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Epic Mickey May Get a New Lick of Paint at E3

Posted by James Newton

Rumours suggest graphics could change

It's been a few months since we last heard anything about Epic Mickey, the Warren Spector-led reinvention of the little mouse, but apparently that's for good reason. According to the latest Internet rumours, we could be seeing a very different Mickey emerge at E3 this month.

Whilst the original artwork showed off a dark, lean look, the first screenshots had a rather more plump and rubbery aesthetic that disappointed some gamers. Keen to bring the game's visuals closer to the concept artwork, it has apparently gone through a radical graphical overhaul that should hopefully be far more impressive.

With E3 kicking off two weeks today, we'll soon find out if Mickey's Wii paintbrush adventure can live up to its artistic potential.


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Croz said:

Can't wait for this, hope it comes with Castle of illusion as an unlockable pre-oder bonus.



Spoony_Tech said:

Mickey games always sell well but a dark version might not. These games apeal to kids but i would not let my kid play this just yet. I think a lot of parents might feel the same way. I for one might try it out and see how it plays before letting my kids play.



JakobG said:

It already looks epic as it is/was, let's hope it won't turn out worse.



Oregano said:

I loved the way it looked, screw the haters.

Unless this is hinting at a HD/PS3 port?



WildPidgeyAppears said:

I am so intrigued by this. I'll take anything that isn't "Annoying emo gits with belts and zippers with a few Disney characters for no real reason", and this looks to be the neatest Mickey action game in a long time.



ejamer said:

This could be great... but (unfortunately) it's more likely to be a disappointment. Here's hoping it exceeds expectations!



Popyman said:

Awesome!! I don't even care if this means it won't come out this year, looking more like the concept art is WAY worth the wait.



NiC said:

Wow... This artwork is just... awesome. No need to say more.
If the game really looks like this, this is a must buy. I mean, who didn't grow up with Mickey? Give him some credit already.
...and kill Hannah Montana.



madgear said:

Yeah I was somewhat disappointed with how it looked from the screenshots. Wasn't bad looking but looked like a game from 10 years ago and wasn't that impressive when compared to the fantastic concept art.

I'm looking forward to it regardless, being a bit of a Castle of Illusion fan, bit this can only be good news.



Kaeobais said:

Hopefully it looks like the concept art. I was one of those who thought it looked absolutely dreadful in the first screens. It looked almost as bad as a PS1 game. Almost.



noname875 said:

yeah, i dont know why disney is letting her make a final season after her newest song "Cant be Tamed" was released.



Kid_A said:

I'm more excited by the game itself than the actual graphics, but if Nintendo has proved anything with the Wii Console, it's that a strong emphasis on style is always a plus (Red Steel 2, MadWorld, Mario Galaxy, Punch-Out, etc.).



Slapshot said:

.... rumor is also that it has lost its exclusive right with Nintendo and will be seeing a port to PS3 as well! We will find out for sure at E3



naut said:

It could be all dark and awesome...Or if I know Disney, we might end up getting, "Mickey's Happyland."



OldBoy said:

@2._Croz Awesome idea man, if they included Castle of Illusion with it I would buy it instantly regardless of the main games quality. Absolutley loved that game when I was young .
This game has a lot of potential and I'm glad they are moving closer to the concept art as that looked freakin ace. Fallout + Disney = WIN.I'm afraid if there is to be an HD version then I'll likely buy that though,gonna look amazing in High def.



WaveBoy said:

The current graphcis definitly don't compare to the killer surreal Art above. But it's great to hear it's getting a new face lift. I'm pretty excited about this one It's almost as if it's a 3D sequal to Castle of Illusion.



XCWarrior said:

I want the dark artsy look for sure. I probably won't buy it if its fluffy and cute.



Ryon said:

personally i'd love to see any disney movie/character in there true dark nature.

kinda like how they did Alice in wonderland.



Ryon said:

personally i'd love to see any disney movie/character in there true dark nature.

kinda like how they did Alice in wonderland.



brandonbwii said:

I kinda wish it was staying Wii exclusive but I highly doubt it at this point. The Wii could use another quality title to call it's own.



StarBoy91 said:

Oh... my... gosh... that... artwork... looks... amazing!!!!! I wonder how the game would play?



Raylax said:

I dunno, I hope they don't make it too 'Darker And Edgier'. If it looks like the concept art then awesome, but there's waaay too many games that should be colourful going for a boring dark palette to give it atmosphere. I mean this is Mickey Mouse we're talking about.
It still kinda annoys me that Nintendo feels the need to airbrush an angry face onto Kirby because apparantly Western markets won't buy a game featuring a pink marshmallow unless he's a SERIOUS BUSINESS pink marshmallow.
For comparison, here's the Japanese boxart for Kirby Air Ride compared to the Western boxart. The hell, Ninty? xD



Sneaker13 said:

When I first got the see the artwork I was really, really excited about this game. But after the first screenshots, I got less excited. So I'm curious what they will show at E3.

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