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Capcom Considering Monster Hunter 3 G Western Release

Posted by James Newton

Never say never

Despite rumours to the contrary, Monster Hunter 3 G is still not confirmed for release outside of Japan. Does that mean it will never leave the Land of the Rising Sun though? Capcom fielded that exact question during a recent investor Q&A call, and although the answer isn't the life-changing announcement some might hope for it's at least confirmation Capcom is mulling over a Western release:

Q What are your overseas plans for “Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G”?
A Our stance for the overseas distribution of this title is the same as for the entire “Monster Hunter” series. We are selling the preceding title “Monster Hunter Tri” overseas so we will consider launching this title overseas, too. But no decision has been reached yet.

Good to see Capcom sticking to the tried-and-true "we have nothing to announce at this time" line.


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Leon_Pryde said:

I may not pick this up. If it doesn't have wifi, I have no want for it as the online multiplayer was the best part of the series.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I'd really like the game to make it to the West. I'm quite sure i'd pick it up.
Bundle looks amazing too.



Jono97 said:

I's just an epic picture on a white 3DS... but.. THIS LOOKS EPIC- I hope they don't do it for mario kart 7...



6ch6ris6 said:

that sounds great.

sounds like they want to release but they just dont know when. i guess 1 year before MH4 comes out. so i guess 2012



Lan said:

Why am I seeing monster hunter avatars now? Was I the first?



TeeJay said:

Oh my gosh! I was so excited about the Limited Edition Zelda 3DS that I totally forgot about this one! I think buying this 3DS bundle would be a better use of my money, because then I'd be buying a game I don't have.
Although the Zelda one is so much sexier
Hopefully Capcom will let us have this.



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

I think it'd be a mistake for them not to release it, even a bigger mistake than not releasing Xenoblade in NA



misswliu81 said:

good to hear that capcom are still mulling over releasing it in the west. looks cool and will probably make up for the cancelled megaman legends.

nice 3DS monster hunter design as well.



Mattiator said:

I'll only get it if it has a Slide Pad in the box. Otherwise, I'm saving my money for the like 8 games coming out this Christmas I'm no doubt going to miss due to living in a town devoid of games, and will promptly need to order and break the bank... again.



Glade said:

Hmmm Capcom again... If they do this.. I'm gonna be suprised... and really happy... if not.... then it's noting new..



Megumi said:

Yeah they BETTER consider it. xD
They wanted to send Portable 3rd over but couldn't, they can just send this over since it has most of 3rd's stuff. xD



Megumi said:

Also, just for the hell of it, Dynamic Hunting for the eShop! xD
Do it! lol



Dynetheous said:

lol @Lan i had my avatar for a little over a month but yeah, why all the monster hunter avatars? because monster hunter is the best game ever!



WolfRamHeart said:

The lack of online multiplayer has kind of dampened my enthusiasm for this game but I actually still want it. I really hope that this game does get localized. If the Circle Pad Pro is going to be coming out here then they should release Monster Hunter 3 G. After all, isn't this the game that birthed the existence of the Circle Pad Pro? Seems logical to release them both.



Ramses said:

I doubt this will happen, I'm sure Crapcom will just give us Super Street Fighter 5: Ultimate Super Arcade Maximum Master Smackdown Vs. Raw Edition instead...



Skotski said:

Considering that I only played with my gf online, I'll definitely consider getting this...
The online was amazing, but having to "keep up" with all the other players (what with the new challenges that everyone kept beating left and right) always made me not want to play after taking a break from the game for a week... I'd actually be fine with this not being online-mostly gameplay... makes me less worried about keeping up.



TromboneGamer said:

Stop stalling Capcom!!! You should know there are plenty of American fans now! How would it make them feel to wait another entire year!? Or not publishing overseas at all??? The Monster Hunter Hype would be all for nothing!!



Nintendo3DSLife said:

Well I hope it comes out on usa. The white 3ds seem pretty cool with the game with it and ya pretty much thats all.



GameLord08 said:

Holy crap, that 3DS is...

I'd love to get it, but if it doesn't get out by Christmas, I'll be forced to get the regular Ice White/Super Mario 3D Land Bundle. ...Sigh.



Palkinator said:

it just has to be releases in America. I need more MH! As a Veteran from the origional MH, i would just die if it wasn't! On a side note, that 3DS is amazing! Bracchidios symbol looks epic, and the actual monster looks like a heck of a fight.



Tate24 said:

Capcom look how well Tri did over here!!

Now get your arses into gear give use what we deserve!!!! hehe




I can't believe the guys that don't want to buy this game cuz there's no online multiplayer. I'd rather play with people I know. I'd also like to be able to play multiplayer missions later on so my copy isn't worthless because the servers got shut down. Isn't that a good thing? All this hatred for games without online is stereotyping us western gamers. That's why they have so much trouble localizing these games. Because we're apparently more interested in FPS's and casual party games!



MeloMan said:

Sure, but include the ability for 1 analog and touch screen controls please. I am NOT buying that... thing... to play this. If that "thing" is required to play this, count me a pass on this game.

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