics and the summer olympics. Don't forget the Wii version of Winter olympics got a justified 9/10 on this site. An excellent, underrated series.




Oh and Sonic Generation 3D was decent but not as fun as Mario and Sonic. Sold the former on now after playing it to smithereens. ALSO. Why are people confusing the 3DS demo with the Wii game?




Congrats to Mario and Sonic! Not my kind of game, but good sales nonetheless!! Just goes to show that people will buy a game with Mario's name on it!



Whopper744 said:

I have Sonic Generations for both 3DS and 360. Both are very good. And i have to agree with most people. They are better than the olympics games. I just wish they would do a little more with the Olympics games with Mario and Sonic. They seem like just a collection of random mini games. Don't get me wrong. I like the games...I just think they are lacking something....not real big fan of some of the controls either. Sonic Generations on the other hand is great.



misswliu81 said:

good news for SEGA- i played a bit of mario and sonic and i liked it a lot. it's better than the majority of sports games on the wii.

of course, i'd still like a mario & sonic platform game or a nintendo v sega fighting game for the 3ds, wii U, this one wasn't too bad and not as bad as many gaming sites have made it out to be.

for one, nintendo universe gave it 82%.



misswliu81 said:

so a wii sonic game did better in the sales figures alone than a sonic game that came out for the x box 360, 3ds and PS3? wow.



SMW said:

Minigame compilations aren't for everyone, but I enjoy decent ones and M&S 2012 is pretty good. I just feel for all those people getting sore wrists from this game.

About Sonic Generations, I'd buy it if it released on a console I own.



TheBadGuy said:

And this is why Sega should have put Generations on just the Wii like Colors. I totally saw this coming. Typical Sega screw up.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

instead of olympic games, why not "Mario & Sonic Racing" with a different announcer voice.
It could feature nintendo characters characters from the past and the same thing with sega characters.
i.e. Pauline from mario vs donkey kong and Ulala from space channel 5.
It's pretty much like ssbb how characters from other nintendo games fight each other.
I could explain more but i have to go now.



WolfRamHeart said:

I agree with @TheBadGuy that Sega should have put Generations on the Wii. It definitely would have generated more sales of that title especially considering how well Mario & Sonic London Olympics Games did. The demand for Sonic is still there amongst Nintendo fans so I think Wii U will be a great platform for Sega's future games.



Knuckles said:

Hated the demo, only reason i still have it on my system is that it doesnt take up a lot of space on my 16gb...



darklinkinfinite said:

Who else thinks Mario and Sonic should quit with the Olympic warm ups and think its about time they release a proper 2D/3D crossover game? Bowser and Eggman team up and only Mario & Sonic can stop them!



XD375 said:

Sonic Generations would have been hindered by being on Wii... I love Wii for exclusives but I'd rather have my games on superior hardware.



Drewroxsox said:

This is a fun game that isn't clearly represented in the 3ds demo. I had the 2008 Olympic games for my ds and it was loads of fun. They also have a lot of events to choose from, so if your new to this game, then you should try it out for a couple of days, and if you don't like it, you can always return it.



Caryslan said:

I think Sonic Generations would have sold better if was on the Wii. The Wii has been Sonic's main platform this generation, and the decision to ignore the Wii with Generations was a bad move on Sega's part. Sonic gained new fans from his appearance in Brawl and Olympic games and not tapping into that market with a major Sonic title is a foolish decision

Sonic has found a nice home on Nintendo systems, and maybe Sega should focus on putting his games on Nintendo's platforms. Not putting Generations on the Wii was a major mistake on Sega's part.



Contrary said:

Temple Runner with Sonic the Hedgehog anyone? That could have got the little blue fella back on track if somehow SEGA bought the game before it was released. Collecting rings instead of those diamonds or whatever and buying new characters like Knuckles and Tails would be boat-loads of fun and would have increased Sonic's popularity quite a bit. That game is all I ever see anyone playing anymore.



FJOJR said:

If Mario and Sonic were to star in a real platformer it would be developed by Nintendo. No way they will hand the reins to Mario to Sega.



MagicEmperor said:

Though I think Sonic is a has-been, I've yet to play Generations. I'm hoping it will convince me that there is hope for the blue blur yet! I played the 3DS demo for London Olympic Games, and once was enough for me.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Guess i'll get it for cheap one day. Won't ever be my favourite series but the little fanboy in me just wants this somehow.
If this is the only way for Sega to make the money they need for developing the other games i love i'm perfectly fine with it. Too many to list 'em here.

@lonlon-milker(35.): Well vgchartz says it sold 7.000 units so far. Maybe it can overtake the GBA's The Revenge of Shinobi now that it's cheaper. (The former sits at 9.000.)
But i think it's safe to say it won't reach the near-million sales of Shinobi on the PS2.




I would've loved the Sonic Generations on Wii. Colours Wii was outstanding. Also the home console version of Generations was better than the 3DS version anyway.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Geez, just imagine what the Sonic & Mario platformer people have wanted for 20 years would sell in comparison to this.



CaPPa said:

It isn't surprising that the Olympics outsold Generations as all of Sega's games have sold more on the Wii.

That makes it seem very stupid of Sega to leave the Wii out of their latest Sonic games (Generations and Sonic 4 Episode 2), even more so when there is little other Wii software to compete with them.

I guess that is a reason why Sega isn't a big force in gaming anymore though, because they just don't make very smart financial decisions.



Nin-freak said:

It's a great game, it's just underappreciated because of people acting like all the sports should be as complete as a whole game. Don't be so spoiled! You should expect 31 mini-games when you buy it And the London party is a pretty fun addition, even if it's not as good as Mario Party. The only thing the game needs is a tournament mode and new controls designed by Nintendo. Sega simply doesn't know how to do controls, the characters all move really stiff.



Aerona said:

Think of all the vastly superior games that didn't even get a third as many sales. D:



Shirma_Akayaku said:

I think i just realized something (and yes, i am more slow minded than all u smart people out there). I thinking/predicting the reason that Sega didn't put Sonic Generations on the Wii is because they either knew that since they had it on the 3DS they might be thinking "Oh, it's a Nintendo system/handheld/device and it should earn us a lot of money", or that there simply wasn't enough space/capacity to put it on a Wii disc.
if it were the first prediction id be like "Sega you've got to be kidding me......."
if it were the second prediction id be like "Okay, that's somewhat understandable but they could have made a less enhanced/beautiful looking version of sonic generations, just like they did with sonic and sega all stars racing.
plz can someone reply back to my comment to tell me if the reason has been told by sega.



misswliu81 said:

i was thinking back a year or so ago when SEGA said something about not porting generations on the wii, saying it's because of how under-powered the wii was, they wouldn't put it on there.

my vote for the best sonic game on the wii is sonic colors- can't beat that.

i'm a fan of SEGA, as well as nintendo, but with regards to some of their decisions over games and what games to release on say nintendo's consoles, they are more backwards in their line of thinking than nintendo themselves.

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