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Samurai Shodown II Coming To North American VC In August

Posted by Damien McFerran

Widely seen as one of the defining fighting games of all time, Samurai Shodown II was today confirmed by SNK Playmore as coming to the North American Virtual Console in August - the 4th, to be exact.

That's right - next Monday you could be crossing swords with the best of them!

We’ve already seen the sublime Samurai Shodown on Nintendo’s retro download service but the sequel is even better – in fact many fans rate it as the best in the entire franchise!

Here’s some of the press release:

Regarded as one of SNK's greatest games ever produced, SAMURAI SHODOWN II successfully integrated a brand new, dynamic fighting system that was years ahead of its time. The fighting system introduced players to several new offensive and defensive maneuvers including the ability to roll both forwards and backwards, ducking to avoid high attacks, hopping to avoid low attacks and the implementation of a 'parry' system that would allow players to deflect incoming attacks at the last second if performed successfully. In addition to the newly revised fighting system, SAMURAI SHODOWN II also features 16 unique playable characters, hidden bosses, a two player versus mode and of course all of the wonderful translations fans have grown to love.

This news also means we may start seeing some of the later Neo Geo titles on the VC, which can only be a good thing.

However, some of these titles are pretty big in terms of memory, so whatever you do, don’t mention internal storage…

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Bensei said:

And I see again, Americans complaining about getting this game, saying it's a bad release because they aren't interested in it or because it's coming to a collection



megacody said:

Hey, I'm just glad that some great games are coming. I probably won't download it(for now anyway)I'm waiting for two more games before I download anything.



Kultist said:

Well nothing for me here, but it's good to see some of the best fighting games coming (all while restraining myself from pointing out this genre has already lots of offerings on VC...).
I'm just hoping it won't be the only release on August 4th, I'm still waiting for an end to my very personal VC drought. May the "unspecified day in August" be the 4th so I can get Ys



Rapadash6 said:


Same here. Virtual Console has been pretty solid the past few weeks with 2 releases each Monday. If Nintendo can keep that pace up, then my hope will be restored for the Virtual Console service and I can look foward to the games I personally want again. Let me just remind you all of what we know for sure is coming in August again:

-Samurai Shodown II
-Star Parodier
-Break In
-Ys Books I and II
-Neo Turf Masters (not confirmed but we all know it's coming very soon)

If the 2 games per week pattern keeps up that's still 3 more games we don't yet know about for the coming month. Mega Man seems likely and I know we're all hoping to see Mario RPG. It's been a while sinse it was released in Japan so it could very well happen, but probably not until the later half of the month.



Will said:

At last............... something!! I havnt DLed anything since Metal-Slug, but this, I will DL.



blackknight77 said:

So Monday looks like SS 2 and Wild West guns. Anyway, I keep waiting for a press release on when Mega Man 1 and 2 will come out. I am wondering if they may not show up until September. (just a thought) I really think Neo Turf will be out this month and maybe Earthworm Jim and Phantasy Star 4.



worrybomb said:

Wow. Samurai Shodown II along with the rumored Wild West Guns WiiWare game will make this Monday one of the better Wii Mondays in a while, in my opinion.



Corbs said:

Samurai Shodown II is fantastic. This is shaping up to be one of the best VC months yet!



Draygone said:

Is it just me, or does it seem developers are able to reveal the release dates for some of their games more often as of late? I hope Nintendo's started to be more open about game releases to their developers.



Kreegs07 said:

I hope this is the start of the upward climb! From what has been said August is going to be a much better month. Lets hope that continues and makes September even better!



blackknight77 said:

So after SS 2 the only other rated Neo Geo title are Neo Turf, Fatal Fury Special , and World Heroes 2. What will be next? Possibly Metal Slug 2?



CanisWolfred said:

This or the original Samarai Showdown? Who am I kidding, I'll just play them all on the Anthology. Well, I'll rent it at least, since I'm still not sure I l'll like it.

