Hori Announces New Classic Controller For Japan

We've already seen a wealth of third-party classic controller offerings, but for those who love auto-fire capabilities on their controllers, Hori has just what you're looking for in their creatively titled new classic controller called the Classic Controller. There's really no telling how much marketing money was thrown at coming up with just the right name for this unique controller, but those funds were obviously well spent.

Not only does the controller mimic the original Gamecube controller in form and function, but it also offers up three different autofire settings for each of the controller's six action buttons. So no matter what Virtual Console game you're playing, you'll never be at a loss for firepower.

The controllers will be available in Japan on November 27th and will come in three different color choices: Blue, White, or Black. For those outside of Japan, you can surf on over to Play-Asia where you can preorder one of these bad boys for $29.90 plus shipping.

We'll have more information on this new controller as it becomes available. Until then you can take a look at the pictures of Hori's new Classic Controller below.