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Here's the Dates for Nintendo's Nationwide 3DS UK Tour

Posted by James Newton

Starts 24th February

If you live in the UK and haven't yet been able to clap your eyes on a 3DS unit, Nintendo really, really wants you to see the machine before its launch. That's why it's putting together a national tour to bring the machine to your doorstep, or rather, a shopping centre located a convenient distance from your doorstep.

The tour kicks off on 24th February and takes in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and more cities in between on its merry way around the British Isles. Games on display include Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, Pilotwings Resort, Nintendogs + Cats and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D.

Will you be attending one of these events to try the machine out?

24 February

Where: Braehead Shopping Centre Kings Inch Road Glasgow G51 4BN
When: 24 February at 10:00 until 27 February at 18:00

Where: St Andrew Square Edinburgh City of Edinburgh EH2
When: 24 February at 10:00 until 27 February at 21:00

03 March

Where: Metrocentre Gateshead Tyne and Wear NE11 9YG
When: 03 March at 10:00 until 06 March at 17:00

Where: Williamson Square Liverpool Merseyside L1
When: 03 March at 10:00 until 06 March at 21:00

10 March

Where: Olympia Hammersmith Road London W14 8UX
When: 10 March at 10:00 until 13 March at 17:00

Where: Westfield London Ariel Way London W12 7GF
When: 10 March at 10:00 until 13 March at 18:00

Where: Old Market Square Nottingham NG1 2DT
When: 10 March at 10:00 until 13 March at 20:00

17 March

Where: Lakeside Shopping Centre West Thurrock Grays Thurrock RM20 2ZT
When: 17 March at 10:00 until 20 March at 17:00

Where: The Forum 2 Millennium Plain Norwich Norfolk NR2 1TF
When: 17 March at 10:00 until 20 March at 21:00

24 March

Where: Westfield Derby Derby DE1 2PQ
When: 24 March at 09:00 until 27 March at 16:30

25 March

Where: The East Piazza Covent Garden City of London WC2E
When: 25 March at 10:00 until 27 March at 18:00

31 March

Where: WestQuay 8-10 Portland Terrace Southampton Hampshire SO14 7EG
When: 31 March at 09:00 until 03 April at 17:00

Where: The Centre MK 24 Silbury Arcade Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire MK9 3ES
When: 31 March at 09:30 until 03 April at 17:00

Where: Armada Way Piazza 101 Armada Way Plymouth PL1 1
When: 31 March at 10:00 until 03 April at 21:00


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User Comments (24)



nick_gc said:

No Birmingham. I'm sure the last few Nintendo events have skipped Birmingham if I remember rightly.

Also,it's only five weeks. I can wait that long for my "virgin" play of the system to be the release date.



wowowzers said:

more importantly,no united states.why is it that almost every thing 3ds happening in europe.we dont even know the launch games here (well atleast i dont really know whats for launch )



Arcanum said:

Maybe it's because they were already showing them off in Los Angeles at E3. I don't know, thats my guess....
And yes what are the release games or the dates at which the games will be released? Someone help me out.



Goomba77 said:

I've been wondering why there has not been an official announcement on what the US launch games are too... there's a dark voice in the back of my head telling me the US is getting something good like RE Mercs or Zelda and Nintendo know it'll wind us Euro's up, so they're keeping it quiet!!!



Phobos said:

10th March. London. Maybe if I can make plans to move my visit down there around March...



Victoria said:

oh sure! The one that's closest to me in Derby is on a Thursday whilst I'm at work. Grrrrrrrr



TingLz said:

@Goomba: Hate to break any hopes of unexpected events, but the launch titles for the US are pretty much the same as Europe and Japan



LuWiiGi said:

Going to Manchester on Saturday but no mention of it here, nor Bristol which is nearby. Ah well.



Megumi said:

...Oh come on!...Where's US? T_T
(and somewhere in Florida better be included...somewhere close. xD)



edhe said:


The Derby dates are from the 24th (Thur) to the 27th (Sun), so you'll have the weekend to have a look at it.

Likewise, I've got from the 17th (Thur) to the 20th (Sun) to have a look at it.

And I really want to - I need to know how it controls and whether I can get the full 3D effect before I commit to it (sometime over the next 2 years, when they release some games).



James said:

A lot of GAME stores have now got 3DS units in store for you to try, including Birmingham Bullring, so if you don't see your nearest city listed here then give your local store a call



Gerry-Rich said:

Shame it's not closer to where I live ., Liverpool is ok but still I couldn't convince my parents.

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