Once you go Blooper, you'll always be super

Earlier this week, the North American branch of Club Nintendo added a few new items to its rewards catalogue. For a plump 300 Coins, members can order one of four Nintendo flavors of sensu, those paper-and-bamboo Japanese folding fans that Western gamers might know best from throwing at Pikachu in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Two of the fans are Animal Crossing-themed, one with a pattern of characters and another with a fireworks display; and the other two come in a Super Mario and a clearly superior Blooper guise.

With autumn now in full swing in North America, the cooling practicality may be a bit lost for a fan, but you can always hang them on the wall of your game room or, inevitably, hit each other with them.

The fans start shipping out on Oct. 25.

[source club.nintendo.com]