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World Of Goo Will Not Be Released On WiiWare In Europe!

Posted by Darren Calvert

Whilst browsing NoE’s summer 2008 release schedule we were intrigued to find “World of Goo (RTL Playtainment) - Q3 2008” on that list. After all isn’t World of Goo supposed to be a WiiWare game?

Questioning our own sanity, we contacted our old chum Ron Carmel at 2D Boy and found out what was going on. Here’s what he told us:

Our European publisher, RTL Playtainment, is planning to release both the Wii and PC versions as retail titles. We're going to add some extra content to the European version that won't be available in North America or Japan.

The good news is that at least Wii gamers in Europe are not going to miss out on World of Goo, heck you'll even get additional content - despite paying more for it. Why was this curious decision made for Europe? It may just be simple economics; maybe Europeans haven’t taken to downloading games en masse yet or are more attached to games cases and artwork. Who knows?

Look at it this way, at least you won’t have the conflict of deleting other WiiWare games to make way for this on your Wii’s internal memory!

Update: more information from Ron Carmel:

Extra content: We're not sure how much extra content there will be, we're still figuring that out with RTL. It won't be available as additional pay-to-play content on WiiWare, it's meant just for Europe.

Price: It's not going to be a budget title, but I don't know if it will be "full price" either. This up to RTL and their distribution network to figure out. They're going to be presenting the game at the Leipzig GC... that might be a good place to ask them about pricing.

WiiWare vs. Retail: RTL is experienced in bringing retail games to market. They've also dealt fairly and honestly with us and that means a lot to us after experiences we've had with other publishers. In general, Kyle and I favor digital distribution because when you go retail there are a lot of people making money off the game and there's a much smaller piece left for the developer. Retail does have one significant advantage over digital though: publishers are use to paying an advance for a game. After having worked on this game for over a year, burning through savings and getting into debt we were simply nearing the end of our runway and it started being pretty important for us to get some money coming in. RTL was there to help us. We're trying to compensate for the price difference by making some exclusive content for the European version, but we know that some people will still be annoyed that the game will cost more in Europe. We're sad about that, because we just want people to play the game and have fun. We'd be giving it away for free if we didn't need to eat and pay rent

As ever, post your thoughts below.

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Ray said:

Huh, that's strange.
Hopefully the US and JP versions get some kind of DLC...



calculon said:

What a giant crock of sh*t. It's more likely because WiiWare could be labelled as a failure in Europe due to NoE's lack of action in publishing and promoting the service. Slow release schedule + unpredictable (and largely less than inspiring) release choices = major worry for some developers, especially if they've invested a large amount of cash (and hours) into a proper original game.

NoE is killing WiiWare in Europe.. If it weren't for the fact that I'm tied into around about £300 worth of VC stuff I'd be tempted to sell my PAL Wii and opt for importing a US machine to get the full, proper experience.



AlexSays said:

They're really going to mess this up by giving Americans less content, and making Europeans buy the game retail.
Right now it looks as if American and Europe will both get shafted in different ways with World of Goo.

But which will come out first, the retail game or the WiiWare game?



aphexbr said:

Yeah, makes no sense. World Of Goo looks like one of those games you might drop €10 or 15 for on a boring night and have a lot of fun with. But walk into a store and pay €30 - 60 for when it's on the shelf next to Mario, Smash Bros and Metroid? Highly unlikely.

RTL also shoot themselves in foot with this announcement in other regions. It's announcing "hey guys, you only get half the game" to US and Japan and encouraging chipping / grey imports for people who really want the full version.

"maybe Europeans haven’t taken to downloading games en masse yet or are more attached to games cases and artwork"

Bullsh*t. WiiWare is a disaster in Europe. We only have half the number of releases as the US store (according to this site's details, only 1 extra game released since launch), the games are more expensive (1000 points is between $15 and $20 US, depending if you're in the EU or UK, so up to double the price) and I've not seen the service advertised outside of Wii updates. As soon as more games hit and more people know about them, we'll probably buy more.



ACK said:


That's strange, but I don't see how you could say that everyone's getting shafted here. We don't even know what the pricing structure will be yet, so give it a break.

WiiWare or retail, World of Goo deserves to be one of the most anticipated Wii releases, period.



Joxe said:

OMG, a first, europe is getting the better options, how does it feel now you americans?!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHloolololloloollll

...No I won't buy this



calculon said:

It might be highly anticipated, but so were both Zack and Wiki and BoomBlox and look what's happened to their sales. Even if it came in at 1,500 points, World of Goo would sell more copies on WiiWare than at retail and splitting the distribution system is only going to cause resentment as is already apparent on this page.

