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Wed 20th May 2009

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jp-30 commented on Review: Mix Superstar (WiiWare):

@Objection_Blaster - thank you, sounds great! I completely skipped that paragraph in the review, sorry.

@jbrodack - seeing you can import vocals using the USB microphone, you should be able to get custom samples in that way - though not as good quality going via the mic as a direct import, it is a workable solution.



jp-30 commented on Review: Mix Superstar (WiiWare):

My kids are gonna love this (when it hits Aus/NZ - hopefully this friday seeing as we got no wiiware or demos last week).

Looking at the game's website, I see a bunch of loop packs - does anyone know how these work? Do you buy them from the site using your PC and copy them to SD card and stick it in the Wii?



jp-30 commented on Telltale's Back to the Future Not Coming to Wii:

I'd say there's still a chance this could be released as a Wii disc based game once all the episodes are out as they've done with Sam & Max (and their new CSI game) further on down the track, but they're not in the position to announce something like that so far ahead of its potential release date (or even be 100% committed to the port at this stage).

I'm quite glad they're not trying to compress it into a Wiiware download, to be honest. And I will buy a Wii disc version if it eventuates, even though I'll be getting the episodes on PC as they release.



jp-30 commented on Meet the New Voice of Marty McFly:

Telltale are very used to tight production schedules, while there can be a few bugs, that's true of any game regardless of the turnaround time.



jp-30 commented on First Episode of Back to the Future Could Appe...:

Aviator, Michael J Fox is not confirmed as a voice actor yet.

Also, it's slated for release on Wii, but not necessarily Wiiware. I think it would be better a s a disk based game anyway, compiled after the season wraps on PC etc (like Telltale have done with Sam & Max).



jp-30 commented on Telltale Jolts Us with 1.21 Gigowatts of Back ...:

Umm, where does it say this is coming to Wiiware?
If it does even come to Wii, I'm betting it'll be disc based after the episodes are done, like they've done for Sam & Max.

Edit: From the original press release a mention of Wii, but not of Wiiware specifically: "Telltale Games is going back in time for a new series of video games. The developer is creating episodic titles based on the "Back to the Future" and "Jurassic Park" franchises... The as-yet-untitled Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC and Mac games are set to be released this winter."



jp-30 commented on Telltale Games: 'Wii Audience Is Perfect For Us":

@brandonbwii "i don't know where the idea they're wii haters came in."

By irresposible journalism, and fanboys jumping on the bandwagon, unfortunatly. I don't recall anywhere that this 'story' broke making sure the original thread was linked to so the comments could be seen in context. And as you say, even taken out of context the engineer was just stating a personal fact/opinion in a messageoard discussion, And people reacted like he's just been caught having an affair with their Mom.



jp-30 commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

@Ian "Have you seen SBCG4AP? The Brothers Chap's Flash stuff looks incredible compared to TellTale's WiiWare games."

I hope I'm misinterpreting what your point is. But SBC4AP was made by Telltale for Wiiware on the same engine used for Monkey island. It was just less compressed due to the simpler models, animations and low-res textures.

Or are you saying the the graphics/animations on the homestarrunner site are 'incredible", compared to the Strong Bad game?



jp-30 commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

@chunky_droid Sam & Max has a bit of stuttering on the car driving minigames, other than that the games on a whole are great. I have them on both PC and Wii, and the Wii version is very close to the PC in terms of quality, and better in terms of controls. The Wiiware Monkey Island is completely playable, even though it's obviously not as polished graphically or with the same quality of voices as the PC version. But neither on my setup, were anything approaching making the game unplayable.

I just hope the people bemoaning the 'awful port' of Monkey Island have actually played it, rather than just repeating what a couple of others have said across internet forums. Because for me it looks like a Wiiware classic already. Seems most people were expecting a disc-quality port from a 40MB Wiiware game, but hopefully an uncompressed version of the season will end up on disc at retail in the future.

People comparing the look and framerate of LEGO Star Wars or Metroid or Galaxy or whatever to a Wiiware game is incredibly sad to read over and over and just shows how little people comprehend about what's happening with asset decompression at runtime and that there's a fundamental difference between disc games and wiiware games.

Also, I'd say very few people have read the entire thread at Telltale Games forums to see Yare's comments in context. No link was provided in the original article here to the actual forum thread or post, which is kinda lazy.

Nor are any of the people commenting here that Yare is an idiot actually developers (I would imagine, correct me if I'm wrong), yet think they know more than an actual game programmer because (for example) a Nintendo SMGalaxy screenshot looks nicer that a screenshot from a 3rd party game developed for an older generation iPhone.

Was Yare's iPhone comment necessary? No, definitely not, it was a heat of the moment frustrated ouburst and it could definitely have been worded better. But it wasn't some sort of official Telltale Company statement either, so people have been blowing it way out of proportion. And even if someone says 'My toaster is better than a Wii", so what? It's not like Yare ran over your cat.

