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Wii Gamers Called Up for Modern Warfare

Posted by James Newton

Activision bringing huge hit to our white wonder waggle box

Those of you who've dabbled in a spot of other console gaming over the past few years may have tried a somewhat unheard-of game known as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It launched on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC - heck, even the DS got its own version, but Wii owners were left totally lacking. Until this November, that is.

Yes, almost two years since its first release, those Wii owners who didn't want the game enough to go out and buy it on another console can finally play it on their favourite motion-controlled console, with Activision set to release it on November 10th, the same day as Modern Warfare 2 hits for other consoles. Some may call it a masterstroke of scheduling synergy, but pity those poor shop assistants forced to explain to hard-up Wii-owning parents why their kids will only get to play a graphically-inferior version of a two-year old game.

Other than Activision's confirmation, they've released no further news about the game, with no word on online multiplayer, new missions, weapons or any other such bounties. As soon as we know, you'll know.


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Jockolantern said:

Odd marketing decision, to say the least. Didn't care much for the game in its PS3 iteration, so I'm more than positive I won't care for it much in Wii form. Let's at least hope that Activision smooths out the motion control issues World at War had/has. Not terrible by any stretch, but still a little bit... stiff.



TwilightV said:

Hmph! I'll only buy it if they offer those fancy Night Vision Goggles from the MW2 preorder campaign. So it looks like they'll be getting no money from me! >: (



PhillepinO said:

Also, here's hoping that they would find a lot of The Conduit's control options to be useful for the porting of this game.



brandonbwii said:

This is either a stroke of marketing genuis and great use of resources in a timely manner, or the worst thing Activision has done since they dumbed down Wii Wolverine. Still I'm interested to see how the game turns out, as well as sells numbers in the coming months. I hope this wasn't thrown together in about a week to compete with Conduit though.



Shiryu said:

I loved the game on PC, Im looking forward to playing it with the Wiimote. Just hope they make it at least 16 player online... will have to wait and see.



-TR said:

If it's online, I'll get it. If not, I'll avoid it like, erm, death.



Machu said:

CoD3 Wii was one of the first games I bought, and sold. It was broken!

This is it for Treyarch, if they mess this one up they will be the laughing stock of the entire gaming community.

My hopes are high.



XCWarrior said:

Wow, I always wanted a two-year old game to finallly come to our console!

In case you didn't catch the sarcasm, I'm simply say screw you Activision and try again next time.



KrazyKain said:

yay we finally get the overrated FPS of the century!

I alredy beat the game, and the online, was overrated, altough i know this is not going to happen, the only thing that would make me buy this is if it had the zombie mode we were neglected in Cod Waw, but seeing as the games are by seperate devs, we know thats not happening



ejamer said:

I liked the game, but agree with others that it's overrated. That said, Wii is lacking in good FPS titles... so even if they do a "decent" job porting (and nothing better than decent) it'll be a good option.

But I don't understand the apparent anger from some Wii owners. Sure, a port of a 2-year old game is not as good as a custom built game for the system. But don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Having another good game added to the Wii library doesn't hurt anyone - and if you don't want it, then just don't play it.



zeeroid said:

So we're getting Modern Warfare... but will it include Modem Warfare?

(couldn't help myself)



Bahamut_ZERO said:

This game is the best multiplatform game of this generation, best game I have for my 360, and one of the best games ever. The campaign is a cinematic masterpiece with shocking moments, the online is flawed for sure (you notice a lot when you get good), but is still one of the best.

Sure, the online will be lacking compared to the other versions, and the graphics tuned down, but if the only part about the campaign that changes is the graphics, Wii owners will be in for well hell of a treat.

Sadly, Treyarch's touching it. Nothing they touch ever turns out good.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@PiribrooH: No. IW doesn't want co-op in their campaigns because they craft very specific single-player experiences in their campaigns.

The only splitscreeen was a private match against your friend.



AVahne said:

releasing the OLD game when the new one is coming out?thats a bit unfair and i doubt many people would buy this late game unless it has controls that parallel The Conduit's and the online is nothing but the best



AlexSays said:

Oh so Infinity Ward is releasing the actual game, and then years later Activision is stripping it down for Wii owners?

