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SEGA: "Wii U Due in Spring or Summer 2012"

Posted by James Newton

Let the countdown commence!

Nintendo's E3 2011 reveal of Wii U ended with a fairly open-ended "coming to your living room in 2012" which, combined with the company's previous assertion the machine wouldn't see release before April gave us a launch window between May and December. SEGA's Alan Pritchard may have just narrowed that for us.

Speaking to Gamespot about the upcoming Sonic Generations, Pritchard was asked whether or not the hedgehog's anniversary adventure would make the leap to Wii U:

The timing just doesn't work. Generations releases this November, and the Wii U is coming out next spring/summer.

You never know: by this time next year you may be playing on your very own Wii U. What do you say to that?


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Lan said:

i wonder when the ps360 SUCKcessors(snare snare bass crash!) will come out? any word on that?



Raptor78 said:

Might have been interested had it been released at the end of 2012 intime for christmas so that I get to spend some quality time with my 3DS. If it comes out mid 2012 then I will just probably wait til the year after. I mean around 12 months with a new console albiet a handheld isnt long enough.



daznsaz said:

excellent news already on a list for one gives me incentive to get funds together



XCWarrior said:

Uh, its coming next holiday. It's Sega, they are seldom in the know. Nintendo had nothing first party to announce, so they will use E3 next year to do that.



Hardy83 said:

Well that would make sense since aside from Zelda, it seems as though there is literally NO games coming out for Wii.
I mean we didn't even hear anything about Xenoblade or Last Story coming to NA at E3.



GameLord08 said:

Not bad, not bad. Excellent news. Not too early, not too late. Yay 'n' stuff.

Okay, Mission 1: Save - commence.



ColtTheNotsoEpicGamR said:

I don't know why they can't release the game later, I'm sure I'm not the only one that would prefer a Wii U version, besides arkum city is doing it...



phoenix1818 said:

@Kevin Agreed. Nintendo really need to get their act together and get this off the ground, becasue the Wii isn't going to keep selling and its release schedule is looking pretty desolate. They also would do better to release before Sony and Microsoft announce their next gen consoles, whenever that may be.



taffy said:

My money is on next holiday. From a business perspective that would make the most sense as with the recent drop in price on the Wii, there's still plenty of time to get more of those into house and maximise profits.



FonistofCruxis said:

Not many games were shown at e3 and the ones that were show don't seem that far in development so I was expecting e3 2012 to show more of the games coming out for it. If this is true, the launch will probably seem too rushed.



zionich said:

As long as they have all the functions day one, with a stellar launch line up, I could care less. I am looking forward to see how different companies impliment the new controller in there games. Im very excited !!!!



b_willers said:

It won't be out before E3, I'm guessing September in Japan, and November for America and Europe, and while I'm at it I think it will cost £280



Odnetnin said:

As long as Smash U doesn't launch with it, I can hold out for a bundle or price drop.



Plastifish said:

I will wait for another source other than Sega. It would be nice to have a mid-year release. I liked that with 3DS - just as your Christmas games need a little shelf time.

We will have a good idea come this holiday season.



Raptor78 said:

@b_willers if what you say happens then I will be more than happy to buy one, but any earlier than the Nov/Dec holiday window then I would probably wait till my birthday 2013 because if im not getting it at launch then im not in any hurry to get it. Anything under £300 I would be satisfied with, anything more... hmmmm, it would have to give it serious thought.



Ren said:

yeah, either way it's a long ways away, so it doesn't matter which it is. Nothing is in stone this early so none of these dates mean anything, who cares?
I agree, though, that the Wii is really loosing steam. I think really they should just get some kind of launch exclusive done fast (Mario/Zelda) and then get it to market as soon as possible. Surely the 3rd parties could at least start porting over some HD games that the other 2 are getting already. Nintendo has the best motion controls and the new controller is nice... great.. So just get it out so the ball can get rolling on Software for 3rd parties and people can get some of the HD games that are coming out on other platforms. It's really just lost opportunities with each passing day.
I'm not usually one to advocate for a rushed launch, I wish the 3DS waited at least until the store was ready, but not in the case of WiiU. Obviously the developers are more than ready for HD games so Nintendo needs to get it out and move it along. Theres always room to update the online shop and add games, etc, but just give us that pad and big ol' Processor so we can get our next gen on and people will drop the PS and xbox like hotcakes. Seriously, if it's backwards compatible than get it to us already!
I know that won't really happen, realistically. That's actually sort of what they're doing anyway, it sounds like, but it really can't come soon enough.



Henmii said:

So in other words: No Sonic generations on wii u. Thanks SEGA!!!

On a more positive note: The 3DS version does look quite nice from what I have seen. What they really have to change though are the loadtimes: going from one stage to the other takes ages!!



Punny said:

Despite a lack of Sonic Generations on Wii U, seeing the consoles next spring/summer sounds great, especially if it comes out in July!



Capt_N said:

I'm w/ Jesus Saves on this one. I'm not fully convinced yet to give N my money. I really wanna know what the WiiU can do, that it's competitors can't. & I'm talking every facet of the console, not just gaming.




I'd rather they not rush it. Summer would be fine. Then again if its truly ready in Spring, bring it on.. I'm actually far less convince with the Vita tbh..despite not having the full info on te WiiU



MeloMan said:

Unless it's official from Nintendo, everything else is just speculation, so I'll wait to hear this from the big N itself. I foresee a holiday 2012 release which would give more time for all the 3rd party devs to polish their "ports" and/or 1 or 2 new games they have. We still don't have a 1st party game announced as a launch game for the WiiU, or do we? I just don't want them to pull a 3DS again and have us waiting months with just 1 AAA game to tide us over til the next heavy hitter. Take your time, Nintendo.




i still need to be convinced by software/hardware before i sell my dusty PS3 to switch to something that lasts 2 years before PS4 XBOX720 come out with super graphics im worryed 4 nintendo this time



rjejr said:

Why wait until the holidays? I just don't get that line of thinking. The Wii was almost impossible to find for 3 years running, does anybody really think people would put off buying the WiiU if it came out in the spring or summer? They NEED to have it in stores ASAP before the PS4/Xbox720 are announced (see Dreamcast and PS2 hype). A spring/summer release will have more in homes so games developers will have games out for it for the holidays. I don't know if this would be a great graduation gift but I'm getting myself one for Father's Day if it's out. Or my birthday in July.



Sir_Deadly said:

I hope its early spring if that way the case, but as Reggie said, " It wont be before MArch 31, 2012". Soo i hope its an april launch or pretty close to E3 when it launches.

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