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Updated Cave Story Artwork Causes Controversy

Posted by Corbie Dillard

It seems that many diehard Cave Story fans have recently become divided over the slightly updated artwork that will be used in the upcoming WiiWare version of Cave Story. Many fans have already expressed their dislike of the more detailed look Daisuke Amaya has given Toroko, feeling that it takes away from the classic old-school look the game has always featured.

Nicalis recently provided a side-by-side comparison of both the old and new artwork to show these subtle differences. They blew the artwork of Toroko up 800 times to show these changes pixel by pixel. You can take a look at the picture below to see the differences for yourself.

So what do you think of the differences? Are they good or should Daisuke Amaya, or Pixel as he's known to many of his fans, have stayed with the classic artwork? We'd love to hear from everyone on the subject. Even those who are wondering why in the world people are actually getting up in arms over something this trivial.

EDIT: Nicalis has clarified that there will be an option in the game to switch between "classic" and "modern" graphic styles.


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Objection said:

I think it would be fine in its original art but I'm good either way. I just want to play it on my Wii!!
EDIT: My 2nd first this week! Anyway, why not have it as an option in the game to have the original graphics or the updated graphics? That would be a cool option.



Starwolf_UK said:

Since there are options for the original and remixed music maybe they'll now be options for the original and new graphics



Dazza said:

It has already been confirmed that the WiiWare version will have an option to play the game with the old graphics and music. Worry not, if you don't like the new style, you will just be able to turn it off



Mario64DStyle said:

First of all.. they need to calm down with something so unimportant (and which has the option to change)..

Second.. I've never heard of the original version of this game until recently.. I hope its pretty fun.. all the hype makes it seem like it could be good



Corbs said:

I corrected the news story to add the option in. I thought I had read that they were removing that option, but apparently not.



Djungelurban said:

I think it's a good move. After all, that char is looking alot more like its face pic art now and in my book that's a good chance since clearly that's how it was intended tolook. And I mean, if you really really love the old game so much, it won't go away you know... Go right ahead and play it...



pdrydia said:

I can kind of understand. But it's not like the "new" sprites are so excessively "modern" as to take away all "old-school"ness from the game. FFS, they're sprites.

[edit] So is this /actual/ controversy, or just people in another community discussing their opinions on the updates?



Corbs said:

Some fans were up in arms about it until it was stated in the GoNintendo interview that there would be an option to switch between the two. There was no mutiny or hostages being held over it, but it was a bit of an uprising.



megacody said:

The first one looks better to me, although it really tries to looks like its blocky. The second sprite looks like its really trying to look top-notch while staying true to a retro look, know...kudos.



ILoveWii said:

Really silly TBH. I mean, does it matter if a few more pixels are added on? You still have the game.



Rexy said:

That's a ridiculous thing to be complaining about. I put it all down to the resolution of our TVs in comparison to the type of monitors Pixel developed the original PC release on.

Besides, Toroko looks better now IMO; the only time in which we would REALLY complain about this is if she A) received a complete color palette change, and/or 2) was drawn in a completely different style or rendered in 3D



WiiMan192 said:

I sometimes think that some people have nothing better to do than complain over nonsense. Anyway, you can choose from the two different graphic styles in the game, so there isn't any room for complaints



ReifuTD said:

So they went from late 80's graphics to early 90's graphics. Big whoop, I haven't played this game befor but I'll Get it when it come out on Wiiware.



Objection said:

OKay, so my magical suggestion was taken and you have the option to use the "retro" or "new-retro" graphics!



MarkyVigoroth said:

I kinda like it."
In reality, I like the newer graphics better...
takes out Lucastick
...yet I like Mr. Pixe'l's listening to his fans.



J_K said:

Wow so a bunch of uptight little children fanboys(girls) are whaling like babies over a slight graphical update to some sprites despite the fact the game itself is fully intact and even adds more area to it? And of course it's known the game has a classic mode for the whiners too.

One word: pathetic



rikru said:

I think the original looks better, good thing you can switch between the original and new artwork



StarDust4Ever said:

The Wii has enhanced graphics, so they'd might as well utilize it. There were some NES games back in the day that looked bad but played great. Why not make a game that looks descent?