Personally, I was kind of interested in World of Goo but the idea of paying a full retail price for it £30 - £40 has put me off completely. Nice work RTL. Nice work.



ACK said:

Apparently, 2D Boy simply needed funds and RTL made them an offer they couldn't refuse. That's all there is to it.



calculon said:

From what I gather then, Europe gets screwed again and we have to pay more for it too. What I want to know is how they can justify sticking a 43MB game on a DVD? What extras will there be? 2 new levels and a couple of hidden soft-core porn movies?

Maybe they should pack in 4,000 Wii Points to get people interested again. Actually, make that 5,000 Wii Points (£35 worth of points should just about justify a £40 price tag)



Starwolf_UK said:

WiiWare could be labelled as a failure in Europe due to NoE's lack of action in publishing and promoting the service.
So you expect NOE to pcik up all the orphaned games for developrs too lazy to find distributors and then translate them.

NO! NOE has their own to worry about. Publishers and Europe have always been an issue. Look what happens to Atlus USA games for instance. 6 months later with a lsightly different game and published through 505 Games* is the best you'll get (except for the ones NOE pick up...they are 12 months at best...).

Anyway, given how games like Geometry Wars Galaxies shot down in price i'm sure World of Goo will do the same...then i'll buy Thats one advantage to retail releases, games drop in price...

*-Due to this being an Italian publisher sometimes the games never see light out of Italy. See: Super Robot Taisen: Orginial Generation and Ygdra Union (funny thing is these were English only).



Raptor78 said:

The odd thing is that myself and my friends included have not bought any other wii retail games since wiiware was finally launched in the EU, choosing instead to buy one or two wii points cards for the month which works out the same price as a standard game.

My only complaint about wiiware is the lack of space (change the record I know) and im sick of have to delete and redownload as I need to.

If this had been released on wiiware I would have bought it... if its retail only then, meh, im not bothered anymore!
What i dont understand is why they dont decide to do what Hudson is doing in regard to Bommerman wiiware and releasing a retail AND a wiiware version and make money from both markets.



Bensei said:

That's weird...
My interest in that game sunk now, paying 30€ more for a hand full of extra levels?
At least we get it...



Outrunner said:

This was the one game I was interested in apart from Bomberman... Not anymore.
It's not the type of game I'd pay £30-£40 for. I leave that to games like Mario, Zelda and Okami etc. They feel worth the price.
This game is now dead in the water sadly.



calculon said:

@StarWolf_UK. NIce, let's all insult WiiWare developers. I can see you're going to get a lot out of the service.

Oh, and yes. I would expect NIntendo who are indeed publishers to pick the the mantle and market the service and its associated games and to provide anciallary services like operations manual translation. That's part of what being a publisher does - it doesn't matter what media the game is distributed on.

Oh yeah, and judging by the release date of Ygdra Union (which was around November 2006 in the USA) I'd say the reason why the game was never released here was because the GBA's days were numbered - no other reason. I'd say the same would apply for Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation.



stedaman said:

"burning through savings and getting into debt we were simply nearing the end of our runway and it started being pretty important for us to get some money coming in. RTL was there to help us"

Sorry but it just looks like they are tranna make more money to try to pay for the debts they are in. Best way to do it?

Thing is i'll buy it for sure, i'm not happy about it...but its a quality game from the looks of things....I just hope the extras are actually worth the extra price tag. One bonus level would be a piss take.



calculon said:

I don't think the argument is to do with quality, which I agree looks good, if not earth shattering (but then again - what Wii games are?)

Honestly, I don't see how they can justify asking for full price in the EU and then provide a crippled WiiWare version to other regions. The whole thing stinks - either they're trying to force Nintendo to publish the game immediately as WiiWare or they're pushing around the idea of making the game retail for all.

At the end of the day, the whole experience only compunds my fears about the proceedures surrounding WiiWare and has sadly made me feel bitter towards the (possible) decisions 2dboy have made.



Ian_Daemon said:

Wow, World of Goo looks to be in serious trouble now. I'm not sure who thought this would be a good idea...

Sounds like NoE is actively trying to kill "Wii Software" ("WiiWare").



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I feel sorry for you guys...

I'd feel horrible if this game was suddenly taken off the list of slated titles for the service. This is my second/third-most anticipated title. I'd be pretty ticked.

But yeah, as Dazza said, you don't have to worry about clearing tons of Memory. I speculate the game will be at least 240 blocks.



