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New Monsters and Weapons Ahoy in Monster Hunter 3 G Video

Posted by James Newton

A new twist on old favourites

Monster Hunter 3 G looks good in screenshots, but it looks even better in the video below.

We already knew that new monsters would appear, but the trailer also shows off variants on some of Monster Hunter 3 (~Tri)'s most fearsome challenges: there's a purple Jhen Moran and a white Lagiacrus for starters, as well as a variation of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd's Jinouga. In short, there's lots of monsters, and some returning weapon types to bludgeon them into submission with, too.

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Aviator said:

Jinnnnnnny! One of the only 3DS games I'm pumped for.
Looks pretty much like Tri + Portable 3rd. Also @zez, silly Mountain Stream...



JayceJa said:

The lack of online multiplayer doesnt bother me, i got 100 hours into tri without even finishing the singleplayer game, never even tried multi and it is still near the top of all my wii games. I never got around to finishing it, but only because I've gotten so much other games recently, that and League of Legends eats most my gaming time.

definitely getting this if it comes outside japan, and definitely grabbing 4 when it comes out too



Portista said:

WOOOOOOOOAAAAAWWWWW! THIS IS GOING TO BE EPIC... kinda... with out online multiplayer it will be some what lacking



Gene said:

I really hope this comes to west. With or without online.



Samholy said:

no online, no buy.

ill get it in a few years, used and cheap.
no online, its a shame. really.



zionich said:

This is the 3DS game I really want to play. Its going to be hard not to import a 3DS and this game. Hopefully Heroes of Ruin can hold me over.



AVahne said:

Even if it has no online, at least I have my little brother and several friends who would get this game.



bonesy91 said:

Why did they have to say Online would not be in this amazing looking title. I love Tri for Wii, but Online was the only way I could play with others (siblings don't have Wii, friends have Wii but no online etc.)

unless they pull a TVC with this, then I'll have to wait for bargain bin.



komicturtle said:

@Koto I hope my brother gets it when he gets his 3DS when it comes here.
Have a feeling Capcom with throw an online mode for the western audience...

Anyways, game looks gorgeous. Love the art direction of these games as well as the soundtrack



NESguy94 said:

A cool feature would be the ability to send your game from MS tri to MS3G so you can play your old file on the go.



Megumi said:

I gotta be honest though......I CAN'T STOP WATCHING THE TRAILERS!!! xD
Hurry up Capcom!!!



Shock_Tart said:

god as much as i dont wanna get it cause it dont have online play, the gameplay itself is enough to make me bend and buy it. i do hope it comes to america



Tate24 said:

New weapons look amazing and new monsters look fantastic to!!!
Though gutted by no online:(

This still makes happy adding extra content:D



Shock_Tart said:

origonally i thought the fact of no online play was going to stop me from even considering getting the game as i have stated in a previous MH topic. but well... no its not lolz im getting the game if i have the chance

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