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Rare Confirms It is Not Working on Activision's Rumoured GoldenEye Game

Posted by Trevor Chan

Not what fans want to hear

Rare was undoubtedly one of the brightest stars back in the Nintendo 64 era and with two top-quality first-person shooters alone tucked under its belt, a selection of compelling 3D platformers and of course, the much-loved Donkey Kong 64; it must have been difficult for Nintendo to let go and eventually sell its stake in the company. It must have been even more difficult as Microsoft was on the receiving end but because of what it had achieved in the past, it is no wonder gamers still cling onto the hope that one day, Rare will step up and once again spin another yarn headed by the most famous MI5 Officer in the world.

Well, if you're one of those gamers, you'd better start berating yourself for getting all excited over the recent rumours surrounding a new GoldenEye showing its face on the Wii. We should never say never, but a Rare spokesperson has confirmed to CVG that it is currently not working on a GoldenEye game.

The headache of bringing back the Goldeneye franchise to the Wii is that there are so many parties involved. Activision is the licence holder of James Bond video games, and Rare (now part of Microsoft) seem to have a clash of interests with Nintendo.

There's always the possibility that another developer is working on a new GoldenEye game. Whether or not these recent box-art images of a new Daniel Craig-headed Bond game, and the mock-up of the Wii Klobb peripheral are authentic, one thing that is real is gamers' appetite for a contemporary GoldenEye.


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AlexSays said:

Anyone that cares that much is already playing the HL2 mod.

There's Goldeneye for free, why would people want to pay for another one?



Crystalking18 said:

I'll stick with all of my Rare games on the N64 thank you. When they went with Microsoft, something inside them happened that just made their games.....meh



Leshclen said:

Not much of a disappointment considering some of Rare's more recent games.



Splat said:

"There's always the possibility that another developer is working on a new GoldenEye game."

This is all I want to know? Yes or No



Oregano said:

According to Eurogamer Eurocom(Dead Space: Extraction) is making a Wii version and N-space(Geist, COD DS) is making a DS version.

Goldeneye for Wii was spotted on a Eurocom dev's CV and they have made a 007 game and they also house quite a few ex-Rare employees.



Slapshot said:

Leave the past in the past. Go back and play Goldeneye on the N64, its nostalgic fun, but not that great in todays market. Why make a new one? If they ever did anything, just add online play and better controls and that would be great, but no new one, it would prob end up sucking royally. Just like EAs litte try at it. Bland and boring and completely repetive gameplay.



AlexSays said:

According to 'sources', everyone is making a secret Goldeneye game.

Truth is, the only Bond games now are those based on the current movies. If anyone was interested in making an old game for a select fanbays they would have done so already, there's just no reason to now.

Saying otherwise just gives people false hope. And this has been happening for years. How long can people believe the same rumors?



XCWarrior said:

Rare is so 1990s. I wouldn't want them touching a Nintendo made product anymore anyway. Thanks for Star Fox 64 and Goldeneye, but its time to close the doors.



the_shpydar said:

looks over at N64 and GoldenEye cart, which can be easily and cheaply purchased by anyone who wants to play the game

Meh. Don't care.



Klapaucius said:

Meh. Why do we need a new GoldenEye game? Surely that's not the point. What we want is GoldenEye and other Rare games on the Virtual Console.

I don't think Rare made Star Fox 64 (Lylat Wars)...



MasterGraveheart said:

I still say we'll get EarthBound on Virtual Console before anyone gets the classic GoldenEye. Mostly because I do not believe what Starmen said to be accurate or official on Nintendo's behalf. If they were a Nintendo subsite, I'd believe them, but I'm straying off topic at this point.

My point is, Goldeneye has many barriers, Rare won't do squat for Nintendo nowadays outside of some of their original games on Virtual Console that are Nintendo Property (sniff Poor Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie), and Nintendo won't let anyone else have GoldenEye 007, rightfully so.



emiru69 said:

Giving a good franchise to Activision is like giving a razorblade to a monkey, Nothing good can come out of it! @(_)@



Sneaker13 said:

I saw some packshots on a dutch website and they looked great. Hope the game is great as well.



mecoy said:

watch it will be released next week as a downloadable title for 360 and if you buy it you get an extra pinata for viva pinata



Megumi said:

...I just want Jet Force Gmini and another chance to actually play through the Banjo and Kazooie games. T_T



JebbyDeringer said:

Jerks! Actually the best part of the Goldeneye design team went on to form Free Radical Design and made the Timesplitters games. Earlier this year they were bought and became Crytek UK so there's some hope for them. Maybe Goldeneye using the Crysis



JimLad said:

All this obsession with Rare tells me one thing:
People can't move on. It's partly their problem but also shows we're not getting quality titles anymore.
And by 'quality' I don't just mean production value and polish, I mean heart and soul. Something that frankly, does not exist in todays endless torrent of shooters and violent titles constantly striving to be simulators rather than video games.

What Rare did was not groundbreaking, they were mostly famed for platformers led on by Nintendo's original design. The difference between them and other platforming devs was they actually put full time effort into each game to make it a AAA title. Now if some of the big studios out there today would take a break from violent trilogies and give 3D platforming a serious go, we might just find a new Rare.



rustythekid said:

Goldeneye for the VC it's never gonna happen! so... screw you rare, no no no, screw you microsoft for buying it and nintendo for selling its share.



RallyFTW said:


I was expecting to buy this game on VC.................

(I less than 3 this game sooooo much..........)



retro_player_22 said:

I don't care if Rare is working on the game or not, after seeing what they did to Perfect Dark Zero and that new Banjo Kazooie game I'm glad they admit they won't make one. This gives FPS developers like Free Radical or Retro Studio a chance at making the game.



JGMR said:

Whenever one like Goldeneye oo7 or not, fact is that the games-industry is nowadays infected with violent, mindless, war-simulations like the new Kane & Lynch, Operation Flashpoint, the zillionth Medal of Honor, Call of Duty part 100, Ghost Recon 'we want to create fake gamers with a mentality of future soldiers'-rubbish that that game began. I am a Westerner, but i can tell people this; the true games industry is slowly dying from these dominant Western developers and it's healthy future lies in the hands of few companies who didn't forget that shooting does not have to be equal to fun at all. It does not mean i don't like the first Goldeneye, Resident Evil or a Tomb Raider or a No More Heroes even, but it's CLEARLY a other form of violence. Instead of being a virtual soldier or gangster, you're an adventurer, that's a wholeee lotta difference!



RallyFTW said:

Rare = Fail

They could have made a lot of money off of this..... but you had to be ignorant rare!

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