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Icarian Gets a New Name: NyxQuest

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Over the Top Games had to change the name of their recent WiiWare release.

Icarian: Kindred Spirits, which was released only last Friday in Europe, has already run into some trouble - For some reason, the developers need to change its name.

The new name will be fairly simplistic by simply using the main character's name - NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits. The change hasn't been made yet, so we assume it won't happen until Friday, along with the usual Wii/DSi update. It'll probably come in the form of a patch - Hands up, who is not going to patch their game so they can have a rare copy of "Icarian"?

Over the Top Games have not revealed what exactly the reason for the name change is - But they have said it's not because of Nintendo's Kid Icarus.

This is the second time a developer has had to change the name of a WiiWare game - Not too long ago, the puzzler Bang! was changed to Bang Attack.

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Mayhem said:

How odd. It isn't SNK complaining it's a bit like Ikari, is it? (oh, and first!)



Cthuloops said:

As I said on Twitter, "WHY!?"
"Icarian" sounded much cooler than "NyxQuest" does.



mikejonesuk said:

Could it be because of this game, do you think?


Icarian Adventure in the Clouds - Icarus the Cat wants to fly high and see what lies above. Collect the gold pebbles. Hearts will refill your energy.



Dawnclaude said:

there is a trademark of icarian, but for a company in a complete different industry. Its rly strange, but maybe some lawyers had too much time.



Nero said:

Yeah Icarian does have a better ring to it, glad I got it while it had that name. Also I found this post on Neogaf:

Stupid sues are stupid. Another Spanish developer says they have the rights for the name Icarian (they have a free game called Ikariam) and the four guys from over the top haven't got enough money to start a law battle with them.

They've been told to change game's name to NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits, and will be effective worldwide soon:

It's a complete shame they will surely be affected by this people who only want some advertisement taking advantage of OTT's WiiWare work and launch.

BTW, buy this beautiful game with whatever game, I really think it deserves it. We gave it an 8.5/10.



toby_bob1 said:

yea i got a rare copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 im not goner patch it if it does come as a patch



Djungelurban said:

Icarian will always be Icarian to me... Just like Bang! willl always be Bang! (as well as avoided)... And all those so called "license holders" can take a nice juicy tree branch up their respective number 2 holes. If I knew how to I'd crash those Ikariam guys' server...

Yeah, I don't know what's up with me today... I'm just in a very passive aggressive mood I guess...



KDR_11k said:

Dunno, the Icarian name did seem weird to me considering Icarus is the boy in distress, not the main character. NyxQuest sounds more generic but at least it doesn't sound like an attempt to cash in on the constant "Kid Icarus!!!" rumormongering.



Drake said:

@ wanderlustwarrior: They weren't allowed to use the name in the US so they changed it before release, it's called Beer Pong in Europe still.



Starwolf_UK said:

Hands up, who is not going to patch their game so they can have a rare copy of "Icarian"?
As soon as I heared the news I switched on my wireless router, got onto the Wii Shop and downloaded a (soon to be rare) copy of Icarian. I'll play it sometime soon...I hope

Just like Bang! willl always be Bang! (as well as avoided)
It still is Bang!...Bang Attack! that is...

Another Spanish developer says they have the rights for the name Icarian (they have a free game called Ikariam)
I hope those other Spanish people decide to go after these people as well:



Captain_Jack_Sparrow said:

I'm just as mad as the next person too!

But I'm sort of fine with this new name change; for Icarian will always be Icarian to me too!

And GOD YES, they need to HURRY it up & release it in NA RIGHT NOW!! FOR the LOVE of GOD... I've been saving my points far too long!!

Quote of the Day: "Stop Blowing Holes In My Ship!!!"



Vendetta said:

People just don't like change. If it were called NyxQuest from day one, there would be those complaining about a change to Icarian. Fact is, the new name makes a lot more sense. Doesn't sound as cool though, I'll give 'em that.



joeshabadoo said:

whatever it's called I want it in NA next monday. I feel like Water Warfare is coming , but hopefully it will only be one of 2-3 wiiware games as has been the trend recently



Machu said:

I'm sure the guys at OTT have been through every idea in the book already, but what about plain old Nyx.



NeoRausch said:

the poo?! dumb law stuff!

"NyxQuest" sounds like some cheap puzzler for wonderswan. but it's still the same awesome game. gotta buy this...with the new game...gotta put a sticker on my tv, saying the original titel



WolfRamHeart said:

Too bad about the name change but it is only a name. The game is still the same and I'm getting it no matter what they call it!