I feel sorry for Infinity Ward. They've never wanted their software to be dumbed down for the Wii.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@AlexSays: Rather unfortunate eh? The graphics in this played a big part in the immersion, and Wii-only owners will miss out.

Still, maybe Treyarch will balance the Super-Balanced-Death-Ray this game



KDR_11k said:

I feel sorry for Infinity Ward. They've never wanted their software to be dumbed down for the Wii.

Maybe they should've handled the Wii port themselves then and made sure it doesn't suck.



Kid_A said:

Cool! This is one of my all time favorite FPS--and it'll be even better with Wii controls! Still feel like we should've gotten Modern Warfare 2, though.



Kid_A said:

Oh, I just read that Activision is handling the I'm not so pumped



Kelvin said:

It may be that this will be Modern Warfare 2, but because the first one didn't come out on Wii, they're just releasing it as MW. I would find it odd if they really were releasing the original alongside the others.



Xkhaoz said:

1. Why didn't they come out with a Wii version at the same time?
2. Why isn't it the second one?



Pablo17 said:

I will be picking this up even though I have played it a little on the 360. I have put about 100 hours into CoD WaW online (Wii) and even though there are issues, I have had a blast with it. I have to believe that there will be online in Modern Warefare and that makes it a must buy for me.



AlexSays said:

Maybe they should've handled the Wii port themselves then and made sure it doesn't suck.

They don't want their software on the Wii at all.
There's no way they'd volunteer to strip their own game down.

1. Why didn't they come out with a Wii version at the same time?
2. Why isn't it the second one?

Oh! Oh! I know both of these!

1. Infinity Ward didn't want to make a Wii version. Activision couldn't start porting the game until after Infinity was finished.

2. Infinity Ward doesn't want to make their game for the Wii. Activision has to wait until they're finished before they can have some random developer slice and dice it for the Wii.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@AlexSays: Actually, the 2nd one isn't coming out also because MW2 is a direct sequel. It's like if the Wii got BioShock 2 without the first one.

And because IW doesn't want their stuff dumbed down for the Wii



Bring_Back_Pluto said:

I'd rather stick to it on xbox is the best shooter out there.

IW teams actually HAS to help with the porting of the game though. So maybe we get a lil somthin somthin.
At least this will be better than World at War and Medal of Honor: Heroes 2.



Varoennauraa said:

And this time it really is modern too! No auto aim of the HD-ready consoles old school controllers!!!



AlexSays said:

IW teams actually HAS to help with the porting of the game though.

No they don't.
And they won't.



MrPanic said:

This is going to be awesome, modern warfare was a brilliant game. I'll trade graphics in for better controls any day.



Terra said:

Well, I'm not a COD fan but I'm interested to see how this stacks up to the other versions. I have low hopes though.







Sean007s said:

Guys...its a port.
they are not gonna add anything or break anything(tiny slight chance)
im sure it will be using the WAW Wii Engine which is fantastic!

Guys...just give them a chance and stop hating them ok?
its not fair on these guys. sure they screwed up a couple of times but lets see you make a better game. its not easy making games for the hardcore fans guys...they want it PERFECT. _



AlexSays said:

Infinity Ward is a poor developer because they refuse to sacrifice the quality of their software for the Wii's limited hardware?

Only on a site full of Nintendo fanboys would that make sense.



Bahamut_ZERO said:

@JRAPOCALYPSE: Please tell me that was sarcasm

@Sean007: Treyarch screwed up a few times. Listen, 2 major entries in the CoD series going bad tends to tell me not to trust them. Plus 3 was.....shivers

The thing is, this is dumbed down from the other versions. I don't want to get a dumbed down game, I want to get the full experience or nothing. I don't want this to be "good.....for a Wii game," I just want it flat out "good," which it can't be on this system thanks to inferior hardware. This is just another piece of ammo for those 360 fanboys to use against us.



