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Thu 9th Oct 2008

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OldKai commented on Review: Side Pocket (3DS Virtual Console / Gam...:

Yeah, there's way no way this would be that good. Question who green-lighted this back then anyway, somebody color-blind? I got pool in a PSP game I downloaded, so I'm good. Didn't take anything this week, not even that minesweeper game (lol).



OldKai commented on Nintendo Download: 28th March 2011 (North Amer...:

Wish that Nintendo cared about the US to enough to release Virtual Console titles.. Final Fantasy will be here next week....... right? Or will it be some stupid Xth title thing and then Chrono Trigger ends up the next one a year later? Whatever.



OldKai commented on Club Nintendo NA has a Ball with New Prizes:

I picked up 2 poster sets last week, used 700 coins. I bought the G&W tonight, used 1200 more coins, filled out every survey I've had building up from the last 6 months and registered Mario Sports Mix as well. I still have 2040 coins. Maybe I'll get that blue pouch.. looks kinda nice.

lol... 51 post-play surveys, plus the MSM one. 580 coins.