Djungelurban said:

You're probably right... I just don't like that they're hijacking the success of Icarian for their own purposes, especially since the game has been known about for the last 8 months... That's just sleazy and I hope karmic justice intervines somehow here.
And also don't like it because whether or not NyxQuest is a good name, it's not the name OtTG chose and therefore Icarian will remain the real name of their game in my mind.



Vendetta said:

@Djungelurban: Fact is that the name's original rights holder didn't have cause for a legal complaint until Icarian: Kindred Spirits had its commerical launch. Up until that point, it wasn't an actual, and allegedly offending, commercially available product. In other words, the rights holder couldn't claim infringement by a product that wasn't even market available. It's a tough world out there. Imagine being the rights holder to Icarian and seeing someone else using your name. Can't blame them for defending themselves.



vherub said:

If they are forced to rename it, I'd rather they call it US Release Date 6/29



JimLad said:

Yeah I saw Ikariam advertised on a site, YouTube I think actually, not long after Icarian came out and thought 'thats a coincedence'.
It's a browser based strategy game, sort of like Travian set in ancient Greece.
Let's see how long we can not update for, since there probably wont be anything else in the update when it comes.



Objection said:

Icaria is simply a cooler name. I wish they had called it Nyx then instead of NyxQuest. Either way I'll get it of course, dumb new name or not.



accc said:

@Vendetta: So if you decided to announce tomorrow that you were working on a Wiiware game called The Legend of Zelda: Final Fantasy: Dragon Quest: Halo Wars, then nobody could have make a legal claim against you until after you release it? Sorry, I'm not buying that.



Vendetta said:

If it's not a product, it's only a project name and a non-commercial one at that. They could claim I'm an asshat for using such a stupid name, sure. But I don't know if there's legal ground for that. They'd be right though, only an asshat would use that name.



bboy2970 said:

As far as the whole “keep a rare copy of Icarian" thing is concerned, isn't it possible that in addition to a patch, NOE will also put an update to the game's title in the next system update? It would therefore be impossible for someone to keep Icarian unless they never updated their wii again.



TeMPO said:

Bloody lawyers. You'd think if it was this big of an issue to them they would have been aware of it and done something BEFORE Over the Top actually brought the game up to the point of release. It doesn't really concern me personally since I'll buy the game regardless, I just really feel bad for the Devs having their IP shafted and getting stuck with having a lame name slapped onto their first commercial project.



MrPinguy said:

It's just a name for god sakes...
I just hope that they didn't have some serious legal problems



Vendetta said:

I would bet a lot of quarters that Over the Top didn't just hear about this AFTER they released it. There's no way contact is initiated, legal claims are drafted, tendered, analyzed, responed, negotiated, and settled in a matter of 5 days. Plus a new name was chosen, art rendered, and communicated to Nintendo (I'm sure they had notice and approved prior to announcing the change, too). Most of this was probably happening in the back channels, but when OtT released it as Icarian, the Ikariam guys probably dropped the hammer hard and OtT took the path of least expense. Can't say I blame them, honestly. I'll happily buy Icari... I mean NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits anyway.



Olimar_91 said:

Honestly, name doesn't matter. But it's a bummer that they may lose some sales due to confusion that this causes. Hopefully that doesn't happen.



Schembeck said:

NOT because of Kid Icarus... right
I agree with Big V, too fast and the problem was solved very easily (by the public eye).



Djungelurban said:

Well, they could have just given them a heads up that if they decided to release the game with the Icarian name they'd get sued... That's what people do most of the time in nations other than the US... That would have been decent of them... But no, they sat happily on their hands until after release and THEN they decided to be dicks...



Sean_Aaron said:

The browser game has a similar enough name that they could make a claim; I doubt it would have stood up in court, but you're rolling dice with money over something that's not that big a deal in the end.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Sean is right. Even if the other party doesn't stand a chance, it still costs a LOT of money to fight something in court, and that may well be money the developer doesn't have.

I agree that the name change sucks and is, in this case, totally unfair. But they had two options: change the name (free), or fight through a lengthy legal battle with an army of lawyers and hope that you don't end up having to change the name anyway (definitely not free).



Sneaker13 said:

Just though I would quickly download it before they change the name. But unfortunately, it's already changed to NyxQuest . Still gonna buy it though .



opeter said:

Will this "patch" be downloaded automatically, or you must do this manually?



Mario_maniac said:

@46: The good news is that the update is optional. I'm so glad I downloaded it last night, just before the change.



Crazed said:

Ah well, Icarian sounds cooler, so I'll just keep on calling it Icarian. Hey, at least they aren't battling some court battle, which results in the game never appearing on American shores. That would have been a tragedy. Speaking of which, does that mean Icarian (Nyxquest) will be coming soon?

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