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UK Pre-Orders Bag a Gold Sleeve and Poster for Ocarina 3D

Posted by James Newton


North American 3DS owners may be frustrated by the lack of pre-order bonuses for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, but fans in the UK will be able to pick up a limited edition golden sleeve and double-sided A2 poster when they pre-order and purchase Link's 3D adventure.

GAME and Gamestation stores are both offering the bonuses to early birds, with the poster depicting Link in battle on one side and riding Epona across Hyrule's countryside on the other, hopefully in a larger version of Europe's beautiful Zelda box art.

Pre-order Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D at GAME to nab your bonus goodies.


Gold sleeve title sheet and exclusive A2 double sided poster available at GAME and gamestation stores to celebrate the return of a legend in 3D

16th May, 2011 – In preparation for the re-mastered launch of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, one of the most critically-acclaimed games of all time, Nintendo is offering a special game packaging which features a gold sleeved title sheet and an exclusive double-sided A2 sized poster for those who pre-order The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time 3D, available at GAME and gamestation stores before it is launched on Nintendo 3DS across the UK on 17th June, 2011.

As one of the landmark titles in video-game history, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has been completely re-mastered for the Nintendo 3DS system and incorporates 3D graphics without the need for special glasses. Fans of the original game and newcomers alike will be captivated by the bold new visuals as they take control of one of video-gaming’s all-time great heroes – Link.

The task in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D will be to guide Link on a journey of epic proportions, as he attempts to save the land of Hyrule from Ganondorf, the Gerudo King of Thieves, who is intent on ruling and conquering the land of Hyrule with the power of the mythical Triforce. For those who played the original classic game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D will bring back plenty of nostalgia, whilst providing a fresh new approach and feel to the gameplay. Thanks to the revamped epic 3D graphics and completely re-designed control system incorporating the Touch Screen, Circle Pad and the in-built gyro sensor of the Nintendo 3DS system, players will be able to guide Link on a magical journey through time in a more intuitive way like never before.

When you pre-order your copy of the game, you will receive your exclusive double-sided A2 poster depicting Link in battle, and on the other side, dashing on his horse Epona across the vastness of the Hyrule countryside as he sets out on his epic quest. Pre-order copies will also receive a special gold sleeve as part of the game packaging.

To pre-order your copy of the The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and to receive your special pre-order item, place an order at your local GAME and gamestation before the game goes on release across the UK on 17th June, 2011.

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daznsaz said:

ive pre ordered it at gamestation but havent heard owt about it will ask next time im in



Raylax said:

To echo the other Britain-types, GAME charge too much anyway. Buy from Amazon.



J-Forest-Esq said:

Hm...I got Street Fighter from GAME for only £25. I assume this will be £40 though. I don't understand their erratic pricing.
@10 I assume they mean just a golden cardboard sheath type-thing.



Linkstrikesback said:

In other words, absolute crap. We all had our hopes set way too high after having greeces be the first ones announced. We get a sleeve that is completely worthless, and is probably just the american boxart, and a poster that will probably be reused concept art we've already seen hundreds of times. Brilliant




Yeah, I generally go for shopto and amazon. Shopto lets me use paypal, therefore I can use the money made from sold games on e-bay.



Samholy said:

is it even worthy to go buy it there just for a SMALL poster, which will probably come folded and have this fold line that will prevent your poster from beeing nice looking. and a...sleeve. gold. shiny sleeve.

pre-purchase for shiny things lovers!



Raylax said:

@12: Lol, chill out. You're complaining about free stuff. What were you expecting, 6ft Link figurine?



ElFlorro said:

Here in Germany you get a beautiful black Zelda case for free when you pre-order at



PSICOffee said:

I guess this means you guys can't complain about getting games later than us anymore.



Linkstrikesback said:

How about not the worst preorder bonuses so far for OoT 3DS? That would have been a good start.
As someone already said, spirit tracks came in a huge custom made box, complete with two figures (One of Link, one of Phantom Zelda). OoT gets a slip case that I guarantee 99.9% of people will immediately throw away, and a poster, complete with tons of Creases from where they put it in the box! Hoorah!



Despair1087 said:

i want something free too... i dont care what it is, though. i'm preordering this thing tomorrow anyways.



SilverBaretta said:

Not nearly as astoundingly awesome as the Grece pre-order, but still cool. Hopefully America gets something soon?



Pj1 said:

Oh Wow! a free poster!! I'm not paying £40:00 ($65:00) to get this game from the featured places, all nintendo you know how to spoil us.... NOT!



phoenix1818 said:

I'd like to see some pictures before pre-ordering, but it's good to see Nintendo putting some effort into this release all the same.



GamersCorner said:

I'm not a fan of swag to be honest, especially this kind. Give me a bonus mission or something, not a poster I'll just leave in the box,.



default12345 said:

I previously stated that I would not purchase any remake content for the 3DS.

I take it all back.

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