Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date


  • US 31st Mar 2010
  • JP 5th Sep 2008


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Game & Watch Collection 2 Screenshot
Game & Watch Collection 2 Screenshot

Game & Watch Collection 2 News

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    Currently enjoying a resurgence due to many rereleases on DSiWare, Nintendo's portable Game & Watch consoles are the subject of the latest Iwata Asks over at Nintendo Japan's site. Most of the development team, minus the late Gunpei Yokoi, dropped by on Mr Iwata to chat about these seminal titles and hardware and...

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About The Game

The Game & Watch Collection returns in this exclusive Club Nintendo game for the Nintendo DS.

Includes three Game & Watch™ titles, including Octopus and Parachute, originally released in 1981, and Parachute X Octopus, a brand new Game & Watch title that combines both Octopus and Parachute and takes place in the sea.