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Capcom Will Replace Evil Typo

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Their resident proofreader saves the day

You may remember the discovery that the North American packaging was wrong for Capcom's latest, Resident Evil: Revelations. Or should we say 'Revelaitons'.

According to a blog entry on Capcom Unity you'll have to be quick if you want a copy with the infamous typo, as it's essentially a limited edition. Capcom has confirmed that the error is only in the first shipment to North America, arriving in stores 7th February, with later copies being corrected. For those who buy an early version but want a box with the correct spelling, they can either call 650-350-6700 or email to request a new insert.

As you can see from the image, Capcom has decided that humour is the best way to survive this particular horror. If you get one of the 'Revelaitons' copies, will you keep it as a collector's item?

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LordJumpMad said:

The title alone had me cracking up.
but I want my copy to have a typo, their lost is my gain.



zezhyrule said:

So first everyone complains about the typo, but now that they fixed it everyone is going to be rummaging for a 'rare typo copy'



Popyman said:

Who would want to replace it? I just wish it had been messed up on the cover too so we could get a bunch of different better covers to choose from like with the Okami goof, that was awesome.



bboy2970 said:

I pre-ordered 2 copies from Gamestop like 3 months ago so I'll surely get the rare error version for both! The beauty of it is that I'll probably own my copy of the game plus that pre-order bonus case for free since I'm sure I'll be able to sell the second copy and second case for near or equal to the cost of both games. I remember the Mercenaries case sold for quite a bit of cash when that game came out. I hope I gambled this one out right



pixelman said:

Damn. Those first-print copies are going to be selling for an arm and a leg someday.



chiptoon said:

I know that this was a mistake, but wouldn' tit be great if first runs always had some sort of Easter egg?



JonWahlgren said:

This typo has done massive damage to my pronunciation of the word "revelations."



sykotek said:

Step 1 (generate some hype): Mess up your retail cover, leak to gaming press.

Step 2 (feign customer service): Promise to fix the cover and to provide replacements.

Step 3 (maximize profits): Release game, the crazies will freak out, think it'll be rare/limited/collector's item and buys at full MSRP.

Step 4 (shut people up): Replace covers for individuals that complain. Never bother to actually fix the retail covers. Discontinue program and allow people to download and print out the artwork themselves.

Step 5 (repeat at a later date): Wait a few years. Most will have forgotten about the last incident by now.



Colors said:

I'm tempted to get a copy day one just to sell the typoed version on eBay for twice the price, but there's always the chance that I would get a non-typoed version. And I don't want to actually play the game. The demo scared the Hell outta me.



Shirma_Akayaku said:

i heard many people say that if their copy of RE has the typo then they are gonna sell it. it wont be worth as much if there are a lot of copies with the misspelled title



WolfRamHeart said:

The misspelling actually makes me want the game even more so I'm keeping my copy of Revelaitons.



Lamb3rt11 said:

Haha i pre-ordere a copy with the circle pad pro, i can't wait for my new game resident evil Revelaitions...



Quarghor said:

I don't quite get the people who plan to just sell away their copy for a little extra cash. I understand that not everyone are collectors, but how cool isn't this to own? And imagine it's value down the road... It will be even more rad then.

If I could just get my hands on it I would sincerely pride myself in owning such a thing. I would treasure it for years to come. Revelaitons... Oh, color me nuts; it's a classic already!



Radixxs said:

Capcom purposely did this to stint the growth of the used games market, as those with this "limited edition" will keep their game when they might have traded it in previously.



Tasuki said:

I am sure that we will see the typo one popping up on ebay for hundreds of dollars in a few hours.



sinalefa said:

So now this is like a roulette, where you may or may not get the typo. I think I am preordering. I am getting the game anyway, and Jak Collection arrives tomorrow too, so I will snatch both.

And when I get the package, I will be thrilled to find out if I got Revelations or Revelaitons!



StarDust4Ever said:

If you have a GameStop preorder and only wanted it so you could hock the game years from now on eBay, just ask to see the game before you check out, and if it isn't the typo, just tell them you changed your mind and ask to cancel it. If you want, you can explain them about the typo thing. Either way, you'll get your five dollars back and they'll sell it to the next sap that comes in without a preorder.

I know of some people in Nintendoage forums who have paid huge amounts of money (thousands of dollars) for sealed games with defects. You're best bet is to keep your game case protected where it won't get scuffed up, and wait at least ten years to maximize your investment gains.



Link977 said:

Probably will get myself the typo edition, dont know if Ill keep it packaged up though



Wheels2050 said:

I wouldn't get my hopes up on making much money on the misprint - go for it if you want, but I have a feeling that it won't be worth it.

Video games are pretty hard to make money from, even though the collector's market is pretty crazy, and the print run is likely to have been too large for it to be truly rare.



Mattiator said:

Way too much coming out for me to bother with Revelaitons. Still trying to get through the last 5 used games I picked up. MechAssault: Phantom War is leering at me to get back and finish it.



Lamb3rt11 said:

Although since i will have the game i need a resi buddy to play with, any takers???



NintendosFriend said:

VincentV said Capcom in 2 years: Soupa Street Fighta 5 typo. I can see it.

Wow Vincent maybe you will be right! Let me think the odds are 1 in 1,000,000,001..... He's got good odds right!



sykotek said:

I don't get the worry some of you guys are displaying... If anyone DOESN'T get the typo version, post here to let us know. I highly doubt there will be any fixed versions at retail, ...especially on launch.



bezerker99 said:

That was brilliant on Capcom's part to misspell their game title. It's now a collector's item and I'm sure some ppl will want to pick it up right away cuz o' that. xD



SyFyTy said:

replace it? this 'typo' was nothing less than a publicity stunt. To believe otherwise is to rank ones self among the gullible.



MagicEmperor said:

@34: Not that I'm challenging you, but I question how portraying oneself as a buffoon who can't spell "Revelations" is positive to their image.

At any rate, my copy just arrived, and it has the typo.

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