Edit: Having just read Bensei's post, I'd like to add that if Samarai Showdown II is indeed the best, I'll download it, instead of paying 50 bucks for a collection if I'm only gonna play one game.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Another Neo Geo game? SHOCK! 0.0

Ah well, its a good one, so not a lot of complains there. Glad to see more dates be announced too.



Birdo said:

Wow, looks like next Monday is shaping up to be real fun. Hopefully we get another release though, as I'm still partial to those good old platformers.



Virus said:

I will probably not get this one, but this is great news overall. I feel August is going to be one rocking month for the Wii Shop Channel.



CanisWolfred said:

Yeah, Platformer are still my favorites too, heck it wasn't too long ago when Platformers and adventure games were basicly all I would play. Lately I've been broadening my interests, and I'm hoping Fighting games will be the next genre I'll be adding to my repetoire. I've never really played a fighting game before, and every time I intend on getting Street Fighters, a new iteration gets annouced that forces me to hold off on my purchase, until I lose interest in the entire endeavor. I'm hoping Samarai Showdown II will be the first fighting game I'm able to sink my teeth into, and from the near constant praise, I'm guessing I won't be disappointed.



Ricardo91 said:

August seems to be shaping up quite nicely for retro nerds!

If this is truly the pinnacle of the series, I'll just get this and not bother w/ SamSho 1. Unlike platformers and adventure games, there's not much reason to play predecessors to fighting games, as they play about the same imo. The sequels are just better.

edit: I might rent the SNK collection and play SamSho 1 on that though.



sadpanda212 said:

Cracking line up of games, hopefully a few of these make there way across the pond in August too. With Chase HQ to boot.



Objection said:

Well, this gives me the oppurtunity to say i'm not worried about storage anymore because I am getting an SD card tomorrow. Sure it takes a lil bit to transfer and you cant play from the card but its better than downloading from the channel (faster and wont crash like shop chan does to me quite often!)



WarioFan63 said:

Well its good to this being so well accepted! I sure hope the rest of The Internet wont be NeoGeoists and hate it forever, considering I think Monday will be Neo Turf Masters and Samurai Showdown 2. But then again if Neo Turf Masters was coming monday as well wouldnt they announce it? Or perhaps this is just a special occasion.....Hmmmm........



Objection said:

August is looking to be the best month in 2008 since May! If this continues, the rest of the year could be amazing enough to give us YOU KNOW WHAT.



el_cabarto said:

@NintendoBrad: Lot's of great games are confirmed for August. Just scroll down the front news page for the articles.

@All: Okay, August is looking to be about 3 times better than the last several months. Either someone awesome got hired by the VC office or someone retarded got fired. Either way, I'm psyched. This is the definitive Samurai Shodown and in my opinion that's what all the games on VC need to be: Definitive.



CanisWolfred said:

Having just gone a few rounds of miniature golf, an event accompanied with much frustration and colorful language, I'd just like to say I hope Neo Turf Masters comes out this month. I'd gladly get it alongside Samurai Showdown II, it'll be like a "Neo Geo Week", at least for me.



deadly_by_design said:

This is one NeoGeo title that shouldn't be complained about. I already downloaded the first one, and haven't really played this one anywhere else. May or may not buy, but I'm glad to hear it.



Modern_Legend said:

NOOOOOOOOOO I waited so long and then spent my points on do country and mario bros 3 cuz I never thot it wud come soon. I literally bought those games yesterday Ffs. Gotta get a new card I guess



CanisWolfred said:

That reminds me, of course this comes when I'm out of cash! I better finish filling out these applications to Gamestop soon, if I plan on getting while I actually have the time.

I take it your joking, but if you are serious it would of course be the Classic controller....which I need to get a new one of if I plan on playing SSII two-player.


Oh the irony!



Cally said:

Good stuff, though the title of "SNK Arcade Classics volume 1" strongly suggests there MIGHT be a "2." I think I'll hold out and see what comes out on it.



