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Bomberman Blast: Battlefest Coming to WiiWare

Posted by Corbie Dillard

More Bomberman action set to hit the WiiWare service.

Hudson has also just announced that the sequel to Bomberman Live will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade this fall and will land on the Playstation Network and WiiWare services in 2010. The WiiWare version is tentatively titled Bomberman Blast: Battlefest.

You can check out the official press information below for a taste of what you can expect from the game when it hits the WiiWare service early next year.

Ready for more? The sequel to the immensely popular downloadable game brings more action, more multiplayer fun, more powerups, more modes, more maps, more costumes, more....everything! The classic Bomberman gameplay upgrades with new features (including the fan-requested Teams gameplay!) that will have you hooked on blasting friends online or locally.

And with up to 8 players online, every match is guaranteed to be epic fun! With an array of gameplay options at your disposal, Bomberman Live: Battlefest is set to rock the house on Xbox LIVE® Arcade this Winter, and detonate on the Playstation®Network and WiiWare™ in 2010!


Assemble the crew. It's time to bring the bombs with your buddies and prove who's got the chops to hold the Team crown! Play locally or bring the pain online; it's more fun with friends!

New Modes!

All new ways to claim your Bomberman crown! Learn more about these team-only gameplay modes and how they'll change the way you play.

Protect the VIP! Two teams of four each have one VIP on their squad. Unfortunately, the VIP is so important, they can't set any bombs! You'll have to work together to defend with your other team mates who must escort the VIP to a designated point at the other end of the arena.

Capture the Flag
The classic multiplayer game is here in full form! Both teams have a flag so both teams will need to both attack and defend their flags as well. Coordinate effectively as a team to come out on top! It's CTF, Bomberman style!

Capture the Crown
First appearing in Bomberman Blast, Capture the Crown makes a triumphant return! Players start on the edges of the arena with one crown in the middle. The player who is able to hold onto the crown the longest wins!

It's points for power-ups! Players earn points for bombing other players, destroying blocks, and so on. The twist? Destroying blocks rarely yields a power-up. At the end of each match, you'll trade in your points gained for power-ups in the menu in between matches. Bomb wisely!

New Powerups!

5 all-new powerups make their debut! Will the power of the Cluster Bomb be your new go-to? Or will the destructive Laser Bomb be a game-changer? Veterans need not worry as all the classic powerups return in full force! Customization options allow you to pick and choose which power-ups appear in any given arena.

New Characters!

You thought you had choices before? Bomberman 2 packs 18 new costumes in addition to the original selection from Bomberman Live! Mix and match 3 costume pieces from Napoleon Bombaparte, Chef Bombardee, Sir Bombalot, and more! Make your Bomberman your own!

New Arenas!

The Bomberman battlegrounds have changed once again, this time with more tricks, gimmicks, and fun! From Adventure Island themed landscapes to the shape-shifting MultiMaze, no battle will ever be the same!

Well have more information on Bomberman Blast: Battlefest as it becomes available, as well as a full review when the game hits the WiiWare service.

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I have wiiware's Blast. I also have LandTouch 2 and Bomberman 2 on the DS. Not to mention '93 on the VC....and yes I'm still interested in this!



Golgo said:

Hope they fix the online and make it possible to rein in the power-ups a bit.
(You can use Miis in Bomberman Blast, by the way.)



Cheezy said:

I wonder what else Hudson is gonna bring up (if anything), because they're on a roll!!



blackknight77 said:

I agree with Golgo. Those were my two biggest complaints with the last game. I'll remain skeptical on this one.



Only problem is that I got bomberman blast; with this game less ppl will play that and play this Finding ppl on Blast is bad enough. Wonder if there is any DLC.



irken004 said:

The last Wiiware Bomber-man game wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. Not excited for this one



Knux said:

Awesome news! BUT, I might buy both the WiiWare version AND the PSN version.



Corbs said:

this is also heading to dsiware

That's not anywhere in the press release I got. Where did you see that?



jbrodack said:

I have bomberman blast and not sure if this will be worth it. New modes are nice but hopefully the don't end up being too chaotic and actually require team strategy. The extra modes in blast were fun but most ended up kinda random. Also need to get rid of any shake commands in the wii version



Chrono_Cross said:

Yes another Wiiware game that looks very interesting! NL you guys are on a role!
Is this the second all console downloadable game? I know Mega Man 9 is.

If theres different features on either version be sure to tell me which ones better.



