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You Can Buy Donkey Kong Country Returns with Bananas

Posted by James Newton

Strange but true

Gamers in the UK wanting to get Donkey Kong Country Returns for a steal might want to head down to selected Gamestation stores this Friday where the game will cost them... a bunch of bananas.

The first 20 customers in line at Game Oxford Street, Game Merry Hill or Gamestation Hull can exchange a bunch of the yellow fruit for a brand new copy of the monkey's latest adventure.

Let us know if you make the trip down to any of these stores and manage to walk away with a game on the cheap.

1st December 2010 – Calling all Ape action fans! Friday December 3rd sees the return of gamers’ favourite ape duo in the release of Donkey Kong Country Returns. To celebrate the latest instalment of the classic Donkey Kong franchise hitting the shelves, Nintendo Wii is teaming up with leading games retailers GAME and GameStation to give away the first copies of the game for Donkey Kong’s favourite currency: bananas.

The first 20 Donkey Kong Country Returns fans to present a bunch of bananas at GAME stores in Oxford Street London and Merry Hill Dudley, or GameStation at Prospect Centre, Hull, from 8 am on Friday morning, can take home the game for free!

“Donkey Kong is as crazy about bananas as ever in this new take on a classic game,” said Neil Ashurst, spokesperson at GAME. “They’re a kind of currency, so why not let Donkey Kong’s biggest fans use them to buy the game? Donkey Kong Country Returns is great fun, so we want to see imagination on Friday morning. Fancy dress, bananas aplenty – anything goes.”

Nearly two decades after Donkey Kong Country burst onto the scene, Donkey Kong Country Returns follows the dynamic duo, Donkey Kong™ and Diddy Kong’s™, quest across jungle, beach and ruins to rescue Donkey Kong’s precious banana hoard from an array of enemies.

The offer opens at 9 am on Friday December 3rd GAME stores in Oxford Street London and Merry Hill Dudley, and 8 am at GameStation, Hull. So grab that gorilla suit, arm yourself with a bunch of bananas and get ready to embrace the apes!


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pixelman said:


Why can't we get deals like that here.





theblackdragon said:

lol, bananas... i wonder what they plan to do with them afterward? just eat them, or give them out to fans? or a massive banana pudding festival? mmm...



Corbs said:

Bananas? Why not come up with something catchy like trading a monkey for the game. I'd kill to see a line of people trying to contain a bunch of live monkeys. Good times.



i8cookie said:

damn! I work just round the corner from there, but i've already pre-ordered it...



LordJumpMad said:

I think its a good idea!

Most gamers need there Potassium
since most of them just eat junk food......



Iggy said:

Wow that is very werid but cool i wonder what there going to do with all those bananas.



turtlelink said:

Yum! Potassium!
I know! I'll create a super banana that looks like 1 banana but tastes like a bajillion bananas!



NintyMan said:

How many bananas would the game cost? This is a neat idea that I wish we could have picked up.



Epic said:

What they will do with all those bananas? THE ANSWER



RyuZebian said:

I hope they won't do the same thing with the next Mario game - Using ordinary bills is waaaay cheaper than giant golden coins!



Chris720 said:

All I can say is... WTF!!

People are gonna go ape over this.

I swear, when I get the game, I'm gonna act like a banana and split.

And when I'm at home, I'll slowly 'peel' off the awesomness that is free DKCR.



Mayhem said:

In this current weather, camping out is gonna take some serious banan... I mean balls heh...



SandMan said:

Does this mean that we'll need 50 golden rings and 7 rare emeralds to buy Sonic 4 Ep. 2? Damnit SEGA, you're pushing me over the freaking line!



LuWiiGi said:

I reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaly wish I had a Wii. The annoying thing is none of my friends have Wiis either, so I don't get to play games like DKCR or SMG2.



Tasuki said:

Lol thats funny. I wish they would do something like that here in the US but they probably wont due to fear of causing a mob and people getting trampled and such.

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