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Nintendo Download: 25th June (Europe)

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Hidden gems galore?

A lot of today's game titles might not say much to some people, but rest assured there's some good picks in this bunch. WiiWare gets three games, two of them great, and one not-yet-reviewed-but-very-likely-also-great. DSiWare's got five new titles of which the only reviewed one is good as well. The rest of the bunch could be more sleeper hits - Or not! The Virtual Console sadly misses out this week, but you should still be playing Mario Tennis anyway!


Art Style: light trax (600pts - Nintendo) -- Another WiiWare Art Style offering, this one takes inspiration from GBA title Dotstream, featuring a multitude of coloured lines racing each other across a very cyberspace-like environment. Our Art Style: light trax review should help to convince you to make this one of your next purchases.

The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Chaotic Conflicts (1000pts - Square Enix) -- Another strange new title from Square, this one has you throwing an army of bears into storybooks to defeat the evil Badbears. It's just as strange as it sounds, but that doesn't stop it from being a great game, as our The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Chaotic Conflicts review will tell you.

The Tales of Bearsworth Manor: Puzzling Pages (1000pts - Square Enix) -- A companion release of sorts, we assume this one will be at least somewhat similar to the other title. We don't have a review yet, but we will soon!


Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper (800pts - Virtual Playground) -- An object-finding game in which you have to scour large pictures to find the listed items. It's quite weird that we haven't had anything like this on DSiWare until now, but for what it is it's actually a pretty good game. Our Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper review will tell you everything you need to know.

24/7 Solitaire (500pts - GameOn) -- A nice break from the Sudoku overload, as there are barely any Solitaire titles available on DSiWare. It features multiple variations on the game, so it might be worth a look. Look out for a review!

Music On: Retro Keyboard (200pts - Abylight) -- Another keyboard music-making tool, but this time slightly different, as it's a retro keyboard instead of an electric one. We thought the last title was ok, so expect something similar here!

Hello Flowerz (500pts - Virtual Toys) -- A fairly self-explanatory flower-keeping game. You have to water and take care of all your plants every day or possibly face the consequences! That's about all we know, really - Stay tuned for our review!

Date or Ditch (500pts - Gameloft) -- A dating game, pretty much. Stay classy, Gameloft! Review soon.

Will you be trying your luck on any of the unreviewed games?

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Kyloctopus said:

Wow a keyboard sim, a flower game and a dating game. I wish I was in Europe (Sarcasm)



Nero said:

The hell is wrong with Cave Story? Any news on that? Oh well, Art Style: light trax will be mine as I loved Dotstream.



Jazzem said:

I'll have to grab me 1000 points (along with the 400 stored on my Wii) to grab the latest Art Style games Otherwise not a very interesting week to me personally, but more Art Style is more Art Style!



Chris720 said:

And the rubbish keeps rolling in...

A dating game? That's for nerds I suppose?

Keyboard game? Just why...?

Flowers? Why look after pixelated flowers when I can see them right out my window in full 3D?

Europe gets the best games (sarcasm).



Radbot42 said:

cave story has a lot of bugs if you didn't know. They plan to perfect the game before the release to you guys. And hopefully they will update ours as well



Pj1 said:

Like North America on Monday, Europe don't get any VC titles, fair enough. Super Mario all Stars PLEASE!



Brainhost said:

Light Trax! Awesome.

But what the hell, seriously; I want my Cave Story. They haven't even announced a date yet! I'm getting kinda tired of it :/. I want to put my money on the table for them, but this is just stupid.



taffy said:

what ever happened to that worms game that was suppose to be coming out on wiiware?



20thPaul said:

OMG!!!!! A dating game?!?!?! OMG OMG OMG I Europeans are so freakin lucky today!!!! Oh I can't wait until that game is released in NoA!!!!! And if that wasn't awesomely enough, they get flowers, music and SOLITAIRE!!!!! Ooooh my God, the only thing that could make this download better would be more Sudoku, I can never have enough Sudoku!!!!!



FonistofCruxis said:

Wiiware got a good update, I'll get art style light trax at some point, that looks fun but the dsiware update looks pretty crappy and there's no vc.



Sylverstone said:

Wow, Europe sure is getting some heavy hitters today! (sarcasm)

Well, the only big thing on the list is light trax, and most of the Europeans here now are steamed that there's no VC update and that Cave Story's EU release date hasn't been announced yet.

Oh well, I wonder which one of these games will head stateside on Monday morning.



Raylax said:

Yay, Light Trax. Gonna have to buy a points card.




Warioware said:

I want Light Trax so I may have to get some points for that. But like others are saying - where is Cave Story? But looking on the Nintendo website isn't it next week for Jett Rocket? That's should be good.



Omega said:

Light Trax and Bearsworth Manor seem to be pretty interesting. But honestly, not interesting enough for my liking. I save my points because next week comes Jett Rocket.



Aviator said:

Why waste money on Cave Story when you can download it for free.
me doesn't understand these weird folk



Scottie said:

I think Cave Story is not safe to download on my PC to be honest. I also want it on my Wii and like the look of extra options with the game. So when is it coming? Nothing for me this week as saving my points for Jett Rocket next week and maybe Mario Tennis (which is out already in the EU).



Lotice-Paladin said:

Surprised Rocket Knight hasn't come out yet....

I don't get the lack of VC releases...they could easily update it with C64 games alone! Not that I like those games mind but at least it would be something.

Not bad on the Wares front but not exactly good either.



3230ru said:

I hate this DSiWare update - where is Space Tank (X-Scape)? Where?!? Though Light trax. Finally. Wow. This is nice... but where is...??..



lOnE-WolF said:

Ehh, that's it? Smells bad for the DSi...least you lucky Wii owners get a new art style. Touch Solitare > other solitare games IMO.

Nah, I have 1000 points left, and I'm using them for Rythmik and Pocket Pack Strategy.



KrazyKain said:

I've already played and beat that version, frankly.. I just really want to suppot the developer and give him money, all the extras are just a bonus

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