The Atari came before my time and I think the graphics on it look like [donkey doo]. Some people will argue tooth and nail with me on that subject but I stand my ground on the basis that all sprites were made out of little rectangles and weren't even real bitmaps, like the NES had and other systems in the 8-bit era. For many people playing games, the NES was before their time, so who am I to judge if they feel the same way about my coveted Nintendo?

So I say, use this new platform to its advantage: it's perfectly acceptable in my book to cheat a little by not adhering to the strict limitations of obsolete consoles.



PALgamer said:

I noticed in some videos that the graphics looked weird (crispier), are they changing all the gfx or just the character sprites? Although I prefer the original (after playing it countless times), having it updated like this really gives you an incentive to buy a game that you can play for free (not a cash-in).



Starwolf_UK said:

What is the point of whining over something like this? That's like saying that you refuse to play a Zelda game because Links ears are too big =P
I know there are some Dragon Quest plasyers who don't enjoy the newer instalemnts bevcause it is now an anime style (it always was but to make sure it didn't bomb in America the boxart and related art was more a western fantasy look). Thing is with such basic graphics its the artwork which determines your perception on the game.



Outrunner said:

Yeah people moan about the DS Castlevanias too because they're in an anime style. Me, I love 'em.



Auntman said:

I just hate Tokoros new design. She looks more like some kind of aunt rather than the sweet cute rabbit she used to be



TopHatPangolin said:

Oh, she looked like an aunt already! xD Thank you, Pinguy. I haven't played the game for almost a year... next time I'll be sure to look into these things a little more!



MrPinguy said:

these people are crazy, i expected drastic changes in the design for causing so much trouble.
But the change is "minimal" , she even looks even more like the face sprite used in dialogs on the original. ( )
People just want hate something for nothing nowadays
(closed minded people >_>)


Oh for god sake... you must be kidding... it's not THAT different



Serpent said:

Wow people were complaining about this?? Its the same exact graphics but the Wii-ware version has more detail.



Ferret75 said:

For you people upset with the graphics, read the last part of the article.

Anyways, I'm amazed with this game.
Not only do we get a platforming RPG, but it's pratically 8-bit. =D

Current list of retro games:
Mega Man 9 (8-bit)
Eternity's Child 2 (16-bit)
Gradius Rebirth (16-bit)
Cave Story (8-bit)



Ricardo91 said:

I hate it when geeks and otaku complain about minor crap like this. I don't see much of a difference at all. <rolls eyes>



Corbs said:

If you think that's bad, I remember back during the Commodore 64 era when a particular magazine made a huge deal over the skating in Winter Games because on one of the spins the skater's leg didn't hang out like it was supposed to.



Kirk said:

The only thing I would say that doesn't quite work with the new more detailed art is the fact that the old pixel look requires pixels of a slightly larger size to give it that classic feel imo so if he is just going to use much smaller pixels anyway, which isn't really that classic pixel art anymore, then he may as well have just used proper sharp/smooth characters (without the oldschool pixel look). That being said I don' t think they look bad and that fact that the game has the option to view the original graphics is all good.

I would however suggest having the original pixel art style and a proper modern smooth/sharp style, almost cartoon like, and let the player choose between them rather than just having having two similar retro pixel looking styles/modes to choose from.

Just my two cents.



whalleywhat said:

I don't know, the original is so perfect. I'm more concerned about the changes in music than this, but I'll gladly pay Pixel by way of Nicalis.



deadly_by_design said:

I've never seen of the game before now, but I can sympathize with fans. What if they screwed around with 8-bit Megaman? (aside from making him a lighter blue... which is the case in MM9)

As long as there's an option - no biggie.



Ian_Daemon said:

Who really gives a crap about "first post" anyway? Why does everyone keep saying that? Is there some contest I don't know about? (It's like advertising that you have no life.)



Ian_Daemon said:

The WiiWare screenshots look a lot sharper than the original graphics. This release's increased resolution could lead to clearer/sharper/more jagged graphics.



Marioman64 said:

obviously pixel wants to even further express what they intended the characters to look like in the first place, which i like

but if you like teh pixely then turn on classic mode

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