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Fri 7th Aug 2009

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EddieBGreen commented on Features: Don't Touch my Samus: Metroid's Cont...:

Good piece.
My wife loved the game. She dislikes FPS, but found the mechanic in MoM playable.
I think part of the 'sexism' issue is a male perception of what a female hero should be. 'Hardcore' Gamers in general don't have a good rep when it comes to gender perception. I agree with the physical portrayal of Samus being silly - but then so is every female action film star.
Personally I would like to see more emotional introspective video game heroes - of whatever gender.



EddieBGreen commented on Review: Max & the Magic Marker (WiiWare):

I loved Crayon Physics Deluxe on the PC, and I love this.
Although boxes and ladders are often the most straightforward way to get to platforms I have had a lot of fun creating all sorts of physics based contraptions to get me about.

There are also secrets to be found, and unlockables, like the 'full pen' which really allows you to go to town with your contraptions.



EddieBGreen commented on Wii Gamers Called Up for Modern Warfare:

The only reason I could see to play a FPS on a console rather than a PC is innovative control mechanisms. I play the Conduit because I like the control options. I wouldn't play any FPS with a game pad. Just like I wouldn't play a platform game with a mouse.

I would consider playing through this game again if they can bring something to the table with the Wii's control features and they make an effort with the graphics.



EddieBGreen commented on iPhone more powerful than Wii?:

Wii owners demand demand developers get best out of system shocker. PS3 owners know how it feels. XBOX 360 owners play nicely streamlined PC games with bad controls. PC owners drop the cost of the console just to play the 'new Crysis' with some shinier bits.

Every system has its problems. The Wii is hardware limited (as is the PS3 in a different way). We all want our Wii titles to look Super SD like Mario Galaxy, and yes the Conduit for all its bad art. But not every developer gets it right.

But at least we didn't drop all that cash for a PS3 to be fobbed of with jaggy 360 ports.

and if you want sooper HD. Drop for a PC.