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Bonk: Brink of Extinction Coming to WiiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Hudson's famous caveman is making his way onto the WiiWare service.

For those who don't already know, Hudson's lovable caveman Bonk is headed to the WiiWare service in Spring 2010. Bonk: Brink of Extinction will feature all of Bonk's trademark gameplay moves built into a brand new original title.

You can check out the official snippet of information about the game and we'll have more news on the game as it becomes available. Until then you can check out the screenshots of the game we were able to get hands on below.

Bonk. Is. Back! Hudson's loveable caveman makes his long-awaited return and has brought his enormously giant head with him! Get ready for an all new adventure exclusively on Xbox LIVE®Arcade, Playstation®Network, and WiiWare™ in Spring 2010!

A doomsday comet, surrounded by smaller chunks of debris, is on a collision course with Earth. A strange magnetic field around the comet seems to be driving most of the planet’s weak-willed creatures crazy, and smaller bits of debris are smashing into the jungle near Bonk's home. Bonk must undertake a perilous journey that will take him to the very center of the planet to save the world.

The Return Of The Most Widely Requested Classic Platformer

  • Story Mode with Co-Op play. Play alone or have a friend join you at any time!
  • An entire new adventure with Bonk as he swims, bites, climbs, jumps, runs, and head-butts his way through jungles, deserts and volcanic caverns
  • Search for help along the way: power ups, check points, and extra health are the staple for every adventuring caveman.
  • Transformations are back and weirder than ever! Now Bonk can transform himself into eight different forms by eating meat or encountering Primordial Jelly. No enemy is safe from the boy with the super noggin!

New Features

  • Online play for the first time in the series!
  • New enemies with incredible variations in personalities and abilities. Beware the Raptor Unicycle Tank!
  • Classic 2D platforming in a 3D world.
  • Tons of collectibles will have you searching the entire prehistoric world.

Join us as we welcome Bonk back into our hearts! For those who haven't played the originals, you're in for a prehistoric side-scrolling adventure, the likes of which you've never seen! Coming soon for XBLA, PSN, and WiiWare.

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Kid_A said:

Sweetness! I played one of his games at a friends house and it was really fun. And of course, I'm always happy about classic franchises getting revived.



astarisborn94 said:

Really good news. Let's hope they don't cut out ANY features for the Wii, but knowing third-party developers....



theberrage said:

I was hoping for this game.

I was also hoping for different art direction. Bonk doesn't look as good as he used to.

Looks like they just took everything from Adventure Island Beginnings and put a new poorly drawn Bonk in



Ricardo91 said:

Excellent! I've played the first 2 Bonks on VC and they're both great (still need to get III though).



0-Watt said:

They also announced a new Bomberman and a puzzle game of sorts for WiiWare.

The new design is blah, but co-op sounds niiiiice.



Dazza said:

Pretty sweet, Bonk is my favourite Hudson character so I will be keeping a close eye on this one



StarBoy91 said:

O_O [blink, blink] Wow, I never once thought Bonk would make a 3D debut. Maybe I should be openminded more than I already am and start expecting more. Interesting.



accc said:

@StarBoy91 - Bonk already made his 3D debut on the PS2/GC with Hudson Selection Volume 3. Look it up!

I loved Adventure Island: The Beginning so I'm really looking forward to this one.



brandonbwii said:

I remember the Hudson guy (Master Higgins) saying he wanted to give Bonk a more mischievious tone in a sequel so that would explain why he looks a bit more "evil".

It kind of sucks that Hudson can't make major profit on Wiiware so all DLC recently has been multiplatform. (sigh) Just the fanboy in me talking.



