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First Impressions: Luigi's Mansion 2 (3DS)

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Busting makes Luigi feel good

It's hard to believe that it's been almost a decade since the release of the original Luigi's Mansion, but fans of the game can certainly attest to the lengthy wait. Now, with the announcement of Luigi's Mansion 2, Nintendo is bringing back Mario's spooked brother and this time with a wealth of new gameplay touches and an absolutely gorgeous 3D presentation to go along with it.

The first thing you'll notice about Luigi's Mansion 2 is the absolutely stunning 3D display. Not only does it bring a huge amount of depth to the backgrounds, but the pop-out might be even more impressive, especially when it comes to the various spooks and specters moving in and out of the foreground. There's also a good amount of detail in the visuals themselves and show a lot of similarities to their Gamecube counterparts, sometimes even going beyond them in some cases.

A particularly compelling new feature is the ability to interact so heavily with the environments around you. While the original release features some of these types of interactions, Luigi's Mansion 2's entire gameplay system is built around the various puzzles that come along with pushing, pulling, and moving around objects and items strung throughout the various rooms of the mansions. You'll soon find that you'll be using your Poltergust 5000 every bit as much for solving puzzles as you will sucking up ghosts and it's this new gameplay balance that provides the majority of the engaging challenge this time around.

From a gameplay perspective, you'd be hard-pressed to beat the simplicity of the original Luigi's Mansion, but there's just something impressive about the way Next Level has been able to take that simple gameplay approach and somehow inject a heaping helping of new play control touches to give the game a greater degree of depth and playability. You'll still spend the majority of your time sucking up ghosts that are running rampant throughout the mansions, but this time there's a bit more to the process, not to mention more than one mansion to tackle.

To begin with, you no longer merely shine your flashlight on a ghost in order to stun it, instead you'll now have to press the "A" button in order to cast a blinding strobe at the ghost thus stunning it just long enough for you to snag it in the Poltergust 5000's vacuum. You have to be fairly quick on the trigger, as if you don't immediately fire up the vacuum after stunning the ghost, it will give you a haunting laugh and fly away. The Poltergust features both a vacuum and a blow feature, both of which will be used quite a bit in order to solve many of the game's puzzling challenges.

As you work your way through the mansions, you'll come across the traditional bosses that you'll be forced to beat in order to progress further into the adventure. Some of these are merely tough ghosts that require some tricky reeling-in, whereas others are a bit more complicated and will force you to put your thinking cap on in order to defeat them.

One particular boss will spend the majority of his time disappearing around the room and you'll have to keep your eyes on the various candles that are being blown out in order to locate the spook. Of course, he doesn't go quietly and will toss a barrage of books at you if you stand still for too long at a time. It's this unique balance of action and puzzle-solving that gives the game such a great feel to it and keeps you coming back for more.

It's been an incredibly long wait for a new Luigi's Mansion release, but after putting a few turns into the upcoming 3DS release, it's clear that the wait was well worth it. Not only does the game feature all of the unique charm and puzzling challenge of the original, but the plethora of new gameplay ideas are easily enough to make the game feel fresh and new all over again. If you haven't put Luigi's Mansion 2 on your 3DS wish list, now might be a good time to do so.

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Knux said:

Well, it looks like I have another 3DS game to buy on day one. Awesome impressions, Corbs!



Azaris said:

Hopefully this game is as long or longer then the original im kinda wondering te syory did mario get kidnapped like in the first one?



grumblebuzzz said:

I think Luigi should be trying to rescue Daisy this time. Mario's damsel in distress is Peach, so Luigi's should be Daisy.



JimmyWhale said:

While I'm super excited for this game, I'm a little mixed about the new ghost designs. On one hand, they look creepier and more sinister (which is somehow possible for a Mario title), which fits the dark atmosphere a lot better than the colorful, campy ghosts from the original. On the other hand, the colorful and campies were a lot more iconic and fit the fact that, despite being a little creepy, it was still a Mario title, and they fit into the Mario universe a lot more.



warioswoods said:

The 3D trailer on the eShop looks beautiful. I'd have to say that the visuals are easily the best I've seen on the system yet, in any game or trailer.



Henmii said:


I have a feeling that every dungeon has it's own kind of ghosts. The ghosts we have seen so far look a bit like Blob from The Blob. I am still not sure wich ghosts I like more.

"A particularly compelling new feature is the ability to interact so heavily with the environments around you. While the original release features some of these types of interactions, Luigi's Mansion 2's entire gameplay system is built around the various puzzles that come along with pushing, pulling, and moving around objects and items strung throughout the various rooms of the mansions"

That's nice to hear! I look forward to the game!



Deviant_Mugen said:

I've still yet to play the original, but this game sounds phenomenal. Yet another reason for me to purchase a 3DS soon (though still not the clincher)...

