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World of Goo Coming to WiiWare in Europe!

Posted by Darren Calvert

It is no secret that the World of Goo is our favourite WiiWare game to date here at WiiWare World. Indeed when we reviewed it last month it achieved the unthinkable and obtained WiiWare World’s first 10/10 score!

The only downside was that our friends at 2D Boy signed up to a deal with RTL Games for the European distribution and they were not keen on going for a WiiWare release preferring traditional retail instead! There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth when we broke that news to our European chums!

Thankfully good old Ron and Kyle (and no doubt the impressive WiiWare sales figures!) have now persuaded RTL Games to reconsider. Europe will now get the WiiWare release too! More from 2D Boy’s blog:

ever since we realized that releasing world of goo as a wii retail game in europe is unfair to those on the other side of the atlantic, we’ve been in discussions with our european publisher about how to make things right.

today, we’re happy to announce that world of goo will be coming to wiiware in europe after all! we’ve started the submission process and hope to release it sometime in december. we’d like to thank our publisher, RTL Games, for being flexible and working with us on this course correction.

we’re anticipating some questions about this, so let’s try to answer them:

Q: how much will world of goo cost on wiiware in europe?
A: most likely the same as in the americas: 1500 points.

Q: will the pc version be available in europe too?
A: yes, at the same time as the retail release, hopefully late december. it will cost 19.99 euros and will be available in retail stores (to be announced), through steam and other digital downloads services, and on (an incorrect price is currently listed).

Q: will there be an extra chapter for europe?
A: no. everyone will get the same version of the game.

Q: why are they not available now?
A: we need to put the final touches on translations, get european age ratings, and go through nintendo’s approval process. the retail pc version also needs to get manufactured and shipped to retail stores.

Q: i am european and i am still angry with you.
A: Thank you, user000299174, for contacting the World of Goo Corporation’s new cost effective customer service center. Your feedback is very important to us. A highly efficient customer service specialist will contact you regarding your query very shortly. When prompted, please provide the following case identification code: WG-77415823/B.

Source: 2D Boy

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Starwolf_UK said:

Great news.

Sad to hear about no moon chapter but then things wouldn't be fair (maybe the moon chapter was a plan, make it so it appears in press
releases and then scrap it).

That sorts about everything...well, almost everything glares at Family Table Tennis.



SilentJ said:

That's good news for Europe. I'm glad you guys don't have to wait for a retail release. I hope they now decide to make extra chapters available as dlc.



longtimegamer said:

congratulations everyone from Europe! Hopefully you wont have to wait too long.

Its awsome that 2d did that for you guys. Even though the publisher was originally gonna put the screws to ya. (that retail idea was not only an unfair but obviosly dumb move in the first place.)
Maybe we'll get lucky and get that extra level some other way.



blackknight77 said:

A developer actually listened?
This is crazy."

I'm afraid now Could this mean they may actually listen to gamers when we say we want Dracula X Rondo?



LAA said:

I did think it was unfair for europ to pay another £20 for only 1 more chapter.
I hope world of goo gets dlc, that would be pretty sweet!



Starwolf_UK said:

So this joins the queue that Secret of Mana, Mario Golf and Megaman 3 are in... T.T
No but it joins the one with Groovin' blocks, Art Style*3, Strong Bad 3, the Hudson threesome, Beer Pong, Yummy Yummy and more...



Ricardo91 said:

Aw come on. That's preposterous!

Since Europe is getting the exact same version as we did, could that Moon chapter possibly pop up as DLC at some point?



Killraven said:

Great news! i would think that 2d boy would see more sales overall this way.

i'd be a day one purchase, except that they said it was retail so i bought it through steam instead. and it really doesn't have all that much replay value for me, so i wouldn't buy it again.



darkmagi_82 said:

@Mr. Cheez
I agree, they should definitely give us more content . . . World of Goo ended too soon.



Objection said:

A Moon Chapter DLC would be very welcome. Congrats to Europe and go 2D Boy for listening, You deserve my $15. Hell, you deserve everyone's.



