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Fri 18th Jun 2010

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lOnE-WolF commented on Reggie: We're Not Interested in "Garage Develo...:

Poor choice of words. Had he said "...not looking to do business today with the hobbiest," I think this contention would be significantly less prevalent. Lots of indie devs start out from the home, I would think a gauging of intentions and final-product quality tests would root out most most games that are either cash-ins, shovelware, or "just because I could" content similar to Apple's lesser quality dl apps/games. Just because the developer/group of developers happen to be flegdelings and only made a handful of simplistic dry-runs, doesn't mean their big pet project wouldn't be worth cultivation on Nintendo's part.

I'm certain alot of the current independantly-developed games on the DSi Shop service and other platforms started out as what some would refer to as a pipe dream, composed of nothing but a stack of papers, some basic code and a simple GUI.



lOnE-WolF commented on Rev Up for Remote Racers on DSiWare Next Monday:

Looks good, nice to have a less serious "party racer" type game on the service. A lack of wi-fi or wireless might be a sale breaker for me though...

500 points looks like a good buy if racing games are a favorite of yours. I'm waiting for the review.



lOnE-WolF commented on Flipper 2:

Looks good, kudos for graphics. The cleaned up sprites are colorful and nostalgic

Haven't bought the first one, but I can honestly say I'm looking forward to this release. I've heard the first was great, and with Engine helping with the publishing, I'm certain this is to be even better. Can't wait to see what you've cooked up for us this time Mr. Smits ^^



lOnE-WolF commented on Review: Dairojo! Samurai Defenders (DSiWare):

Definately one of the better DSiWare titles, and probably the best Tower Defence game as well. I don't regret buying it, and find I come back to it because of the challenge level of the game. You need to move really fast while playing it.

If you got the budget, grab it. If you don't, get Glory Days (if you're like me, save up to buy enough points to get both, cause they're both worth it ^^)



lOnE-WolF commented on Review: Surfacer+ (DSiWare):

500 points is a tad steep for what it is, but I'll welcome any good addition to my DSiWare library that isn't grotesquely overpriced. 'Sides, I like these types of games anyway, so I'm glad the service has one now.



lOnE-WolF commented on Review: GO Series: Dark Spirits (DSiWare):

I've wanted this since I saw the initial postings for it. Now it's out and I just spent the last of my points 2 day ago. Talk about bad luck.

Well, guess I gotta scrounge up $20 to get this. Looks great, can't wait to DL it



lOnE-WolF commented on Review: GO Series: Let's Swing! (DSiWare):

Ok, not the most amazing game out there by the looks of it, but I think It's worth it at 200 points. I'm collecting all these litlle things, rather happy with them aside for defence wars (I hate the control scheme). Small pricetag, small amount of data, simple gameplay, lots of fun arcade games for my DSi.



lOnE-WolF commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd October 2010 (Europe):

O good, you guys finally got glow artisan. You guys across the pond deserve it after all the junk that you've had to swim through the past couple of months.

@5 Meatboy? Like that flash game from newgrounds? Dang, gotta get that oO



lOnE-WolF commented on Nintendo Download: 18th October 2010 (North Am...:

@23: Agreed on Snapdots. I just dl'd Ivy, and why I'm still wondering why I did, I don't think my budget can take another 500 point hit. Not until I know when Rytmik RE gets released and some of the GG sequals.

As it is, only thing I think might be worth it is Snapdots. Looks like another week of sitting on my hands.

Also, when does NA get myDiary?



lOnE-WolF commented on Nintendo Download: 4th October 2010 (North Ame...:

I DL'd Shantae on a whim, even though the 1300 points I had was for those nifty GG and Go series games, whenever they start releasing more in America. So far, music and graphics make it a good purchase, but only time will tell if I'm gonna regret picking it up (1200 points is alot - and I've never heard of the game before).



lOnE-WolF commented on North America Gets to Run for Ten Seconds in F...:

@LuWiiGi While likely not to the degree you guys have had to deal with, I feel the DSiWare's preformance has been a bit shaky over here too. From the last pointcard I got bout two weeks ago, I've only gotten Spin Six, which is an older release. I'm waiting to see if more of this wonderful budgetware from Japan come to NA.

Only real problem is I'll need another pointcard for Rytmik Rock Edition, most likely xP



lOnE-WolF commented on Review: Music On: Acoustic Guitar (DSiWare):

This is a cool app (though I want my 200 points back solely cause I always sucker myself into getting these types of DSiW though I don't use em), really nice for an instrument simulator. It's great when it comes to what it was designed to do.

Biggest problem: fails thanks to me being left-handed D:



lOnE-WolF commented on Nintendo Download: 13 September 2010 (North Am...:

Bland week. Nothing doing really until some more of that awesome budjet DSiW from Japan comes out. Super Hero Ogre, Ninja Karakuri Den 2, and 10 Second run are what I want...someday, hopefully, possibly I'll get them.



lOnE-WolF commented on Rytmik Gets Amped in Rytmik: Rock Edition:

This is frustrating...

