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PAC-MAN™ & GALAGA™ DIMENSIONS features six PAC-MAN and GALAGA games adapted for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system.

The GALAGA games include the original GALAGA™ released in 1981 and GALAGA Legions™ released on Xbox live Arcade in 2008, with 3D graphics and new bonuses. The third GALAGA game is GALAGA™ 3D IMPACT, all new 3D GALAGA shooting game designed to exploit the full functionality of the Nintendo 3DS system. The PAC-MAN games include the original PAC-MAN™ released in 1980 and PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition, released on Xbox Live Arcade in 2006, with new features and 3D graphics. A brand new PAC-MAN game has been developed specifically for the 3DS: PAC-MAN™ TILT. Help PAC-MAN cross the finish line by tilting the world. Gain speed rolling down hills like a ball, and figure out ways to use it to your advantage!

→ Get the most of PAC-MAN and GALAGA in one cartridge – The most emblematic PAC-MAN and GALAGA games are reunited in one cartridge for a total of six games.
→ Rediscover the roots of PAC-MAN and GALAGA - The original games from 1980 and 1981 are included in PAC-MAN & GALAGA DIMENSIONS with new visuals and bonuses
→ Enjoy Xbox Live Arcade games for the first time on the move - Play XBLA hits PAC-MAN Championship Edition and GALAGA Legions on the 3DS with brand new 3D visuals!
→ Enjoy 2 brand new games developed specifically for the 3DS – PAC-MAN TILT and GALAGA 3D IMPACT are new games making the most of the 3DS gameplay possibilities.

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Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Waka waka waka

Pac-Man and Galaga have provided 30 years worth of entertainment, coin shortages, hit songs and waka-wakas across the world, and to celebrate Namco has cooked up a number of presents for fans. One such present is Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions, a...

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User Comments (17)



Teh-Ray said:

Wow. Nintendo's eShop says this game's out now. Either the internet needs to update that it is, or Nintendo has to fix something! ( Most likely the latter ).

Seriously, I was pretty excited, but hesitant. I hope to see more about this soon, especially a review!



Supremeist said:

@Teh-Ray: yeah, the eShop was telling me Reel Fishing Paradise 3D was out, so there I was, looking through 4 different stores from it!
I can't wait for this game, it comes out on the 19th. :)



GARF13LD said:

Looks interesting, I like trippie retro shooters, bring me an R-Type or a Sin and Punishment 3DS please.



StarDust4Ever said:

I really feel like a dummy now. I logged onto the eShop Thursday (July 21st) and was greeted with a notification that Pacman/Galaga was now available in stores (as of July 19th). I should have learned from the first time the release date was updated. I drove all over town, visited Best Buy, Target, Toys-R-Us, and at least four different Game Stops before an employee actually took the time to look it up in the system, and informed me the release date was July 26th, Tuesday of next week. That's the last time I rely on the eShop for game release information. :P



Supremeist said:

^@StarDust I did the same thing, but luckily Gamestop told me the actual release date for NA. The eShop even said Reel Fishing Paradise 3D was coming out one day and it was the wrong date. Don't trust the eShop's information, I have no idea why It's all mixed up.

Atleast I got the game today and It's awesome :)



grumblegrumble said:

Great game!!! If you're a retro Pac-Man and/or Galaga fan, definitely grab this! I give this wonderful game a 9/10.

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