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Club Nintendo NA has a Ball with New Prizes

Posted by Jon Wahlgren

Game and Watch replica, reversible DS pouches added

The North American branch of Club Nintendo has dabbled in its fair share of trinkets and doo-dads and has only occasionally dipped its toe into offering actual games with the odd downloadable title and a pair of Game & Watch collections.

The rewards program is returning to the Game & Watch well in its latest refresh, but this time no extra hardware is required as one of the new prizes is a replica unit of the very first Nintendo portable game, Ball. DSiWare patrons may be familiar with it as it was released on the service for 200 Points, and now it can be yours in its original physical form for a steep 1200 Coins — making it the most expensive prize in the program by far.

Japanese Club members were offered the units as a prize for achieving Platinum status by the end of the 2009 Club Nintendo year, but this marks the first occasion they're available to the general membership.

Also added to the program are two reversible pouches, in red/gray and blue/gray, for holding your DS, be it a phat or DSi XL.

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Kid_A said:

Friggin' sweet. Too bad I haven't used Club Nintendo since Doc Luis' Punch-Out was released as a prize.



C7_ said:

If I had known this I wouldn't have spent all my coins on the G&W DS game they had up. Or the posters. Or the Cards.

This is really expensive



Despair1087 said:

had 1270 points, but i wanted that red/gray pouch... i'll get ball later when i earn a whole mess of 3DS related points



JonWahlgren said:

Pretty pleased with my tote bag and red pouch purchases. If only that black Remote holder was still in stock!



koops330 said:

To bad I just spent my points like a month ago on game and watch collection 1 and 2 and Grill off with Ultra hand then again I think it was worth it though. Maybe in a year or so I might get this



Squiggle55 said:

does anyone else happen to think game&watch is borderline junk? I don't want to sound like a buzzkill or anything, but it's not like I would use a second of my gaming time on it, and it's not much of a decoration.

Is everyone psyched about it purely because they're collectors?



KanrakusPizza said:

Nice, I'll probably gather up my points and get it for the sake of having it. I'll just tell everyone its real.

Will they be releasing any of the other games also?



47drift said:

I'm so glad I had 1540 coins saved. Super stoked.
Also, I have enough for the pouch still. I wonder if I should get it... I do need something to carry my 3DS in when it comes out, so maybe...



MasterGraveheart said:

Hey, that's pretty nice. I can use the coins I'll get for my 3DS. I'll have to finish all of those survays I got and get both of those bad boys. That pouch'll come in handy for my 3DS and the Game & Watch replica.. wow. Just awesome.



theblackdragon said:

hells yeah, blue pouch get. i've needed something soft i can put my DSi into... my purse is so full of random crap i'm afraid the outer lens will wind up scratched D:



OldKai said:

I picked up 2 poster sets last week, used 700 coins. I bought the G&W tonight, used 1200 more coins, filled out every survey I've had building up from the last 6 months and registered Mario Sports Mix as well. I still have 2040 coins. Maybe I'll get that blue pouch.. looks kinda nice.

lol... 51 post-play surveys, plus the MSM one. 580 coins.



Morpheel said:

DO WANT... but im 300 coins short...

i hope they offer something good for my first platinum status



Squiggle55 said:

just out of curiosity could someone explain the appeal of game&watch for me? nostalgia?
I do like that ds pouch



Morpheel said:

well, i simply like small stuff with small lcd screens on them.
and the fact that this one is a collectible is a plus.

if they made a flagman one i'd be the happiest person ever.



DarkLloyd said:

damn i only have 360 coins, guess i'll need more to get that game and watch ball game after all i got the 2 ds games and i think they where the only things i ordered from the store



bboy2970 said:

so expensive! I shouldn't have splurged on the messenger bag, tote bag, Kirby patches, towel, fan, and 3 damn pins!! The sad thing is that I bought my third pin like a month ago and if I hadn't bought that, I would still have that 450 coins which added to the 1000 in there now, would make me able to obtain this awsome reward! Hopefully it is still available 46 days from now when I reel in my 3DS with Pilotwings and Nintendogs. Surely that would put me over the edge.....BTW, how much do you guys think 3DS games will fetch on Club Nintendo? I'm thinking 40 coins each.



SwerdMurd said:

well on the bright side it gives me something to do with my points i guess....on the not-as-bright side, i'll be bored with it in one minute and it's horribly overpriced, especially considering the fact that japan got that as their platinum reward....only needing to accumulate 600 coins then getting it free seems a wee bit better than paying 1200 coins....

Of course some blind Nintendo loyalist is gonna say the whole "See every time Nintendo offers something new, everyone still complains!" thing. It's comments like that which allows Nintendo to feel their highway robbery is validated.



HolyMackerel said:

I still have an old Game & Watch in a box somewhere. This reward is pretty darn awesome, considering it's free.



KaiserGX said:

Yeah but, Japans coin value deteriorate over time, meaning you have to register games the moment they come out to get the full value of coins.



DrCruse said:

Finally! A worthwhile reward!
They call it a faithful reproduction, but it has a massive ESRB rating on the cover of the box, something they did not have in the 1980's. Oh well.
I can understand why it costs so many coins; they have to manufacture a unique hardware component and give it away.



NintyMan said:

I wouldn't have had enough coins for it even if I hadn't of spent my coins on a Mario towel. The Kirby patches appeal to me the most.



ville10 said:

Hopefully I can find it on ebay for an affordable price...
Why can't Sweden be part of Nintendo of Europe? I have so many useless stars lying around that I'll never have a use for. Not that NoE has gotten this yet, but they probably will...



Rockmirth said:

@26 im with you buddy they really should get this in sweden i (and i think many more would) would buy alot more games if they started the club here



TeeJay said:

I just...spent my coincs...on Kirby Patches two days ago! AAAAAAGH!!

(I want the reversable pouches...)



Token_Girl said:

I'm debating getting this and then possibly selling it...though it is cool to have.

Nintendo's going to make a hoarder out of me.



Tails said:

I ordered the Blue Pouch for my 3DS. Its gonna be really pretty i can tell.



Colors said:

id rather buy an original online then spend 1200 dollars worth of coins



komicturtle said:

$1,200 for G&W Ball replica lol

Not bad considering it's not ACTUAL money but just bonus points for buying Nintendo games. Thinking about it, spending $1,200 in video games is kinda... too much and crazy. Yet, I'm a gamer, so I don't care

3DS shall add to my coin bank. And those other surveys which I abuse a lot..



MetalMario said:


Gah, every time I save up for something something else cool releases. D:



Iggy said:

Im defentally going to get one of those pouches but not the G & W ball. Even tho im not interested in the G&W ball its good to see that there giving out good prizes.



1080ike said:

Won't get now, I'll wait until I have all those 3DS-related things registered.



TheLonelyGamer said:

Freaking awesome! Been waiting for Ball to come to America. But I will say this... it will take me a very long time to get G&W Ball. :/



shaiy said:

@1080ike I too think I'll wait to have all those 3DS-related things registered, which will undoubtedly add tons of coins! You have to admit, however, it's very attractive!



Mr-X9000 said:

do want,toobad i spent my points on g&w collection and grilloff with ultra hand

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