Terra said:

Fantastic, should be great, as long as they don't make the same mistakes as they did with Adventure Island. I don't care that it's multiplatform, I have a 360 as well, so now it just comes down to which version I should buy



Omega said:

I loved playing Bonks Adventure (AKA B.C. Kid) on the VC and Amiga. I would like to have a sequel with new features on a current system. I have only one concern: When a WiiWare developer announces to release something in Spring 2010. This means? Winter 2012? (Wayforward and Nicalis, I'm looking in your direction.)



suburban_sensei said:

The WiiWare Adventure Island was very disappointing, so I really hope they don't screw this up...Bonk was fun back in the day.



odd69 said:

YES!!! thank god. I wonder what system I'm going to download it on? I wonder if Hudson will beef up the visuals for the psn version. There is one thing for certain, the psn is lacking a good platformer.Nintendo has plenty.
I'm almost certain that everyone will complain just like they did with adventure island wiiware, but i wouldn't care because I'll be having too much fun . Adventure island wiiware, was more than just a decent platformer to me.



Gizmo said:

Fortunately this game looks way better than Adventure Island: The Beginning.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I guess that's pretty cool. I don't really care too much about Bonk, though. I'm still hoping for Neutopia III on WiiWare and/or PSN (and Live, if they insist)! It was only promised about 15 years ago...



Kirk said:

I like the original 2D Bonk games but I don't think the visuals in this one look right at all.

Hudson are doing this with a lot of their 3D updates where the graphics just look a bit cheap and rushed and lose the charm of the originals.

I just wish they could find a team of artists who could actually get the look right in 3D because even if the game plays well they have simply put me off playing it and they have done the same with a few of their other updates.



Katernity said:

I loved the old bonk games back in the day, but this art style is horrendous. it looks like a phillips cd-i threw up on a wii.



blackknight77 said:

This one will stay on my Wii Ware radar for now. I might be interested since I enjoyed Hudson's remakes of Star Soldier and Alien Crush.



warioswoods said:


Agreed; the WiiWare Adventure Island was nothing short of hideous, and now they're taking a far superior classic platformer, Bonk, and likely using the same cheap, floaty, badly designed 3D graphics to make a mockery of its 2D glory. Great news.

It's not that 2.5D is inherently ugly, but it's a much cheaper way to pump out a platformer than well-drawn 2D, and the lack of effort usually shows.



vherub said:

It would be nice if more developers were as focused on wiiware as hudson is



JamieO said:

Bonk looks a bit smaller now, like the camera has been pulled back, to allow for widescreen presentation. Hudson have given him a new gnarly little Rugrat look as well, just to stir things up and the spiky headed, punk rock kid might be to distinguish players for co-op.

I am optimistic about this, I don't mind its visual style. He is a great character and it is always good for a laugh to dive him head first onto baddies, climb walls with his teeth and repeatedly head butt the air to float. The Prehistoric based setting should be atmospheric, I’m wondering if he will climb and swim around inside a dinosaurs belly this time.



JoeDiddley said:

Online will probably be for Xbox Live & PSN only!
Whether or not this wiiware remake turns out to be good I am glad that old 2d franchises are making a comeback.



IAmNotWill said:

I don't see a problem with the graphics. Aren't you guys saying graphics don't matter?



Terra said:

So now that's Bonk, Adventure Island, Bomberman (Twice), Military Madness, Star Soldier and Tetris they've done on WiiWare. Any bets on what they'll do next? My bet is a new Star Soldier or a sequel to one of their current WiiWare games



warioswoods said:

The screenshots aren't anywhere near the ugliness of Adventure Island WiiWare, but if it has the same unforgivably lazy and floaty character animation or physics, it's dead in the water as far as I'm concerned.



JamieO said:

@Terranigma (comment 48) I wonder how likely it is that Hudson would contunue their DoReMi series? I had never played, or even knew about, DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure (SNES) when it was first released and it turned out be a sweet, li'l hidden gem on Virtual Console.
I would not place money on it being Hudson's next WiWare franchise update though!



BlueFlameBat said:

I hope the improve the controls. The controls have always been a weak spot in the Bonk games in my opinion. So does this online play include the Wii version?

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