But the saddest thing is people boycotting Telltale products (which are all rather wonderful and lovingly compiled by an independant developer who has led the way with episodic distribution and tapping into top quality licences and treating them with the respect those licences deserve). Saying Telltale don't care about the Wii or calling their products substandard simply because one engineer (who isn't even on the Monkey Island team, I have read somewhere) said the Wii's specs don't stack up against another piece of hardware is ludicrous. And teh statement, at least in part or from certain points of view is an undeniable truth. The console is 3 or so years old now, and the 3GS iPhone is pretty new.

The hate and spite and overreaction seen here has finally opened my eyes to the ugly 'group mentality' of rabid fanboyism. And frankly that's what's upsetting, Not the quality of the original article.



jp-30 commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

No, he said couldn't think of any console game that is totally free from lag;

"I'm having a hard time thinking of a Wii (or any console) title that is free from lag. Most games are more action-oriented, though, and their slowdowns usually happen during intense, action-packed moments and wind up looking unintentionally cinematic. "

He's obviously referring to lag from a programming viewpoint, where slowdown in processor speed needs to be considered during development so as to try and deliver the smoothest gameplay to the end user.

But I guess now Xbox fans ought to boycott Telltale too, because that one developer said something that may put their console into disrepute too?



jp-30 commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

Oh, so you have LEGO Star Wars on Wiiware?

I'm playing TOMI (PAL version) now, and it's absolutely fine. One of the best Wiiware games I've played, cetainly the best non-2D game on the service.

"This guy is on crack and because of him I'm not going to buy the PC version like I wanted to do "

That is so unbelievably daft, I do not know where to even begin.



jp-30 commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

So you're basing your opinions on 2 comparing two screenshots? LOL.

I really do give up.

I'm downloading ToMI Ep 1 now, it's just been released in my region.



jp-30 commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

One developer, (not a company senior, or "Telltale Games") has made a comment on their forum. It's not like some sort of offical statement put out in a press release. And how do you know Telltale aren't also working on iPhone ports of their games?

Are you saying that the iPhone definitely isn't more powerful than a Wii? I guess it's how you define 'powerful', but I dare say a game programmer has a bit of inside information, and I don't know why people are taking this as some sort of personal insult. What's your experience in developing for both (or either) platforms?



jp-30 commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

@dimlylitmonkey - you mentioned all disc based games. Why?

Start comparing Monkey Island to other Wiiware titles, and what sort of game you get for you money there. Pokemon Ranch, Aquarium, Beer Toss, Catch. Fun Fun Minigolf...

Yes, the 2D games without full voice are often amazing. But Telltale are pushing the boundaries of what can be delivered in 40MB. 3D environments, hi res Polys, textures, hours of dialogue. It's not perfect, agreed, but it's a start, and I dare say a lot more fun than a good number of other Wiiware titles.

Perhaps they would have been better to go the Sam & Max route, and only release as a disc, but lets give them a few more episodes to perhaps scale back some of the textures / models etc and see if they can up the framerate and reduce the audio compressio and better optimise the game for Wiiware.



jp-30 commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

I'm still waiting for the PAL release so I can play it for myself, but there are a lot of people on the TTG forums who say the game plays pretty well. So I hope all of you who are saying the port is terrible have actually, you know, played it rather than taken the comments of a few of the loudest complainers.

Most people have admitted a few minor issues, but have enjoyed playing the game regardless:



jp-30 commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

@Pixelman :"Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, and even Punch-Out!! all look way better than Monkey Island, and on top of that they run at a steady 60 frames per second."

They're all disc based games, so of course they do, and there's probably less dialogue in all of those 3 games combined than in one Monkey Island wiiware episode. Stop comparing apples with oranges.



jp-30 commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

Hardy83 is right - and so is the telltale guy commenting on the forums. Why does everyone get their backs up when someone states a fact? The issue is the compression needed to get the game on Wiiware, and the huge decompression that needs to happen at runtime.

Perhaps a disc release like Sam & Max would have worked better than Wiiware, so there wouldn't be the filesize limits. Sure Super Mario Galaxy works wonderfully, it's not on Wiiware.

Telltale love the Wii, and I'm looking forward to the PAL release of Mokey Island Ep 1 very much. Don't take a single programmer stating a fact as a personal insult. Hopefully Nintendo will relax the filesize limits now that the SD card is used, and they hear the problems devs are having getting 3D games with hi-res textures and hi-poly models plus hundreds of lines of dialogue on the Wiiware service.



jp-30 commented on Bit Boy!! and Tales of Monkey Island Coming to...:

^ LOL, was thinking the same thing. To the uninitiated, it's a comedy pirate game, not a game about Monkeys.

Also, the subhead for this article is "Two WiiWare releases already confirmed", but I cannot see anything on IGN confirming (or even mentioning) Monkey Island episode 1 as being out tomorrow.

Is there a link to what is likely just IGN speculation?

Anyway I've finished teh PC version of Tales of Monkey Island (ep 1) and it is brilliant. And it's basically identical to the Wiiware version, though I guess the Wiiware one will be much more compressed (textures, audio) to fit the SD card outdated 40MB size limit.
limit. Review roundup here (PC version):



jp-30 commented on Interviews: Vektor Tank - Bplus:

Sorry about lack of spoilers... but 'wiiware bit boy' - don't really know what that means, but I'll assume it's to do with Gameboy remakes?