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European eShop Updated with More 3D E3 Trailers

Posted by James Newton

Collect them all!

After all that waiting for 3D E3 trailers to hit the European 3DS eShop, Nintendo has made good and uploaded the second batch of videos, bringing the total number available to 10.

You can now download to your 3DS videos for:

Like the previous five videos, these downloads will remain on your SD card rather than being streamed from the shop, which is good news for those who want to take a bit of Animal Crossing with them wherever they go.

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AlbertoC said:

Well, it seems NOE is trying to clean its late releases reputation. Good for them, and for everyone in Europe getting those releases!



AUnkownFuture said:

mmm... I might take a look at Snake Eater 3D. Im not a fan of Metal Gear Solid games but i do enjoy playing them. I only trailer i got is Mario Kart 3D so it wouldnt do any harm to get another one in. Im gonna download the trailer of Snake Eater 3D.



zionich said:

Dont watch them, youll just want the games more. Its a TRAP!!!

Congrats =)



TingLz said:

@pntrj: Wish granted! But you must wait until Thursday instead of going to the eShop and finding out we've had these for a month (with some others)



Blaze said:

Thanks Nintendo Life! I wouldn't have realised if it wasn't for you as due to the lack of games I haven't picked up my 3DS all day (till now) so thanks!!!



6ch6ris6 said:

i hope these videos are better than the first 3D videos. i could barely see the 3D there.



3DS said:

Downloading animal crossing then the rest hope there good



Late said:

These videos were awesome!
Paper Mario looked more paperish than ever thanks to the 3D effect.
I didn't like the MGS trailer that much but at least there is one surprise at the end.
Animal Crossing's 3D effect wasn't that great.
Kid Icarus had nice effects and I'm starting to think again if I should get it.
And Luigi's Mansion 2 is a must buy for me, trailer didn't seem to lag during the part when vacuum is used as it did when I watched E3 or on youtube.



3DS said:

Kid Icarus was...well all i can say is that my jaw hurt by the end of the trailer because it was on the ground, MGS looks again jaw dropping animal crossing was bull **** then there was Paper Mario which was not as good as i hoped Luigi's Mansion is amazing



Raylax said:

After all that waiting for 3D E3 trailers to hit the European 3DS eShop, Nintendo has made good and uploaded the second batch of videos, bringing the total number available to 10.
You can now download to your 3DS videos for:

  • Paper Mario
  • Animal Crossing
  • Luigi's Mansion 2

**stops reading, grabs 3DS**



GuarinoMatt said:

I wonder why they don't notify these updates via SpotPass! Am I supposed to open the eShop randomly during the week to see if there's any new stuff?



sinalefa said:

The funny thing is that Europe gets these videos a few days before NA removes them from its eShop.

Of all the videos, the most impressive is Paper Mario. As Late mentions, the 3D really helps to convey the paper look of the game, it looks a lot more convincing now.



MAddogz said:

where is the MGS Trailer??? can't find it in the eshop... There are all except MGS...



OldBoy said:

Cheers NL I never usually check the shop till Thursday.Yay we finally got em.Downloading now!



ianmage1 said:

@TeoBarnowl They do notify the updates via SpotPass. If you go to the eShop Settings/Other>Home Menu Notifications and select "receive notifications," the blue notification light on the system will light up whenever there is an update in the eshop.



GuarinoMatt said:

@supernin10do The eShop Settings are ok, but I don't receive notifications for the updates; if I hadn't check up NintendoLife I wouldn't have known about the new E3 videos



James said:

@MAddogz Perhaps the video fell foul of your country's censorship regulations? It's definitely in the UK shop but "rated PEGI 18" apparently!



default12345 said:

MGS looks fantastic, I can't wait to play it! I've only ever played MGS on the PSone and the GCN remake.



MAddogz said:

@James well that sucks big time... they released Resident Evil: Merchaneries and that was cut from Resident Evil 4 for Germany. Makes no sense to have a parental control if I still can't download the trailer...
Resident Evil: Revelations and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater Trailers not for Germany



golephish said:

I downloaded them all weeks ago, then deleted. then they said they were taking them off, I had to re download them.



sillygostly said:

Metal Gear Solid was byfar the most impressive of the trailers (even though the constant half-assed MGS acronyms were incredibly effing lame), even though I'm not sure if I'd enjoy this sort of game. The Paper Mario visuals were very impressive in 3D, and as much as I've enjoyed the Animal Crossing series over the years, the new trailer was a total letdown. There wasn't a single new feature to be seen aside from the ability to swim (seriously?).



alLabouTandroiD said:

So this is part 2 of Nintendo hopefully coming to reason with the 3DS.
The only problem us with us German gamers. If Nintendo's news section is any indication we won't get the MGS trailer like we didn't get the RE trailer last week.
Though i guess you're right with your reasoning, (23.) James it would still be nice to hear about it from Nintendo themselves.
I'm going to send 'em an ask-mail about it.



Victoria said:

I think I agree with @Zionist - It's a Trap!
Now I want Animal Crossing even more. Wish this one was coming out now so I could start collecting all those lovely summer time bugs and fish.



Fuzzy said:

It'll be good to see Luigi's Mansion in 3D. I've heard good things about it.



Mowzle2 said:

Well, I know it's a trap, but it's great to view a little of what's in store, and to show off the 3DS to friends who say they've heard Nintendo are having problems with it
I can't wait to get my hands on Animal Crossing too, but maybe it's just as well it's not due out just yet as there's so much else that needs doing.... goes off to clear out some cupboards



Yoshi_8793 said:

Well it's about time!!!!!!!!!!!

Animal Crossing and Luigi's Mansion both look fatastic in 3D



cheetahs said:

whoa, i just realised.....the sky in that animal crossing picture is purple!!



Tate24 said:

Kid Icarus trailer is amazing its by far best 3D E3 trailer out i want game so bad!

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