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Ghostly Adventures Await in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

The new Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon gives players multiple mansions to explore, a variety of puzzles to solve and new ghosts to capture. Armed with the Poltergust 5000, a ghost-sucking, vacuum-like invention, Luigi must complete a number of missions assigned to him by Professor E. Gadd.


Shining a light on the ghosts is no longer enough to stun them into immobility. Players need to activate a new strobe function to stun the ghosts before sucking them up with the Poltergust 5000.

Every mansion is filled with unique puzzle elements and ghosts. Players must figure out how to defeat each one of them and find hidden clues and keys to unlock new areas.

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Posted by Martin Watts

This game must be possessed

Nintendo has proclaimed 2013 to be "The Year of Luigi": a long overdue celebration of Mario's underdog brother. There are already a few Luigi-themed (or at least partially related) releases to come later in the year, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the...

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Spooky multiplayer action from Mario's brother! Checkout our coverage here:

User Comments (80)



LeonChamp said:

Cant wait for this, I have completed the Gamecube version about 4/5 times and still I love it. Mega excited!!!!



robbob88 said:

I just saw the trailer on my 3DS and holy cow the 3D treatment that this game is getting is without question the most impressive I have seen so far. I cannot wait.



Blaze said:

Let's just hope it has a decent length. Original took me 3 hours to finish



Milkman-123 said:

gamecube --> 3ds
that is nintendo's process.
2001 --> 2011
thats how long it takes to plan a perfect sequel to a perfect game on a brand smackin new console in eye-popping 3d with bonus features



meizme said:

Mario's brother has had a lot of chances to pull away and make his own name in the gaming world. he might not have the volume of titles that wario does but his are full of win. Winner winner chicken diner Luigi. Grats.



brenwizard said:

when i saw this game at e3 i was as happy as i could be (maybe even happier) i love luigis mansion!



Nintonic said:

@4 idk nevermind. I was kind of refering to LM1 for gamecube but I can definitely see now that this is a hit.



SuperTogepi said:

i recently got a used copy of Luigi's mansion for GCN and I love it. hopefully this version will be even better than the original.



CandieBears said:

OMG.. Can this come out all ready! I'll buy this one At launch! I loved Luigi's Mansion.. Poor Luigi.. he never gets enough credit! Mario Takes It all!



C-195 said:

Go Luigi! He should've left Mario in that painting in the first game with the way he treats him.



PaperDude16 said:

this is a very good game i can say. though the one thing that sets me off about this is that u have to charge up your flash-light to catch them. and it takes like 5 seconds and u can't move, so the ghosts get a free shot at u.



Son said:

When will they release this? As I watched the trailer and gameplay from youtube, I will definitely buy this game



TheN64Dude said:

If you don't mind we would love to see it's current stage of development, Nintendo. We've waited a while and it IS 2012



dragonRG150 said:

I love the first but this one I just don't like it. I don't like the music it seems to happy I want something a little more scary, the ghost look like fake, it just a solid shape with mouths and eyes craved into it. theres no detail in the mansion. PLZ I beg you make a more realistic game do this and trust me more people will like nintendo, and make it for the wii but you can keep this one. For the younger aged.



KevinVilanova said:

MUST...GET...IT.....i need to know the release date too, so i can save my money for that date as a dead line



hillbill26 said:




bowser said:

Luigi's Mansion 2 hits stores August 2nd! I've already pre-ordered it!!!



Lyndexer said:

I wish the game was developed a little earlier. I remember when I first played it I was so scared. I was only four years old. xD



atariman said:

I'm a Luigi kinda guy. I really like Luigi. and I like luigi's Mansion. (GCN) Now I better have the Luigis Mansion 2!



Purplekitten201 said:

i played the first and i loved that one.. and this one im kinda unhappy with the ghost.. the ghost suck.. they should have use better ghost.. but thats just me.. i like they still have the guy that guids luigi tho the mansion i tho he was cute and funny.. and they still use toad to help luigi save.. soo idk if imma going to like this one but i think ill still play it



KAHN said:

it's called Dark Moon. it better have some relevance to the moon.



plus789 said:

Most definitely getting this, it will go nice side by side with Paper Mario Sticker Star!!



Dark-Luigi said:

Its been a while since I have seen you in your own game luigi. I can't wait to see you on my 3DS!



Demon9Tail said:

I'm so gonna buy this game. Even the last one was really great although I can't remember what system it was for...... hmmmm..



Tohru said:

So they say it comes out 2011, then 2012, then 2013. God, I hate waiting, especially for new games to come out.



Yanni said:

I'm OK waiting for this game! I prefer them to take the time needed to create a solid follow up to the awesome original.



WHMIII said:

This game looks really great, but the gyroscope controls might kill it for me.



Lunapplebloom said:

We're closing in fast now. I can't wait to finally get this sequel after so long. I just hope it lives up to the original and surpasses it.



Grodus said:

Just look at the date of the first comment, then look at the date on your computer clock. We've been waiting SO long, and now we're SO close, it's crazy.



SPUD said:

Just ordered it on amazon. Can't wait. I hope it arrives early, before good Friday.



Volmun said:

pre-orderd this a cupel of weeks back with GAME get a BOO Stress ball 8D



Ircha said:

What's not to love about Luigi. As a player, you instantly get sort of connected with the character. This game is great. Only minus is you should have had the ability to save whenever you wanted. Can't. Have to finish a mission in order to save.

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