The North American branch of Club Nintendo has dabbled in its fair share of trinkets and doo-dads and has only occasionally dipped its toe into offering actual games with the odd downloadable title and a pair of Game & Watch collections.

The rewards program is returning to the Game & Watch well in its latest refresh, but this time no extra hardware is required as one of the new prizes is a replica unit of the very first Nintendo portable game, Ball. DSiWare patrons may be familiar with it as it was released on the service for 200 Points, and now it can be yours in its original physical form for a steep 1200 Coins — making it the most expensive prize in the program by far.

Japanese Club members were offered the units as a prize for achieving Platinum status by the end of the 2009 Club Nintendo year, but this marks the first occasion they're available to the general membership.

Also added to the program are two reversible pouches, in red/gray and blue/gray, for holding your DS, be it a phat or DSi XL.