TheBaconator said:

no DYC yet
no Gyrostar yet
You had to wait almost 4 extra months to play brawl
I heard UK= crap tv shows
and now no World of Goo for you
That sucks



calculon said:

Ahhh.... I've just been on the 2D Boy's World of Goo webpage. The PC retail cost is $20 (if pre-ordered) which I reckon would make the Wii version $30.

The expansion will probably be the Profanity Pack which allows you to "replace voices in the game with ambiguous naughty words. F**k!" Should be right up the street for Wii's target audience.

The UK has good TV... it's just that I like looking at the cool off spot when I press the standby button on my remote



Virus said:

Heh, some are you guys are pretty fickle. I'll admit it; it sucks that you have pay extra for a game that might not have that much added content, but in these past few months, haven't I heard symphonies of praises for this game and claims to support the indie developers? From what it sounds like, you guys weren't interested in the game but in the price tag. But heck, if you guys have a problem with it, don't buy it. The retail game will end up selling pitifully, 2D boys' funding will dry up, and they and other indie publishers will not think it is worth it to localize their game for Europe. Yes, there's a fallacy somewhere in there, but I think it's still viable.

And don't you dare blame NoE, they have nothing to do with this.



Bluezealand said:

Actually, it's not the first time. There were games in the past which had additional content just in the PAL-Version.



Chipmunk777 said:

I'm sure Laurent Fischer has something to do with this! Wiiware's only for geeks and otaku!



ACK said:

@ Virus: Right on. It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy...



Stratos said:

I really hope they change their mind about the extra content being for Europe only.
And I don't think that they will charge full price ($40-$50) for it but more like $30. That is unless they decide to just make a bigger and fuller game. But how long would that take to be made? Since they have a release date for the European edition then how much content will they be able to add in that time?
Even if us Americans don't get extra DLC I hope you guys across the ocean get really sweet extra content as opposed to crap.



Chipmunk777 said:

Actually, tbh I wish they'd release this game as retail ONLY. Considering the lack of storage space on the wii, a retail version of the game would save me from having to delete MORE games. Also, I wouldn't put the price tag past $30 for a retail version of the game. It would probably even be lower.



Tim said:

Well this sure is something that popped out of nowhere.

I'm skeptical about how you can turn a small WiiWare game into a full blown retail game. But when you consider all the other wii shovelware on disc out there this doesn't seem so bad.

Telling me that I'm getting the gimped version of a game isn't a good way to encourage me to get it. I think they should release the extra content in all versions and price the Euro version lower than they would if they are so concerned about price that they have to add extra content to justify it.



thewiirocks said:

Wow. Just wow. What's with the vehemence, guys? World of Goo was going to be a retail game before making it to the WiiWare service. (As many fine folks around these parts informed me.) Everyone gave me the impression that they would have bought it in the store had it been released that way. Has that much really changed?

Another way to look at this is that you'll be able to purchase the game with a real box, manual, and disc. If you like collecting games like me, then you'll love this! If not, you'll be able to play the game cheaper through rental services like Gamefly. (Or whatever equivalent you have in your country.) No need to zip down to the nearest GAME or Tesco. Plus you'll have a game that's superior to what we Americans have, with more gameplay and features!

That being said, I hope RTL thinks long and hard on the price point. A lot of game publishers have made a grave error by taking $19.99 PS2 titles and attempting to sell them on the Wii for $29.99. That garbage isn't going to fly. If they want people to buy, they should appropriately price the game around €20 & ₤15 + VAT. None of this "€30 for a budget title" crud.

That's just my €0.02 worth, anyway. Sadly, it costs me more than three cents to give it to you.



lockelocke said:

Ouch, I feel your pain, Europe. Right now, this is a must buy title for me, though I admit, if they had gone retail in the US, I would be dropping into Blockbuster for a one-time rental.

The Office is from the UK! And they got Mario Kart before us.



strade32 said:

Europe gets crap again. they have to pay more for added content(which i think won't be very good or worth it). we are still getting what we already would have gotten for cheaper then Europe, and we will most likely get it sooner. i don't feel ripped at all, but it sucks that europe gets ripped again.



Shiryu said:

Well, at least this way I wont need to make space for it in my Wii internal storage. Hopefully by then, all storage issues will be sorted (fingers crossed!).



BDPatVCR said:

I dunno but i have yet to see a wii title selling (at their debut) for less than 30€. So that's at least double of what it costs in the US. So to be fair they have to double the content.
Not credible since they know they're going to launch it in Q3 but have no idea yet what the extra content will be.
Also, I would buy something that gives me a couple of hours of gameplay for 5-10€. But when i buy a retail wii game i want something i can spent weeks on (i don't game all the time offcourse ) like the godfather, super paper mario or mario kart.



