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Dive into Conduit 2's Special Edition Only at Gamestop

Posted by James Newton

Art, skins and extra in-game goodies

If you're excited about Conduit 2 this Gamestop-exclusive special edition package might just ramp up your giddy-o-meter just a notch or two.

Available online or in-store at $49.99, the bundle includes a 44-page art book, an enhancement for the All Seeing Eye and an exclusive multiplayer skin, which isn't a bad little package all told.

Conduit 2 is due for release on February 15th 2011. Check out the Gamestop Conduit 2 special edition if you want to slap down a pre-order.

44-page art book featuring a rich selection of concept art and design development insights into Conduit 2’s science fiction world, weapons, and enemies.
The “Eye of Ra” device is an enhanced in-game "All Seeing Eye" (A.S.E.) device that captures Conduit 2’s hidden secrets in twice the speed.
The "Gold Destroyer Armor" multiplayer skin based on the lead character’s primary armor.


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Objection said:

Looks pretty decent. What was the first one rated, that the second is 16?
Just wondering if they were making it more "mature."



ReddLionz said:

This definitely not look like it's going to be M. Very little blood. I just hope they get rid of Lock-On. Lock-On is cheap.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

They should probably aggressively promote the game when it comes out. It might become overshadowed by hype from something else that comes out around the release date.



Sabrewing said:

The only exclusive thing will be the art book. The two in-game things will likely be unlocked with codes like in the first game. Of course, given that this "special edition" literally costs nothing more than the standard version, nothing lost if you snatch it.



Gamesake said:

@SirGreatNose I don't want a Revolution. I rent games instead of buying them all the time. Besides I love using Gamestop to try and destroy developers. That's where I pawned off my copy of Little King's Story.



darklinkinfinite said:

The Limited Edition has just about the same contents as the original Conduit SE:
Multiplayer skin (Agent/Gold Armor)
ASE Skin (though this new one seems to actually affect gameplay)
Art Book

The only thing missing is awesome alternate box art. I loved how the Conduit SE replaced the character art with the far more iconic Trust logo. Now its just the same box art with "Limited Edition" written in small letters. Oh well, here's hoping the unlocks (ASE and multiplayer skin) don't use universal unlock keys like the first and instead use one-time codes like Goldeneye's promotional codes.



irken004 said:

I already put a preorder for Conduit 2, so hopefully Gamestop will switch it to this exclusive edition.



Objection said:

lol @Gamesake, at least he's honest. In the same regards, I'm also a horrible person. I usually buy used via game store or eBay or I wait until they're 50% or more off. Hey, I haven't won the lottery yet, y'know.



Dorkvader said:

I can't wait go get my hands on it. I have the first one in the Special Edition and i loved it and the first one was rated T



MasterGraveheart said:

@SirGreatNose: I gotta go with that video on this one... but unfortunately, I'm in the category in which GameStop is the only game in town. Hey, at least I never buy used.

Game OverThinker RULES!

P.S.: I'm definately getting the special edition. I gotta support Nintendo's Halo.



Skotski said:


You pawned a game to Gamestop? Are you serious?
Try selling to another store... you'll get more out of it.
I've sold a game to Gamestop and was offered $7, I sold it to another store for $20. See the difference?

Gamestop's a dirty trickster. I supported it in the beginning, but what it became was a monster... I ain't supporting that monster anymore.
Even buying from Amazon supports the developers more than Gamestop, and you can find most games cheaper there (if not used on eBay... which also encourages sales as it makes more sellers buy games... not so much at Gamestop, where they can manipulate their market to give them profit off of copies they were handed for free).



Deviant_Mugen said:

Now this is what I'm talking about, if GoldenEye's special edition Gold CC Pro bundle had been the same price as the game on its own (or maybe just $10 more), I would've definitely jumped on it. This'll have to wait until I have some more money, though, because the $50 I have left is going toward DKC Returns...



Bassman_Q said:

Wait, so does that mean u have to pay all 50 bucks for the preorder, have to pay an extra 50, or is the same price, just you gain bonuses from regularly preordering with $5 deposit?



FunderThucker said:

I think it's just like a bonus, so you don't have to pay an extra $50. On the topic, sweetness, I held back on Goldeneye for this.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Hey, don't log me out automatically! Now I have to retype my whole comment!

@6 Other than the occansional bad language, that was a great podcast. He can't blame me, though. I rarely shop at GameStop, usually just for good pre-order bonuses like Conduit 2 (, here I come), and I've never bought used or sold my games with them. I usually buy new, and when I do buy used or sell my games, it's with my local chain (so not technically independent, but there're only 10 stores, all of them in the St. Louis area except for one in Columbia, MO), to which my whole family gives a lot of business, new and used. I even have their Power Card.



Capt_N said:

No preorder, or hype from me. Games are expensive, & I have to be choosy. I might get this later.



motang said:

I didn't like the first one too much, and I have yet to finish it. I am going skip this one.



Skotski said:


The whole point of the 2nd one was to improve greatly on the first one.
Anything the first one lacked, the 2nd one was supposed to answer for.



HeroOfTime007 said:

Ooh special edition, should pre-order, but I hate gamestop so much. Maybe I'll see if Amazon will have a better Special Edition Pre-order.

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