Sean007s said:

If you want the full experience get the 360 version or PS3.....wouldn't that be logical?
Considering the Wii's Limitations i dont nkow if they can add more stuff or dumb it down even more..(like they might get rid of levels and other stuff)

Screw what the 360 fanboys say...if your worried about them then stop it.
they are brainless idiots like any fanboy(no offense but i really dont like faboys of any type)



battledevil789 said:

CoD4 on 360 kicks @ss but since this port is being made by Treyarch i dont think it will live up to the orginial CoD4



astarisborn94 said:

The first one? Hmm, it'll probably be massively be dumbed down and the Wii will be the laughing stock from the PS3 and Xbox 360 fanbase if that happens.

Let's hope Modern Warfare actually get time taken into it.



retro_player_22 said:

IW is a PC developer working for Activision, they won't developed their games for a system if it is not at least eqivalent to the power of modern day PC, even those Call of Duty games on the PS2, GameCube, and Xbox weren't handle by them.



AlexSays said:

Or is your constant negativity towards the Wii based on anything other than your IW (and next-gen yawn) fanboyism

Constant negativity... in the past two weeks?
... New users. lol

And pointing out Nintendo fanboyism makes me a fanboy of something else?
Nice logic you got thar!



Darel18 said:

This is game will sell less than Conduit ___

I'm sorry but, the community of Wii gamers simple don't like these games... I have the three consoles and I'm a fan from Nintendo but this is the way things are these days...

I hope Wii owners respond to Capcom when MH 3 arrives outside Japan...



Pablo17 said:

Call of Duty WaW had well over 500,000 online users (I am sure not all current now) at one point. So, there is clearly a market for FPS with online features on the Wii.

I happen to love these games and prefer to play them on the wii due to the wiimote. Even though I have other systems I prefer the way they play on the wii and I am willing to sacrifice on the graphics and extras.



warioswoods said:


And pointing out Nintendo fanboyism makes me a fanboy of something else?
Nice logic you got thar!

Hm, yes it doesn't make one a fanboy of something else per se, but constantly throwing out the "fanboy" accusation at others is far more obnoxious and counterproductive than whatever biases that term intends to oppose. And that other term I keep seeing you oppose to it, "common sense", has long been one of the fundamental tools of the right wing, as it allows one to dismiss any complex arguments from opponents as mere "ideology" (or fanboyism in this case) that your common man would see right through with his supposedly purer intuitions.

You definitely strike me as a populist, AlexSays. I won't be surprised if you start referring to "the folks" in your posts before long. "The folks know that a more powerful console produces a better game. If you don't agree, you're just a fanboy." Note how that dumbs down what should be a much more nuanced debate.



AlexSays said:

I love how users start talking about my way of posting and not about the actual content of my post. lol

As long as you guys know Infinity Ward is not a poor developer, I couldn't care less about what you believe to be my political affiliation. lol



warioswoods said:


That's likely because there simply isn't any content to your posts, other than a bit of arrogant negativity and repeated "fanboy" accusations at others. It's much more amusing to think about why you post that way than to try to get anything meaningful out of your arguments. "lol"



EddieBGreen said:

The only reason I could see to play a FPS on a console rather than a PC is innovative control mechanisms. I play the Conduit because I like the control options. I wouldn't play any FPS with a game pad. Just like I wouldn't play a platform game with a mouse.

I would consider playing through this game again if they can bring something to the table with the Wii's control features and they make an effort with the graphics.



AlexSays said:

Oh Wario... You're more focused on going around, antagonizing certain users of this forum than you are actually discussing the subjects at hand.

You very well know the subject and point of my post, you'd just like to ignore that and talk about me.

Trust me, I am flattered. A couple of us users have already decided you have a weird way of showing affection.

Maybe we could go out for a quick lunch sometime and see how things go.



warioswoods said:

I can see that this is not a productive conversation at this point. I actually have zero interest in the port (or the original game) to begin with, and was only struck upon reading the comments by how much of a jerk you're being to others who have every right to look forward to the game and not be called "fanboys" for it -- some of them don't own other consoles, will never own them, and could legitimately enjoy playing this game with IR controls, regardless of whether or not it lives up to the original they've never seen. But that sort of thing is always your behavior on this site: a combination of arrogance and condescension towards others. Do carry on, if it continues to entertain you.

Also, kudos on the new form of bullying! "A couple of us have decided X about you" etc. Brings back fond memories of middle school.

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