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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Megaman256 commented on Nintendo Download: 30th May (Europe):

I'm glad they are finally coming out with the Zelda Oracle Games. Never had a chance to play them so I can't wait to download. I wish they would eventually have a remake of the games with better graphics in HD. That would be awesome if they can develope the 3rd game which they originally wanted. That way you can play all 3 games to be interconnect and join the Triforce. This would be something Zelda fans would be interested in.



Megaman256 commented on Review: Mario Kart 7 (3DS):

I would have given Mario Kart 7 a sore of 8. The game should have started with 10 characters and then unlock another 10. Unlock some in 50cc, 100cc, 150cc. I do like the new tracks and the retro they picked and the game play is pretty smooth. My complain are the graphics especially the colors. They seem dull and not vibrant. Super Mario 3d Land the colors are bright and sharp. I wish Nintendo would have taken its time with Mario Kart 7 and it would have gotten a 10 with more characters and better graphics.



Megaman256 commented on Nintendo Working On New Zelda Game:

I would love to see the original idea Nintendo had for the GBC. They wanted to make 3 games to make up the triforce. Unfortunately they had to get rid of one of the games due to the GBC limitations. We were left with with Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. My idea is remake both those games but with better graphics and 3D. But also include the 3rd game to complete the triforce. Basically 3 Zelda games in one cartridge for the 3DS.



Megaman256 commented on Review: Mega Man 5 (Virtual Console / NES):

Mega Man 5 is one of the easier Mega Man games. The game is an enjoyable experince with some surprises. Mega Man 2 still being my favorite but Mega Man 5 is a solid game. You are not going to be pulling your hair or throwing your controller compared to Megaman 9 with it's insane difficulty.



Megaman256 commented on ESRB Rating Outs Mega Man 5 for Virtual Console:

I'm glad to see Megaman 5 is finally coming to the VC. I would say Megaman 2 and 5 are my favorite. These two games are bit easier but very fun. Not compared to the brutual difficulty of Megaman 4 and 9. Way to go Nintendo especially brining out Megaman X.



Megaman256 commented on Rumour: We May See Big Capcom Announcements Ne...:

Capcom did such a great job with Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, I don't see why not give us Marvel Vs. Cacomp 3. I'm surprise not many people are talking about it but that would be an awesome game for the 3DS. Also would be nice to have Megaman 1-6 on a cartridge using the specail 3D effects. Megaman X series would also be nice!



Megaman256 commented on Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions Includes Modern Re...:

Now we are cooking and I'm glad they listen to the fans. We get the orginal Pac-Man, Pac-Man Championship Edition, and Pac-Man Dimensions. Also comes with the original Galaga, Galaga Legions, and Galaga Diemensions. Six games in one cartridge might be worth the money especially if you are a Pac-Man or Galaga fan.



Megaman256 commented on Review: Mario Bros. (Virtual Console / NES):

It would be nice to see Mario Bros the arcade version and also Donkey Kong the arcade version. Nintendo should make this happen especially since it's Mario's 25th Anniversary. Fans would download the games to get a chance to play the original that started it all. Nintendo please make this happen!



Megaman256 commented on Nintendo "Happy with Virtual Console Pricing":

The prices are fine but I would like to see more VC games. Especially old school NES. Games like the original Tetris, Dr. Mario, Contra, Battle Toads, Tecmo Super Bowl, TMNT 2 and 3. Nintendo still has some good games in the library and it would be nice to have those games available.



Megaman256 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Arcade Games on Virtua...:

For me it would make a difference. I didn't buy the Donkey Kong or Mario Bros game on the NES but I would buy the arcade games. Listen up Nintendo the fans have spoken and it would be a great idea if you could also release these classics on the VC.



Megaman256 commented on What Nintendo games do you want to see on the ...:

What happen to the original Contra and how come we don't have it yet. We have Super C and Contra 3 but we are still missing the classic Contra. Other Nintendo games I would like to see is Tecmo Super Bowl, Double Dragon 2 and TMNT 2 and 3. Super Nintendo games I would like would be Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World 2, Super Bomberman, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 3, Aladdin, Mortal Kombat 2, Megaman X and TMNT 4. These are all great games and I'm surprise they are not out come on Nintendo.



Megaman256 commented on Castlevania: The Nintendo Years:

Castlevania has been around for a while and it has a pretty strong following of fans throughout the years. I was wondering if they will release some of the better castlevania games for the VC. For example Castlevania 3,Castlevania Bloodlines, Rondo of Blood, and Symphony of the Night. These are all excellent games so hopefully Nintendo can put these on VC.



Megaman256 commented on EU VC Releases - 14th December - Mega Man 2:

What the heck Europe already gets Megaman 2. The U.S. hasn't even got Megaman 1. I really don't care if we get Megaman 1 but Megaman 2 is actually a good game. So come on Ninitendo and give the U.S. Megaman 2 also.



Megaman256 commented on Mega Man 2:

In the United States we did get Megaman Anniversery collection for the Game Cube. It had megaman 1-8 so I was excited when I got it because I enjoy the series. However the control system for the Game Cube is very frustrating. It makes the games hard to play and not as enjoyable. I wish they had an option to change the button configuartion. The virtual console will be similar to the NES two buttons, one for shooting and the other for jumping and that's why fans are excited. To feel and play how the game should be.



Megaman256 commented on Mega Man 2:

Megaman 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. It was the game that really made me love the Megaman series. That's a awesome that this game is finally coming to the VC.



Megaman256 commented on US VC Releases - 29th October - Magician Lord:

That's good news that Castlevania ll came out which means we are closer to getting Castlevania lll Dracula's Curse and maybe Sega's Castlevania Bloodlines. It would be nice to finally get Dracula's Rondo of Blood. If they converted it over to the psp why wouldn't they do the same for Wii's virtual console.



Megaman256 commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - November 2007:

When is Neo Geo going to put out the good games that defined the system and pushed its graphics and sounds. Games that have the fun factor, the ones we love and want instead of the mediocre games we have been getting. Fans want games such as Samurai Showdown 2, Fatal Fury Special, King of Fighters 98, Mark of Wolves, The Last Blade,Magical Drop 3, Metal Slug (series),Shock Troopers, Blazing Star, Pulstar, Waku Waku 7, Real Bout Special, King of Fighters 2000, Aero Fighter 2, World Heroes 2, Bust –A- Move, and Wind Jammers. Neo Geo has so many good games so hopefully we will see some these games come out.



Megaman256 commented on US VC Releases - 15th October - Gate of Thunder:

That is awesome they have Gates of Thunder out and hopefully Lords of Thunder will come out soon. Any word if they are going to put out Dracula X Rondo of Blood. Many Castlevania fans have heard such great things about this game and it would be nice to finally play it.