@Corbs: "It's been an incredibly long wait for a new Luigi's Mansion release, but after putting a few turns into the upcoming 3DS release, it's clear that the wait was well worth it."

Only a few? Don't be so modest, Corbs. I bet they had to wrestle that 3DS away from you...

Great impressions, by the way...



Link79 said:

Luigi's mansion was one of the first games I bought for Gamecube.
People were harsh with it back then for being so short. It was bashed alot and called more of a tech demo than an actual game.
I really loved it though and I never expected there to be a sequel.
Anybody else's jaw drop when they announced this?
Mine sure did!



bboy2970 said:

The game sounds absolutely fantastic! I can't wait until this comes out. I was a fan of the first game so its really a no-brainer for me. Oh, and this is first post with my 3DS! :3



phoenix1818 said:

I only just realised this is being developed by Next Level Games, not Nintendo. It's looking really good, though it's been a long wait, but this sounds like it could be even better than the original!



Adam196 said:

Absolutely loved the original, loving the sound of this one, I hope the gameplay will be several times longer than the original



Slapshot said:

Thanks for the Impressions Corbie!

This was a huge shocker at E3, and now that we can see these games in action via the eShop trailers, we are able to understand how the 3D effects add to the games, instead of pressing our imagination buttons until we can buy the games - another win for Nintendo.

I can't wait to take go spook huntin' agian!



Traxx said:

Another game not developed by Nintendo. What the funk are they doing all the time?
@Link79: Who cared about LM back on the GameCube? The critics were right: LM is just a tech demo; short, easy, without challenge and got boring really quickly.



NintyMan said:

Ah, Luigi gets another turn at the spotlight! Unlike everyone else, I was more pleasantly surprised than pleasantly shocked when the game was revealed because I knew it would happen someday. If you had read the interviews, you would've known that Nintendo was wanting to make a sequel ever since they weren't able to use the 3D in the original Luigi's Mansion. The idea of several mansions to explore should add a lot of variety, and I'm glad that the ghosts can now manipulate the environment, such as turning a staircase into a slide and tossing books at you. Not only that, but Professor E. Gadd and his Japanese gibberish will return!



JettiBlue said:

When I saw the first glimpses of the trailer at the E3 press conference my heart jumped in joy! Soooo happy about this one coming!

And great preview, thanks NL!



Spoony_Tech said:

I really hope this is coming out this year more then any of the other games! This game has a certain charm the most games don't have even some of Nintendos big guns! Was a great game even if it was short with a good deal of content as well. Now get everything in the game and tell me if it was still short! Ingenious design and challenging secrets to figure out. Lets have unlockable players this time though!



Nintomdo64 said:

It seems I'm the only one who's curious as to how this controls without a second analog stick. I loved the first one, so this will most likely be a day one purchase for me.



Nintonic said:

I think you're right Nintomdo64.
Back on the game controler you could use the c analog to tilt your nosal
in any direction while you could use the original analog stick to control your movements...



Punny said:

I loved the first one, but Luigi's Mansion 2 sounds even better. Also, according to the Mario Wiki, Luigi was calling, "Marrrrioooooo" like in the old game, so maybe Mario's been kidnapped again...



Sneaker13 said:

I was cheering behind my laptop when that was announced. I absolutely love the original.



yoshilover276 said:

I think the Luigi's Mansion 2 reveal was my favorite part of the conference. I can't get enough of the 3D trailer from the E-shop



Henmii said:


I have a feeling that this time more of your friends have been kidnapped. I think every mansion will have one friend to save. Think of Mario, peach, toadsworth, a ordinary toad, Yoshi etc.



Adam196 said:

I've read that the game will have more than one mansion? I think they should spin the '2' around so it reads 'Luigi's Mansions'



StreetRat said:

I'm more excited about this than anything else at the show. Well, this and HD Zelda.



zeeroid said:

@Nintomdo64: Apparently the way it works now is you hit a button to "raise" your light up to the ghost, and when it strikes you can strafe around it. This way you never need another analogue input to control the light independently of your movement.



Yoshidude said:

Paper Mario is the best thing that ever happened. End of story. However, I am still planning to buy this game. I played some of the first one when I was like 6 or something, and I liked it a lot, that was until it got really hard for me (well, that was of course because I was six).



Yoshidude said:

Oh yeah... I've seen the 3D trailer for this game too. And out of all of the ones I've seen, this one looks the best, though I still love Paper Mario more, which I will obviously be getting at launch.



Nintonic said:

¨more interaction with objects¨
now I don't know about you but I love games that involve logic.



doriot said:

I LOVE THIS GAME!!! I played it when i was like 5 for a few seconds...... then i got scared of the ghosts so i turned off my gamecube!

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