Draygone said:

I'm not going to complain about what Europe is getting. We don't know what the extra content will be or what the final pricing is planned at. It may turn out to be worth it.

But the fact Europe is getting exclusive content at all sucks for the rest of us. At least, in my opinion. I can understand their predicament. They need the extra funding to finish the game. But if they're going to change it to a more full retail version in Europe, they should do the same in the rest of the world. Or at the very least, as someone suggested, give us all both a WiiWare version and a retail version. Sure, Nintendo might give some trouble about when the WiiWare version released, but that doesn't mean they can't release the retail version first for a while. More people would buy the retail version, while those still patient and knowledgeable about it would still get the WiiWare version.

I simply dislike it when another country gets a bunch of exclusive content, though. Maybe if the extra content comes to a country that gets their release later (gotta make up for the delay), but if the game's not out anywhere yet, you gotta plan that content for all places.



ACK said:

Jeez, game developers these days just can't win with you guys...

2D Boy seemingly made a necessary business decision. Why don't we all just let things play themselves out before condemning World of Goo?



johndoe said:

so 500% increase is normal now? FIVE TIMES THE US PRICE
well this is really disappointing , the reasons are not real , the "new stuff" will be short since they have just decided now, it's really a shame that you think you can screw with us like that

so no buy from me , but i guess you will lose only 70-80 percent of your consumers so you are still going to make more money!!!
here 's an idea why don't you sell it for 50 bucks on wiiware , even more money!

so the first and real star of wiiware decided like any third party to screw with wii's owners . Well done i thought ubisoft could not screw with wiiware but you really did a far better job

oh and usa consumers who told us to chill out , why don't you send me forty bucks ?

and the freaks who keep talking about the lack of storage , just buy a freaking sd card for 7 bucks(less than world of goo!) and copy your damn game on it! , you can wait one minute to play a game and you don't have to get up!! This is not a problem , paying five times the price is a problem

to sum up , 2dboy you will never get any money from me ,five times the price ? how is that fair ? please answer us



Peznaze said:

Now, see, this I could see being blamed on the strong Euro. They're soaking Europe because they'll get tons more than if they soaked NA kind of thing.

Still, really horrible news, this. But then, isn't Europe used to bad video game news by now?



Tim said:

There is one good thing about this retail switchover. If none of us buy it the first year the sales will suck and the price will drop fast to make room for newer stuff on the self. WiiWare doesn't have price drops.

I don't know how fast the price drops in Europe but in Canada I have seen prices drop so quickly after as little as one year that I am hesitant to pay full price. The only games that don't drop are high profile titles like Mario or Halo and World of Goo will never reach that level of recognition.



Starwolf_UK said:

@StarWolf_UK. NIce, let's all insult WiiWare developers. I can see you're going to get a lot out of the service.
What insult? If publishers can't be bothered to fund a translation or find a legal presence in Europe (i.e. another publisher...which is what the people at 2D boy did...) then yes, they are lazy. Either that or destetute.

Oh yeah, good on 2D boy for finding a publisher sooner rather than alter. Still I wonder how hard it would be for 2D boy to either back out or find someone prepared to go through Wiiware. Either way its best not to make enemies with any publishers.

Oh, and yes. I would expect NIntendo who are indeed publishers to pick the the mantle and market the service and its associated games and to provide anciallary services like operations manual translation. That's part of what being a publisher does - it doesn't matter what media the game is distributed on.
You said that last time. Marketing /=/ Publishing. And with you suggesting NOE should pick up titles to publish...are you insane!? NOE need as few titles to publish as possible so that games can come out sooner (look late into the gamecubes life...we were getting games very close to America...simply becuase there was so little coming out...unless Odama and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance were cases of other regions stalling*).
*-Unlikely. Odama was pretty much worldwide (Europe getting if first) and a case of nothing coming out, FE:PoR was shortly after America (and the American release was in-line with previous FE games translation times).

Oh yeah, and judging by the release date of Ygdra Union (which was around November 2006 in the USA) I'd say the reason why the game was never released here was because the GBA's days were numbered - no other reason. I'd say the same would apply for Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation.
*Learn to read. Since you can't read i'll have to reapt myself.*
-Both games came out in Europe.
-505 Games was the publisher.
-The titles saw a limited release in Italy (remeber what I said about 505 Games being an Italian based publisher)...
-...Unless there are PEGI ratings, box arts and last but not least ROM dumps for games which never came out? The last point is the most danming (pretty much the same as the US verisons bar 505 Games having an intro screen and being on the title screen)

so 500% increase is normal now? FIVE TIMES THE US PRICE
I'm sorry you'll have ot point me to two things:
-The press release saying how much the game will cost on WiiWare
-The press releasing giving an exact European price.
You are acting as if the US version is 1000 points and the EU version €50. Both statements are likely to be false. I can't see a $20 PC game being sold for $10 on Wii and "not budget but not full price" doesn't mean €50...probably €40 though...

