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We Always Knew The Mario Brothers Were Made Men

Posted by Trevor Chan

Spot the cultural references in this film parody

Back in 1993, Hollywood tried to convert one of the biggest video game franchises into a live action motion picture... and it wasn't that good. What was wrong with Super Mario Bros. the film, wasn't the on-screen talent, but the writing and the concept itself. Nothing wrong with throwing in a bit of fantasy, but when in-game references are thrown together for the sake of it, what we get is 104 minutes of total disappointment.

Fast forward seventeen years and The Country Club has come up with a parody that is beyond awesome. Courtesy of The Game Station, the trailer for the fictitious film entitled The Brothers Mario works because it's wonderfully-crafted, short and sweet, and full of in-game and cultural references that will make fans of Mario and Michael Bay films chuckle with delight.

Setting the Mario brothers and co. in a world of crime and violence, get rid of that horse head, sit back, and enjoy.

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bro2dragons said:

I loved the Zelda TV show reference when i first saw this. and the "Playing with Power." both were extremely well placed. good stuff.



Zach said:

"What's with the masks? You guys shy?" I just got that. This is so awesome.



TLink9 said:

Oh great we already get a leak for e3 2011. That would be epic if this was real



Ravage said:

I posted this on the funny thread or whatever it's called... Perhaps someone noticed



StarDust4Ever said:

The Molotov cocktail aka "Flower Power" was awesome. Is this gonna be a real fan-created CGI Movie (like the Zelda one that got shut down), or is it just another one of those trailer stunts?



DarkEdi said:

Impressive. It takes a lot of work to do that. It is like an GT4 engine motion i think.



MeloMan said:

Correction on my errored post: That was unbelievably entertaining and abosolutely made my day.



SuperLink said:

I will never look at the Super Mario Brothers the same way again. But, anyway, very good job with that. Nice way to bring the game (and the references) into the real world.



longtimegamer said:

@Zach, Krazy, and dansch: Yea I didnt catch that till after I saw it written down by Zach. I was just trying to place those masks I guess.



X-145 said:

"Well excuuuuuse ME princess!"
I lovew subtle references.


Next I suppose they'll have spongebob run up in a tank!

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