MarkyVigoroth said:

"There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth when we broke that news to our European chums!"
That came from the Bible, hai?



djshep1973 said:

This is such great news! It was a bit unfair to make Europe a) wait so long and b) pay rather more for it, even with the extra content - and it was a bit crazy that North America wouldn't have had access to the 'complete' game either.

All that remains now I guess is for some kind of announcement on the proposed extra level as some DLC, that'd be ace!

Many thanks to 2D Boy!!



Mayhem said:

Least this IS a bit more fair, and yes... patch the game down the line so that we can DLC the Moon chapter (all regions).



oliver12345 said:

Thank you, 2D Boy! I can’t wait! I’ll download that great game on it’s release day.



Clayfrd said:

This is great news, Europe. WoG is the model after which every WiiWare game should be made, not necessarily in genre or style, but in quality.



World_1-1 said:

That's great news for you Europeans. Go out and buy this game... once it comes out!



Twilight_Crow said:

Great, no more complain comments , just kidding; it's nice to see a company listening to it's clients, congratulations EU !



that_dan_guy said:

Thank you 2D Boy for listening to us as consumers. Whilst I would have strongly considered this as a wiiware release before, yet wouldn't of at all in a retail version, I will now definitely be purchasing this, in part just to say thanks and support a small development team, but mostly because it looks like a fun game.

Now, if only Nintendo would listen to us too and hurry up with a more convenient method of storing all these wonderful games.



KDR_11k said:

The moon chapter sounded so vague (they couldn't even say how long it would be in n interview I read), I doubt they even started working on it.



Rexy said:

Awesome World of Goo is finally cometh!

I can't remember complaining about a retail release or not because I still want to play it nonetheless after all the good things everyone's saying about it. But anyway, once it comes through to Wiiware, I'm going to flock my way over, that's for sure



calculon said:

Yeah, thanks for being a good bunch 2D Boy. You know, I'm definitely going to get World of Goo on WiiWare now.

Shame about the extra content. Maybe it'll appear in an equally excellent sequel?



axelkothe said:


I want a retail release! This game deserves one, this is a game worthy of any Wii collection, not just as a downloadable file



Tjohei said:

Excellent news! Good work, 2D Boy. Very happy things worked out for you guys.



JonnyBB said:

Great news will be downloading asap played the pc demo and am addicted.........



Wiiloveit said:

Wait... I turn my back for two minutes (read:days) to stay in bed being sick, and whilst I'm away - THIS happens?!?
Strange as it may seem, I'm really excited about this, but slightly distraught that I won't get the extra chapter. Ah well - at least I'll have it before the year's out. Christmas, perhaps?

Oh - and nice to see the addition of a "related news" feature. WiiWareWorld just keeps getting better and better.



Wiiloveit said:

@Bensei: Seriously? You're havin' a laff. I haven't noticed that before. Or maybe it's the dates that weren't there before. I dunno. Something's different. I can sense it...



Wiiloveit said:

Hah - stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Bensei!
Thanks for the update Dazza! Anything else new coming soon? I'm getting all excited!



PALgamer said:

Should of been like this from the beginning,
releasing it via retail was madness and they knew it.

Looking forward to getting it, and hope it gets released before 2009.



WiiMan192 said:


cough cough
I honestly can't believe that a developer listened. They actually listened. I'm definitely purchasing this now!



Starwolf_UK said:

I'd say its between 6-10 hours for a first playthrough. If you go for OCDs on every level expect it to last closer to 20 hours.



Clayfrd said:

I agree with Starwolf. My first run through took a few hours, but I still have several levels left to beat, and I have many I want to get OCD honors on (if only I still had room for it). It's well worth the purchase. Now that I think about it, I need to move that back on my Wii. Unfortunately that means I'll have to take off several games I haven't finished... This goes back once again to storage...



Omega said:

I'm not sure if I understood it right. Will there still be a retail release for Wii in Europe? Or not?



StarDust4Ever said:

Awwww... I wanted to play with Goo balls on the Moon. Maybe somebody will make a fan-based lunar hack. Ooh, ooh, ooh - World of Goo 2: Lunar stickiness!!!

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