I don't know how fast the price drops in Europe but in Canada I have seen prices drop so quickly after as little as one year that I am hesitant to pay full price.
The rule used to be Nintendo published titles stayed high forver. Now it seems Mario, Zelda, Pokemon and a few exceptions do. Everything else is merely mortal. 3rd party stuff can really free-fall though. Geometry Wars Galaxies has fallen from £30 to £10 and Nights: Journey of Dreams fell from £35 to the same figure (both prices are obtainalbe in GAME, other places have similar prices).

Edit:Man alive, I really need to apply Okams Razor a bit more...



y2josh said:

I haven't read all these comments, but I bet if this is released on a disc over there then to d/l it in America will probably be 15-20 dollars. Doesn't sound like good business to me though.



Virus said:

Since I don't want Starwolf_UK's wrath to be unleashed upon you, pApEr y0sh!, I'll answer for him. He didn't write to himself. He was responding to a comment directed at him. Notice the "@starwolf_UK" in italics.



Virus said:

You kidding me? I don't think the message board can take a novel!



strade32 said:

if you want it so bad, he should release it on you. just remember, you asked for it.



Objection said:

Well really the increase will be from 1500 points ($15 in N.A.) to the rough equilvant of $30-ish. Yes that sucks but it gives you tiem to stop complaining about space and everything else you hate about wiiware...not that you will. You guys just never stop whining. Hell, I'd rather have the retail then the wiiware version for these reasons plus more levels! I know you guys are alwya sgetting screwed but you needn't contradict your own complaints! See what I did there? "Contradict". Objection_BLaster from Objection from Phoenix Wright. Yeah



y2josh said:

If they charge 30$ for this game on WiiWare then they can say goodbye to making very much off of it. I'd much rather pay 20 dollars for Zack and Wiki, which is still not in my library for some reason :S



AtTheDriveIn92 said:

This is a huge kick in the face, not even going to lie.

However! Being the nice American boy I am, I'm going to throw Europe a party to celebrate the release of Brawl!

rofl, i'm sick of being an american



ThomP said:

That's soo funny...
Retail games in EU (DK) cost 60-80$ (online stores).
1000 Wii points cost 15$.
From what I understand that's around 50% more than in the US!?

And now we have to pay the bill because it's expensive to give the americans a cheap Wiiware title.
That's kind of ironic:(



Raptor78 said:

@Objection_Blaster Although it is true that American wii retail games do tend to be sold around the $30 mark, in the UK that would normally be somewhere between $60 - $80... so a $15 wiiware game being sold for mabey $80 is ridiculous wheres if it was released for wiiware and for the same wiipoints here in the UK it would only cost us about $20 instead. it doesnt seem that fair really now does it.

...and on a note about Zak and Wikki, if it wasnt so expensive in the UK $80-$90 then it would most deffinetly be in my collection.



LucBernard said:

the game seems like it will cost 2000 wii points on wiiware (since the PC version is 20 dollars)

so I don't know why people are moaning in Europe it will be probably 10$ more for retail



strade32 said:

if the game is 2000 wii points, i will not be buying it. it seems highly unlikely anybody else would buy it too. it wouldn't sell.



pApEr_y0sh said:

@virus- ya. next time, dont let him take the wrath on you, im a man( well, actually, im a paper dinosaur thing, but....). i am used to taking wraths. but thanx anyway. and thanx for clearin that up



Phantom5800 said:

@67: Agreed, I was willing to maybe drop $10 for it, but it just doesn't seem to hold the kind of lasting value for me to pay more than that, I prefer not to blow an entire Point Card on one game.



Virus said:

Hmm, I don't know if it'll be twenty bucks, but that price would kind of ruin the point of the Wii Shop Channel. Like Phantom 5800, I would like to get at least two games with a Points Card.



Ricardo91 said:

ZOMG Europe has to go to an actual store and gulp BUY the game
And that requires going outside AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

it does kinda suck though that they get extra content lol.



ThomP said:

@Mr. Cheez: Naah, we're actually so evolved over here that we can buy over the Internet and pick it up in our mail:-)



Ricardo91 said:

meh. I don't care that much either, really. this game looks OK, but I want Eternity's Child more.

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