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Nintendo Download: 8th September 2011 (Europe)

Posted by James Newton

Two to tango

Most kids have gone back to school, so perhaps that's why this week's Nintendo Download is so slim, to minimise distractions from the very serious studying going on. Or there's simply nothing good to release this week and any proximity to children returning to full-time education is merely coincidental. Whichever it is, here's your two to choose from this week.


3D Pixel Racing (Microforum, 500pts) — We had high hopes for this 3D racing game but in the end it didn't quite make it to a podium finish, let down mostly by its poor controls. Check out our 3D Pixel Racing review to help you decide whether to spend your points or not.


Anonymous Notes Chapter 1 — From the Abyss (Sonic Powered Co., 200pts) — A mediocre slice of hack-and-slash RPG grinding, there's a little here to enjoy but not a lot. Our Anonymous Notes Chapter 1 — From the Abyss review explains all.

Will you be picking up either of these two this week?

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Chozo85 said:

Sorry but Nintendo of Europe needs to pull their finger out. There is no reason not to have a 3DS VC game every week. This is the second week without one. How can they expect people to be interested in a service if they don't support it properly?



Dyl_73 said:

Rubbish. Starting to get a little disheartened by the amount of poor / average games for download. There doesn't seem to be much you could call great recently.
The free games are OK and will keep me going a little bit. But nostalgia isn't what it used to be.



Oregano said:

The EU eShop manager needs to be sacked/fired. Whoever they are they're an absolute mug.



Cipher said:

Well, at least we're going to get stellar games for (at least) the next three weeks now. Still, not great at all.



sgotsch said:

What did Nintendo do with the money earned with the DS and Wii? Not investing in online content!



lord_hades said:

well if they are given up on the eshop lets hope that its not ture or that on the 13th they dont say were closing down production of the 3DS if that happens im angry so will 5 million other people it cant be virtual boy all over again well that didnt even sell 1 million units so they wont give up on the 3DS haaahaaaheee (laughs psyco)



Aviator said:

Oh no! They are not releasing their entire catalog in the first few months of the lifespan! LETS START A WAR!!

did none of you see what happened to the VC on Wii? They released loads of good games at the start then the service fizzled. Give it time.



dizzy_boy said:

seems like nintendo wants the 3ds to fail.
after making people wait for the eshop, i thought that they would have kicked off the service in style with some top quality titles.
aside from the ambassador games, the eshop is an embarrassment.
what ever happened to nintendo wanting to make the things better for their customers, it just seems to be one mess up after another so far this year.



Colors said:

@my_point_is What do you mean no top quality titles?

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX 10/10
Donkey Kong 9/10
Gargoyles 9/10
Mario's Picross 8/10
Game & Watch Gallery 8/10
Avenging Spirit 8/10
Kirby's Dream Land 7/10
Super Mario Land 7/10
Fortified Zone 7/10
Qix 7/10
Double Dragon 7/10

I would say those titles are plenty for only being released for 3 months.



Highwinter said:

Look at Steam, Xbox Live or PSN. All manage to consistently release content on a weekly basis, that's only on a much bigger scale, but of much higher quality.

Even if we get some good games in a couple of weeks, that doesn't excuse updates that have been going on like this for months. The 3DS was supposed to show that Nintendo are stepping up the game in regards to online content.. and so far it's been thoroughly disappointing. That doesn't bode well for the WiiU.



daznsaz said:

im in a good mood so what the hay musnt free nes games getting gba ones too still playing doa&resi mercs various others including gargoyles quest which is hard as nails thank god for restore point.bit quiet on retail front but getting there hallelujah amen to nintendo...



FigetingPigeon said:

Nintendo haven't even got a clue how to manage the e-shop. No new 3DS VC this week again and how long ago is it since we've seen a Wii VC release? The 10 free games we got last week were just okay but there really wasn't a excuse not to have the save feature already up and running with them, it surely cant be that difficult to implement. Makes playing games like Metriod and Zelda unplayable due not been able to save your quest. It's seriously going down hill for Nintendo. The 3DS is flopping badly and I can see the Wii-U doing the same.



Ristar42 said:

Oh dear. I've a feeling the Game Gear is never going to appear on 3DS, I think it was only announced in Japan anyway, back in March.
With the speed Nintendo drip feed releases, maybe we will see it in a few years?
The 'free' games are great, but why dont they realise if they put more stuff on the shop, they would likely sell more consoles?
As for the Wii VC, it seems it really is finished in Europe, sad.



alLabouTandroiD said:

James wrote:

Will you be picking up either of these two today?

Neither today nor on Thursday.
And i've still got plenty of playtime to get out of the Ambassador games so personally i really can't complain.

@FigetingPigeon: Don't these two feature the same saves all the NES VC games do on the Wii ? Just asking because Mario & Yoshi and Donkey Kong Jr. do save that way on the 3DS. Haven't played any other Ambassador games yet.



Geonjaha said:

Well this is highly dissapointing. One VC release a week is poor, especially when there are no GBC games (Except Link's Awakening - I doubt they'll be doing it again), but not having any 3DS-Ware or VC every week is just pathetic. I know we've just gotten the NES games but this is two weeks in a row now!



SennaKurosaki said:

Honestly, I think firing some managers at Nintendo Europe isn't enough. Some more "rigorous" things need to be done. Nintendo Europe is sticking up a middle-finger to all of its customers again and again. We should all strike back! Like a boycott of everything! EVERYTHING!!! Hahahaha! I mean, if Nintendo wants to give their market-share over to Apple, well... then be my guest. I start to care less and less about Nintendo. They are as dead to me. The living dead that is.... zombies!



Knux said:

What the eff? This update is horrible. I feel bad for Europe.



FonistofCruxis said:

This is getting ridiculous! Last week we only got one game (there may have been the ambassador games and I am one but they should've catered to people who aren't too) which looked mediocre and now we only get two games this week and neither are good. Not to mention the fact that we haven't seen a wii vc release since the middle of June.



Xkhaoz said:

Wait, nothing for 3DS? Hopefully this isn't the final release schedule.



Bass_X0 said:

Where's Bass to tell us the mystical pattern?

The mystical and factual upcoming release list tells us that no VC game was due to be released this week and that nobody should be surprised that no VC game was actually released.

Still waiting on Starwing, Yoshi's Island, DK64, Mario Party 1 and 3, etc.

And you'll still be saying that in two years time. Out of those, only Mario Party 3 is likely.



FonistofCruxis said:

@Collision_cat That game is awesome but it would be nice if NOE were as kind to us with downloads as they are with jrpgs.

@Bass_X0 Many 3DS vc games have been given release dates the a few days before they came, not 3DS vc games are confirmed long before their release.



daznsaz said:

@39 its possible some geezers might think its bollocks.i myself think its ok though no worries



Blaze said:

This is crap. Nintendo need to improve their online system, urgently!



timp29 said:

Meh, can't complain. I'm still playing my first ambassador game, Legend of Zelda



MF_MaxiMillion said:

Don't like the NES games, don't like this week's update either. Nothing to look out for.

I did pre-order Starfox64 3D though but... meh.



grumblegrumble said:

Yeah, the Ambassador games aside, we had a pretty slim (bad) week last week, too... Here's hoping this week for the U.S. and next for EU will be better

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