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Competitions: More Twitter Fun

Posted by Darren Calvert

Win 2000 Nintendo points by giving nintendolife a shout out!

Here’s an easy competition that could win you 2000 Nintendo points to spend on downloadable games of your choosing. Simply follow us on Twitter and tweet the following phrase to your personal Twitterverse:

"Follow @nintendolife because they ................."

Obviously you fill in the blank bit of the phrase. The tweet which we enjoy the most will win the prize, so be creative!

We will pick the winner at a random time tomorrow, so tweet away! (Only one follow tweet per person please!)

This competition is open to residents of North America, Europe and Australia.

The competition has now closed! Well done ejamer!


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Stevie said:

I still refuse to join Twitter, anyhow you should all follow @nintendolife because they have an obsession with getting people to join Twitter with the allure of free points



irken004 said:

I'll enter this contest too, since i have an otherwise useless twitter account



Corbs said:

We're into self-promotion. And we're one step away from begging for money like IGN did years ago when they almost went under. It's all in the master plan, you understand.



Dazza said:

No you start the phrase with "Follow" otherwise you are just sending us a reply! lol

Just copy and paste the phrase as it is shown above



Terra said:

Ditto what Pixelman says.

I haven't got Twitter as I don't really see me using it often.



irken004 said:

i already posted my entry, hope i can get me some points

btw i hope u guys like my pic on there (me with the Mario Hat and mustache)



Terra said:

Someone help we with this. I've got Twitter now under (A combination of my first name and username which sounds really weird) HenryTerranigma (For any future competitions involving Twitter) but I'm not sure what to do exactly. I know it says above but I'm a complete idiot with Twitter



irken004 said:

@terranigma do a search for Nintendolife, and they should show up as a result. Click on the Follow button to follow their posts. Click on Home to take u to ur homepage, then use the status box near the top of the page to type in ur contest entry



Terra said:

@irken004 - Thanks. I've submitted mine now. I should really put a photo up on there or something

@Corbie - Can't we just do some spamathon to loads of people for advertising?



Dazza said:

Keep the follows coming in guys... I am surprised no one has said because we're tougher than Mr T yet - flattery will get you everywhere!



Shortay said:

Made my entry, although I hope I did it right because I'm a mega Twitter-noob.



Clayfrd said:

@Dazza - Wouldn't you know it... my best one came to mind right after I posted the first. They always told me he who hesitates is lost. That's the last time I listen to the voices in my head.



Radixxs said:

I need Nintendo Points but I really have no desire whatsoever to join the Twitter bandwagon.



Chrono_Cross said:

I don`t even know if I did it right? Can you guys check?
My screen name is ChronoCross96 and yes I`m a HUGE noob at Twitter.



Token_Girl said:

I don't believe in twitter.

(it's not against my religion, i just don't believe it exists).



pixelman said:

I don't believe in not believing in believing in not believing in believing in twitter.



Mabbit said:

geez i had to get a twitter to just do this. i need wiipoints though. i just hope i did everything right



Bensei said:

I'm Ben-sensei again:

My true opinion. Started following your sites (not on twitter) since your early vc-reviews times. Because of you I experienced great games like Star Parodier and Sin&Punishment, which I wouldn't have realized without your reviews (and hypers in the comments).



Twilight_Crow said:

I'm with Kid_A, KS8 and Raddixs, not planning to support tweeter in any way, but I understand NL needs the promotion, I hope it works , good luck to everybody.



Machu said:

So when are you guys running a competition that doesn't require signing up to a service that some might not want to? Why are you limiting it to Twitter or whatever the next Internet fad is. Is it not enough that I visit NintendoLife, I have to go there too before being considered?

Rant over, ignore me, I'm sure you have your reasons.



Villain said:


I win, because I'm a lot more handsome than you guys. And I got a match between my teeth. Which is awesome. Undeniable proof.



ueI said:

Darn it, Bensei. I think yours might win! Mine was sort of like yours, but you did a better job. Good luck, though!



TwinP1XEL said:

hm not so good, but i have twitter.. yes i have

themacard is my twitter name.. yes it is



Dazza said:

C'mon guys, any more tweets for us? We really like anything with Chuck Norris, monkeys or random crap if you want some clues.

The "they made me post this..." tweets are getting a bit stale

Also please post your Twitter profile link here so we know who is who!



Terra said:

When are you announcing the winner? I'd post something like you said Dazza if you hadn't told us we were only allowed one entry.



ejamer said:

"Also please post your Twitter profile link here so we know who is who!"

Hmm, didn't realize we had to do that... but guess there's not much harm to be done given how silly my twitter is anyway.

Also, I was going to make my tweet a Chuck Norris rip-off originally, but thought that would've already been completely overdone! D'oh!




I didnt read the part where you couldnt post more than once, but I erased all the extra ones, am I safe?

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