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Pac-Man & Galaga Screens and Video Bring the 80s Back

Posted by James Newton

3DS goes retro

3DS's catalogue contains an array of games released on past consoles, particularly the Nintendo 64, with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64 3D being just two. It doesn't stop there though, as Namco Bandai is preparing to go back even further – to the 1980s, in fact – for the inspiration for its 3DS title Pac-Man & Galaga.

As the title suggests it's a combination of two famous titles, but with a twist: Galaga has taken on a first-person perspective that moves when you twist and turn around, like the built-in title Face Raiders. Pac-Man will also take on tilt controls as you attempt to avoid the ghosts, use plungers and get to the exit; imagine Super Monkey Ball 3D with added ghosts and wakka wakka.

Here's a trailer of the previous reinventions in the Galaga series to get you geared up for Namco Bandai's latest take on the classic shooter series, screenshots of which are right below.

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warioswoods said:

If Galaga functions as described -- like Face Raiders -- then it makes sense and will work fine, for you'll be holding the 3DS straight in front of you as you turn around and look in different directions.

...but how can the tilt work in Pac Man? If you're tilting the stage as in Monkey Ball, you'll be quickly leaving the 3D spot and losing the effect.




Cool, but imagine if you applied Space Invaders Extreme 2 DS' visuals onto 3D. Now that would be an insta-buy if it worked



warioswoods said:

The visuals are disappointing to say the least, from these initial screenshots.

Why not give us something like Pac Man:CE with all its neon-goodness but added 3D effects? It would surely sell much better than the uninspired mess I see in those images.



motang said:

I hope it won't be priced high, but I am sure at the right price people will buy it.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Why not give us something like Pac Man:CE

I'm genuinely amazed that no attempt was made to either port or otherwise bring the awesomeness of CE to WiiWare or DSiWare. I have no idea if space limitations have anything to do with it (they may well), but Pac-Man is a pretty easy concept to simplify...and even without that exact degree of throbbing visuals and interactive soundtrack it would have been a solid (and welcome) buy.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I don't like Pac-Man, and I'd rather just have the original Galaga released on Virtual Console Arcade.



Megaman256 said:

I would prefer Pac Man:CE and Galaga Legions over Pac Man and Galaga Dimensions. Please Nintendo listen to the fans and bring over Pac Man:CE and Galaga Legions!



Azikira said:

More DX editions of classic games. If it's as good as the Pac-Man DX edition, im up for that~



BlueBandanaJake said:

Namco suck, I really want to play Pacman:CE but as I dont have an Xbox I cant and they seem to dislike WiiWare as to not try to make ANYTHING for it (their sole WiiWare game is Mr. Driller, and if I'm not mistaken its a port of the DS Mr. Driller anyway).

Is bitter because he likes Galaga and Pacman



NapalmHornet said:

I heared that Pac Man Tilt was a platformer where you tilted the environment like Loco Roco, not a super monkey ball esque game



James said:

@TheColorsOfSonic: "Here's a trailer of the previous reinventions in the Galaga series to get you geared up for Namco Bandai's latest take on the classic shooter series, screenshots of which are right below."



Vinsanity said:

That trailer just made me wish that this was going to have both Pac Man Championship Edition and Galaga Legions on the cart...or whatever 3DS uses to hold games. Maybe Pac Man CE DX too, even though it's not much of a Pac Man title (not saying it's bad, just that it doesn't feel like a Pac Man game).

I've seen the Pac Man screens from IGN; looks like Sonic Rush, except it's going to be slower and depend on tilt control. Meh. And Galaga as a first person on-rails shooter controlled by tilt and face tracking? Double meh. This collection sounds FAR more gimmicky than good. They really should just bundle together the games from Namco's "Championship Edition" team.

Also, when will we get Mappy or Dig Dug or Dig Dug 2 ('cuz it's very different than Dig Dug) Championship Editions?



brandonbwii said:

Wonder if the actual classics will be on the card?

EDIT: Wait that's not the right video. Galaga Dimensions is first person.

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