I don't enjoy having all these updates/retools/new content re-releases. But I know for better or for worse I'm gonna get this. Why must Rythmik be so much fun for a pocket music studio



lOnE-WolF commented on New Ace Attorney Investigations Title Outed by...:

AAI only ever grated on my nerves because at some points the smuggling ring concept seemed to be stratched to thin. Otherwise, while I prefer the courtroom action from the first three PW games, I rather enjoyed it (especially the final chapter - it was a pain for me, but still felt as fulfilling as the final case on pw 1-3). I knoe for certain I'm going to get this, and I am quite looking forward to it.

But I stilll realy, really want a fourth game with Pheonix more than anything =/ (God, I can't stand Apollo >.>)



lOnE-WolF commented on Nintendo Download: 30th August 2010 (North Ame...:

Well...least the myNotebook 2 color I want is out...

I'm a bit cramped for points and won't be able to get more for about too weeks, so I'm uncertain about getting Cosmos. I think I might wait for Super Hero Ogre and whatnot.



lOnE-WolF commented on Inchworm Animation Could Beat Flipnote at its ...:

Looks great, definately a must-have for your DSi. I honestly don't use Flipnote for animation ( rather, I enjoy the stuff other make) but I'm likely to pick this up anyway.

Interesting, just like how we got two music studio apps in 1 month, now they're going to be releasing a 2nd animation studio. Something for everyone



lOnE-WolF commented on Review: BlayzBloo: Super Melee Action Battle R...:

Get it...after checking everything else off your list. Only worth the 500 points if there's absolutely nothing else you want and there's few options better than this.

Also, the constant character "chatter" is a royal annoyance.



lOnE-WolF commented on Review: Crystal Monsters (DSiWare):

Honestly, I have to say it's a good game for the 500 points. Nowhere near the level of design of Pokeman, but definately worth downloading as opposed to the myriad of shovelware from the service's beginning, and the 10,000th puzzle game.

All in all, it only needs some polish, really.



lOnE-WolF commented on Nnooo Releases New myDiary Video: has an alarm and calender opposed to the new myNotebook coming out...?

The video makes it seem just like a retooling of the retooled myNotebook...



lOnE-WolF commented on myNotebook Carbon, Tan, and Pearl Trailer Rele...:

I haven't gotten any of the three originals, but I have to agree with what others are saying - the new functionality and data capacity should've already been in the first three.

Since I haven't gotten any of the original ones, I might get carbon though, to match my black DSi - even though I feel 500 is a tad to much. Ah well.

I think from application standpoint alone, this is still acceptable DSiWare.



lOnE-WolF commented on Nintendo Download: 12th July (North America):

Dry points are saved for Rythmik, Pocket Pack: Strategy and that Wakugumi puzzle game. I'm just wondering when the heck they're gonna get around too releasing them.

Toribash looks cool. To bad I don't have a Wii.



lOnE-WolF commented on Nintendo Download: 28th June 2010 (North America):

Good week, mainly for VC and Wii though. Some good things for the DSi, but I'm saving my last game's worth of points for Rythmik.

I might've gotten Animal Color Cross had I had the points this week...but I just bought Picross 3D, and I can't see how the DSiWare could be better >.>



lOnE-WolF commented on Nintendo Download: 25th June (Europe):

Ehh, that's it? Smells bad for the DSi...least you lucky Wii owners get a new art style. Touch Solitare > other solitare games IMO.

Nah, I have 1000 points left, and I'm using them for Rythmik and Pocket Pack Strategy.



lOnE-WolF commented on X-Scape:

I love this game. Everything about it is great, and I can't seem to put it down.

Because that mothership is a royal pain in the butt for some reason xD



lOnE-WolF commented on Review: Pocket Pack: Strategy Games (DSiWare):

Sounds like solid DSiWare. Definately gonna save 500 of my points for this

I personally like the "spartan" presentations as well as the more artsy styling seen in the Art Style series - both are clear, uncluttered, and visually pleasing.



lOnE-WolF commented on Review: Rytmik (DSiWare):

This looks quite enjoyable for a more "application" type game. Due to it's nature, maybe, just maybe, Nintendo might have a promo release for free like with Photo Dojo. And even if not, I'm definately going to get this.

I'd have to agree with you there, the lack of a sharing system seems rather odd. I would figure if this is the "Flipnote Studio of the musical world," they'd make sure it would have a sharing system. Why this peice of DSi Ware suffers from the lack thereof, I couldn't guess why.



lOnE-WolF commented on Review: Thorium Wars (DSiWare):

It's hard. It costs alot. I nearly feel "taken in" for buying it. In honety, it's not a bad game. But the learning curve is rather steep, and the flying missions are rather dull. If you have the points and really, really enjoy this type of game, buy it, it'll be worth it. But if you are still unsure if you want this, reread some other reviews and windowshop the DSi store a little more. Like I said, it not bad, but I'm kicking myself for getting this, especially with Nintendo releasing a bunch of rather good titles in the store now.



lOnE-WolF commented on Review: Metal Torrent (DSiWare):

Fair review overall. I think you summed the game up quite well. Personally, I'd recommend this to anyone who has an extra 500 points, because while it might be a bit short, it's enjoyable and provides enough challenge in the hard mode whitout being needlessly difficult for a bullet hell. And the online leader board is a nice extra implementation, albeit not something especially amazing.