RoninDennis said:

Apparently you are also getting YS 1&2 coming monday.
Ho-lee shi'!!!
You know what sucks harder than not having Wii points? Having the Wii points but, due to a conflict with your provider, having no connection for a good 4 weeks. That's me, baby, ME!
I'll have a lot of catching up to do come september...



worrybomb said:

You're right. It looks like it is coming out this Monday:

While this may not be 100% confirmation (look what happened to Star Parodier and Break In), it's indeed starting to look like one of the best VC Mondays North America will be receiving this year with hopefully many more to come.



7th_lutz said:

I hope Hudson is correct about Y's Book 1&2 coming on Monday. If this is true, no one has the right to whine about bad games being released on this coming Monday.

I have been waiting for Y's 1& 2 to show up for a long time.



North99 said:

I can't tell the difference between this fighter and all of the other nearly-identical fighters released in the last few months.



Cocoa_Man5 said:

i'm sure that Y's book I & 2 will come out monday along with shodown2 because break-in and star parodier are coming on the 11th.



Objection said:

If Monday includes this, Ys, Strongbad/Wild West Guns (or both yay!!) then anyone who complains will probably have to be shot.



RoninDennis said:

@7th lutz: Oh, somebody will be irate for not getting SMRPG or Earthbound, you can bet your sweet potatoes! AND WE SHALL CRUSH THEM!



Rapadash6 said:

According to Hudsons Virtual Console site, Ys IS coming out Monday! Even though that leaves absolutely no room for any surprises for the next two weeks (what with Star Parodier and Break in confirmed for the 11th) it's still great to have reassurance that Nintendo is back to a reliable 2 games per week. Perhaps Nintendo will go on ahead and release Super Mario RPG to send off the summer in SNES bliss?



Cocoa_Man5 said:

wouldnt surprise me since it has been 5 months since a SNES game has been relesed, i'm sure they would want to return with a release of a big name title that has mario on the cover.
EDIT: i'm not really into the fighting genre but this game does look really fun!



blackknight77 said:

SNES games have been lacking lately. THe drought has to end eventually. I really wish Nintendo would balance each month and give us a game from each system.



Kidpit said:

Personally, I would like to see a new N64 game over a new SNES game, as there are a ton of SNES games that I want but haven't downloaded yet (Actraiser, Super Street Fighter 2, Legend of the Mystical Ninja). The N64 has only half the games the that the SNES has on the VC. I would like to see Rocket: Robot on Wheels, Rayman 2, Mario Tennis, or Star Wars: Rogue Squadron on the service.

But if we do get a new SNES game, I hope its Kirby's Dreamland 3. I love that little pink blob.



Cally said:

Now I just have to use some refined interrogation techniques to find out what in the blazes a "Shodown" is, if it isn't one of the most epic typos of all time.



Adamant said:

@7th lutz: " If this is true, no one has the right to whine about bad games being released on this coming Monday."

Ahaha, you really, honestly think they won't?



Spoony_Bard said:

I remember playing this game in the arcade... oh the money I use to dump into this game... and only because the SF2 and MK machines were always full. It actually turned out to be the best of the three in my opinion.



alxtlvra said:


Still some early NeoGeo games that havent been released would also be worth to buy immediately, particularly I am waiting for NAM-1975, a great pack-in launch title about Vietnam war of the firsts featuring real voice acting (NOT in compilation).

I may erase KOF94 now that the compilation has been released to get back some blocks.



Adamant said:

"the firsts featuring real voices"

That's a bit of a stretch.

What WAS the first game to have voices, by the way? Berzerk?



slangman said:

Awesome looks like things are looking up for you americans. I might download this when it comes out (only the anthlogy disc version is stopping me from downloading this game).



andy836 said:

does anybody know if you can do super powers in this game. I know its probably a noob question lol.



CanisWolfred said:


If you mean special attacks, then yes. If you mean finishers, then yes. If you mean super powerful special attacks actived by a power gauge, then also yes. I think. It may be the same thing as a finisher, I'm not sure.

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