Outrunner said:

I hope they fix the cheating online. Standing in corners keeping your shield up in air raid. Tis not fun!



bro2dragons said:

i have the first one... and definitely enjoy it. and i would love to get this... but it's so much like the first one i couldn't justify owning both. especially with other games out there. i SO wish there were some way to sell back downloaded games like you can with disks... dang. if only, if only.



Hawker said:

I hope the disconnection issues from Bomberman Blast will be fixed. I can't even play that game online because I get disconnected almost everytime. I have no problems with any other game's wifi, but Bomberman.



fudgenuts said:

@Chrono Cross: Military Madness: Nectaris is on all DLC services, but the WiiWare version will have less maps due to size limitations.



ReifuTD said:

Cool, looks better then the first game, If some how I get a disscount for buying the first game I'll jump on this one.



Macaronius said:

i can't quite remeber all the places i read it but there were quite a few articles on it. It is still in the making so expect it sometime, in early 2010. look up bomberman dsiware on a search engine. Sorry i can't give you a site



Supermarioman said:

Looks good, but I have no experience with Bomberman so an Online only game may not be the best place for me to start



JonWahlgren said:

Eh, I got the first one, I only need so much Bomberman. Unless of course this one turns out to be SO AMAZING, which, well, who knows.



Popyman said:

Ok, I swear, I am going to buy this one (if it's as good or better than Blast)! I still have not played a true Bomberman game for more than five seconds.



Adam said:

You forgot the best part of the press release, guys.

New Functional Online!

This all new mode inspired by Bomberman Blast's broken online mode makes the battle even more intense as you bomb other players from around the world in a game that does not freeze immediately after starting! Fans of the original unbelievably and unprofessionally laggy "amateur stop-motion" style of play will be amazed to see their Bombermen in continuous motion!



skywake said:

I got the first one so I am kinda annoyed at this news. Wouldn't it have been better if they just patched the original so its online mode (which was half the selling point) wasn't broken? Do they really expect me to buy the same game again just because there might be a chance online works now? It doesn't need a sequel, the original was fine except for the dodgy online mode.

Thanks but no thanks Hudson. I have been burned once by your WiiWare Bomberman and I won't be wasting my points on this again. Now excuse me while a drool over the latest trailers for the new Lost Winds and Bit Trip games.



Twilight_Crow said:

I'm not falling again for it, I regret geting the first one so much (I should have bought Bomberman '93 instead of Blast!), and this looks like the same game, with a few new modes here and there, and maybe an online mode that works, as I see it just a waste of money.



Stuffgamer1 said:

And STILL no mention of the insulting lack of single-player Bomberman games released in North America recently... We STILL don't have the DS game known as Bomberman 2 in Europe (probably never will), and I'm quite certain by now we're never going to get Bomberman Story DS. So if anyone on the NLife staff maybe has the ability to ask someone at Hudson what the heck's wrong with them, I'd greatly appreciate it.

As far as the announced game goes, I MIGHT get it on PSN if it has enough new stuff in it relative to Bomberman ULTRA. We'll have to see. The lack of a story mode is really pissing me off, though.



JimLad said:

I hope they link the online between games like they did with their DS games.
But like skywake said, they really should have just patched the original, it could have been done very easily.
but... this is Hudson, they live on their endless Bomberman updates.



Philip_J_Reed said:

That's brilliant. The next battle game with laggy online should call itself Stop-Motion Fighter and claim it as a feature.



Alfred_ENG said:

Big bomberman fan here. This is great news. I will buy this on day one.

That's not cheating. Thats part of the game.

Yes the online has some problems, I hope Hudson fix this.



Hazuki said:

bomberman is always good stuff, this will move blast from my wii to the SD card.



Macaronius said:

bomberman dsiware isnt an official announcement, just an idea by hudson. its being worked on now



jbrodack said:

blast isn't laggy if you play with people in your region. at least not for me



Superman said:

Every Bomberman is the same. Buy one, and stop wasting your money. They don't make any good entries anymore (such as Bomberman 64, or Bomberman Hero). What an awful series, almost as bad as Mario.



tatemon555 said:

Bomberman again?
Bomberman FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



ueI said:

Even though it was fun, I never played Bomberman Blast very much after buying it. I won't waste my money on this game.



Nintendude92 said:

As long as they fix all the damn terrible issues with the first blast, this is an instant get. Give us online that doesn't lag with filter modes and it could be the same for me, I'd still get it.

Better yet, just port the Live/ps3 experience.

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