Pac-Man & Galaga Screens and Video Bring the 80s Back

3DS goes retro

3DS's catalogue contains an array of games released on past consoles, particularly the Nintendo 64, with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64 3D being just two. It doesn't stop there though, as Namco Bandai is preparing to go back even further – to the 1980s, in fact – for the inspiration for its 3DS title Pac-Man & Galaga.

As the title suggests it's a combination of two famous titles, but with a twist: Galaga has taken on a first-person perspective that moves when you twist and turn around, like the built-in title Face Raiders. Pac-Man will also take on tilt controls as you attempt to avoid the ghosts, use plungers and get to the exit; imagine Super Monkey Ball 3D with added ghosts and wakka wakka.

Here's a trailer of the previous reinventions in the Galaga series to get you geared up for Namco Bandai's latest take on the classic shooter series, screenshots of which are right below.

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