High Voltage software has revealed a lot of information about anticipated team-based horror FPS The Grinder including a new trailer and the announcement that it will be shown off at this year's Game Developer's Conference.

No publisher is mentioned in the interview, but there's some other interesting new titbits including the possible inclusion of versus multiplayer (the game has only been developed for team play to-date), revamping of character models and plans for downloadable content. The target release date is Halloween 2011 which might prove a disappointing wait for some, but the reasons for this are made pretty clear by High Voltage's Kerry Ganofsky and Eric Nofsinger during a recent interview with IGN:

IGN: Is the plan still to keep Grinder a Wii exclusive?

Kerry: Our secret is out! Grinder is no longer a Wii exclusive. We plan to ship on Xbox 360, Sony PS3, and PC as well.

Eric: Bringing our third internal IP to all the current-generation systems allows us to show off what our company can really do and get it into the hands of the most gamers.

No doubt this will disappoint many, though it bears keeping in mind that work started out on the Wii rather than being a downgraded version of something that started out on another platform, and in the present economic climate publishing a title on a single platform can seem a risky proposition - especially if you're a third party publisher on the Wii.

Fingers crossed that High Voltage can deliver the same quality of experience and features to all four platforms when the game comes out next fall.

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