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Tue 5th Jul 2011

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Yoshi_8793 commented on FIFA Brand Passes £1 Billion in UK Sales:

@SheldonRandoms To be fair, on the PS3/Xbox the game is a lot better now then it was 2 years ago. Tactical defending and First Touch Control are big improvements. One time my dad walked into my room and starting swearing at the TV because he thought his team were losing in real life. The game feels real.



Yoshi_8793 commented on Kicking Off With Some FIFA 12 Wii Details:

@Toadfan Did anyone in America watch the 2010 world cup??? You all seem to know little about 'soccer', then agian I know little about baseball and basketball. Oh and the guy in the red shirts called Shrek

Anyway, any game with AFC Wimbolden in is a must buy for me.