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High Voltage Employees Get Layoff Shock

Posted by Darren Calvert

25 employees given the dreaded pink slip

There was sad news this week in Hoffman Estates, IL as High Voltage Software joined the ranks of other several other development studios in reducing their headcount. 25 employees were laid off according to IGN. Here’s what the HVS representative had to say on the matter:

I can confirm that High Voltage Software has reduced some of our staffing based on our current production requirements and predictions of what is needed for the remainder of 2010.

We are sad to have to say goodbye to these employees and friends, but these changes are necessary to bring our organization to a healthy operational size.

Is this simply tough global economic conditions or a reflection of a development studio which has failed to live up to the high expectations set by recently hyped titles such as The Conduit and Tournament of Legends?

Hopefully their fortunes will improve with the multi-platform release of The Grinder and the promise of a much improved Conduit 2. We’ll keep our fingers crossed!


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Hardy83 said:

HSV is fine, it's the moron fan base that hyped up the games beyond what they always were because at the time they were starving to death for good third party "core" games.
When HVS said that they'll try really hard to please, people thought they were Jesus or something which is insta kill for any game, especially games made by companies that don't have the funding of EA or Activision. lol



SilverBaretta said:

Oh no! This sucks, but stay strong HVS, you're one of the Wii's most potential-filled developers.



EdEN said:

Well, they've just finished Tournament of Legends so maybe that's the group that got sent home?



shake_zula said:

lmao @ Bass X0 but seriously this is sad news. I wasn't a fan of The Conduit but I really like what HVS is trying to do for the Wii.



Swiket said:

"Sad news, it appears that tough economic conditions has led to 25 employees being laid off.. better put a funny image macro to lighten the mood!"



FunderThucker said:

Well I think I'm going to get The Grinder and Conduit 2 since they look promising. Then again....this is the same reaction I had before The Conduit....and we all know how that turned out to be.



Oregano said:

More than likely the Tournament of Legends but this could have been avoided if they made better games.... as cruel as that sounds.

And I own both Tournament of Legends and The Conduit!(I also own two of their Hunter games:P)



XCWarrior said:

From what I was told Conduit wasn't a bad game, just bad online. And it sold well, so that's not an issue.

Tournament of Legends was a bust, which was disappointing.

I am still interested in Grinder and Conduit 2, hopefully they have some financial backing to make them good.



TheBaconator said:

How could this Happen! HVS just realesed 2 AWESOME games Tournament of Legends and Iron Man 2 which were so High Quality and fun to play. Lets not forget their past accomplishments like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Go Diego Go. In case you can't tell this is SARCASM!



Oregano said:

@y2josh: I reckon they'll hire a lot of the people back after they've released Conduit 2 and whatever licensed software they're working on.



GR_CH said:

Judging by their opening for Engine Programmer (just curious), I think HVS is reconsidering being a Wii-emphasized developer in the future.



Arcanum said:

i reeeeeaaaally hope this doesnt affect the release date for conduit 2. i was planning on kicking a** on con 2 like i do in the conduit everyday.



SwerdMurd said:

That's really a shame, as they've made so many remarkable games.

I'm never sarcastic.



Sadsack_Awesome said:

I didn't know HV made Wii games! But now that they have less employees, their next games will likely be FAILURES and people will riot against them, so just remember- I predict a riot!



Boonehams said:

@y2josh: As it happens in the industry (and in most industries, actually), sometimes people stay at a company for long enough that they price themselves out -- raises, etc. Sometimes you have to cull the herd to bring in some new blood... who will accept less money. It happens, and it's an unfortunate, sad truth.

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