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3DS Contains Two Tiny StreetPass Minigames

Posted by James Newton

More little extras tucked away

Yesterday we brought you our First Impressions: 3DS Operating System and Built-In Software, but we weren't able to try out the machine's built-in pedometer or the StreetPass as the consoles were tethered to desks or, even worse, human beings.

Buried in the Nintendo investors briefing came a snippet from Satoru Iwata talking about two miniature built-in StreetPass games.

If you're not sure what StreetPass is, it's the 3DS console's automatic ability to exchange information with other 3DS users even when just walking past them. Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition uses the mode to carry out figurine battles on-the-go, and Dead or Alive: Dimensions, Nintendogs + Cats and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D will all use the feature in different ways.

When you pass another user in StreetPass mode, your Mii characters will automatically hop across to the other player's console, appearing in the StreetPass Mii Plaza. In Iwata's words:

In short, this software enables you to enjoy collecting various Mii characters by passing other Nintendo 3DS users. We have added two small games you can easily play. One is the game called "StreetPass Quest."

While Iwata didn't give any further information about the game, he did reveal it's become quite the social success inside Nintendo, with many developers carrying prototype consoles just to test out this feature.

Many of them even go back and forth in the building, without any business purpose, to collect as many Mii characters as possible or secretly check their Nintendo 3DS during meetings. In fact, I am also one of them.

Oh Iwata, you sneaky dog.


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TrueWiiMaster said:

Quest, huh? Maybe it's an rpg where you fight other people's Miis to level up and become the mightiest of all cartoony player representations! Or maybe you just collect Miis...



Stuffgamer1 said:

Iwata admits to slacking off of work to try out his new product? Oh, I suppose it's in the name of "testing," eh?



Token_Girl said:

It's a cool enough idea and all, but I don't really care to have other people's Miis randomly hanging on my computer. Also, the best way to convince me to walk around with the console on standby? Give me enough battery to make that worthwhile.



skywake said:

@4 I doubt it uses that much battery during standby/streetpass mode. They have stated already that its the rendering of graphics for and the backlight of the 3D screen that kills the battery. Without that going it's not doing much more than a DS Lite would in standby mode. If you think about it it makes perfect sense especially after the leak about the battery capacity of the 3DS.

..... the 3DS has a 1300mAh battery compared to the DSi's 840mAh, DSi XL's 1050mAh, DS Lite's 1000mAh and the original DS's 850mAh. Long story short, I highly doubt streetpass will be that limited by battery life.



TanookiSteven said:

Wahah, Iwata admits he slacks off. I also hope this Streetpass quest is as cool as it's name sounds.



Raylax said:

@8: Practically none. You can leave a DS in sleep mode with tag mode on (Nintendogs, DQIX etc) and the battery lasts hours. And as skywake mentioned, this is a more powerful battery - albeit more heavily consumed by the screens (which are of course not using power in Sleep Mode)



47drift said:

Any word on how much battery life is consumed by listening to music with the 3DS closed and headphones plugged in?



HipsterDashie said:

The most I've managed to leave a DS in sleep mode is one month straight. I downloaded a Pokemon Link demo from a Nintendo Tour, put it into standby with the intention of playing it later, and totally forgot.



Glade said:

Wow nintendo workers slacking off for the sake of.. testing their console??
now this is a company i like



MasterGraveheart said:

In terms of the picture... I would NEVER leave my 3DS exposed like that. It gets a front-pocket seat combined with my hand down my pocket for extra protection from would be pickpocketers... and the other hand is armed with a cattle prod. =P



armoredghor said:

Oh wow, I didn't realize that Nintendo had really upped the battery life too. 3D takes a lot of life.
@MasterGraveheart I've heard money burning a hole in my pocket but I know that will...



NintyMan said:

Oh, that's what I want, my boss to come take a peek at my 3DS!

StreetPass Quest sounds cool, though. It sounds like what the Mii Plaza on the Wii would do, only it's my own feet carrying it out. Here's hoping it's more than just that.



Victoria said:

I've seen some of those Miis on the Mii Channel. I don't exactly want the ones that look like certain body parts showing on my 3DS, thank you very much.



shinesprite said:

@6 Obviously, you never heard that Miyamoto used to ditch classes and wander the Japanese countryside during his high school years! It inspired him to create TLOZ.



zeeroid said:

Obviously I don't really know what it is, but my mind does jump to conclusions, and what I envision StreetPass Quest as being seems pretty cool. Hopefully the real thing won't disappoint either. I'm concerned, however, about how people will be rewarded for completing these "Quests." Bonus Coins? That might be fine, but Ninty really has to make sure this Coin system is well-supported, and ideally by 3rd party games as well. If that happens, this could be one of the surprise hit features of the system.



moosa said:

When the president of the company lets the enjoyment of their own product get in the way of his making money, you know they've made something good.



Phobos said:

Uh-huh, so how much battery does it consume in stand-by mode?

I like the idea, but I really gotta be wary with my 3DS battery usage when I'm strutting my stuff with it.



StarDust4Ever said:

I think it would be cool to ride my bike with the 3DS in my side pocket. I'll probably rack up "coins" on the pedometer very quickly that way

Streetpass mode just beckons people to take their 3DS everywhere, even when they are at work or otherwise have no intention of playing actual games on it



MeloMan said:

So wait, "two" minigames? Streetpass Quest and...? What's the other? I must've missed it in the article...



RYBlast said:

It would be pretty awesome if they made an RPG with your Mii character, and StreetPass would let you gain party members from the 3DS you pass by's Mii Plaza, and every day there would be a different Nintendo themed enemy (Bowser, DeDeDe, Ganondorf, etc.). A fan can dream...



Superducky said:

If you look at the Mii Plaza picture on the nintendo website (, You'll notice a sword and backpack in the bottom-right corner. StreetPass Quest, perhaps?

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