Warren Spector Defends Mickey's Maligned Camera System

Everybody makes mistakes

Junction Point's Disney Epic Mickey is finally out and racking up some favourable reviews, but one bugbear appears in the majority of reviews: the camera system, which has drawn the criticism of many. Not studio head Warren Spector, though: he's proud of his team's accomplishment.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Spector claims:

It [camera management] is the hardest problem in video game development. Everybody gets it wrong. It's just a question of how close to right do you get it.

Many gamers have pointed to Super Mario Galaxy 2 as an example of a near-flawless camera system, but Spector again disagrees, claiming his game isn't even a platformer at all:

This is a game that takes platforming elements and adventure game elements and role-playing elements and merges them. So we couldn't tune the camera perfectly for platforming or for action adventure. It's a very different camera style.

Our Disney Epic Mickey review took issue with the camera enough to award the game a 7/10

[via eurogamer.net]