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EU VC Releases - 16th May - Third Hanabi Festival Week

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

If you're a shooter fan you're in real luck this week: There's two import shooters, and both of them are generally considered to be fantastic and some of the best the genre has to offer. There's also an import boxing game.

The first import shooter this week is Star Parodier on the Turbografx. After Konami made a wacky spin-off of Gradius called Parodius, Hudson Soft got the idea to do the same, and created this spin-off of Star Soldier. Aside from being able to play as the regular Star Soldier ship, you can play as Bomberman and a PC Engine (Japanese version of the Turbografx)! The graphics are also very cartoon-like and light-hearted, with some rather comedic situations. The game was actually planned to be released outside Japan as "Fantasy Star Soldier", but this never happened. If you like strange shooters you'll love this! The game costs 900 Wii Points because it's an import.

The second import shooter is Gley Lancer on the Mega Drive. Due to the rather great anime-style cutscenes the game has, coupled with the addictive gameplay, it's usually among the most desired import games of Mega Drive game collectors. The main "draw" of the game are that you can have two additional turrets (One above you and one below) which shoot a whole variety of different beams, like lasers, reflecting shots, and more. It's also possible to increase and decrease your speed, which means you can decide how fast you get to move around the screen. It's by no means a perfect shooter, but it's certainly a great one! This game is also 900 Wii Points.

Today's final import isn't so hot - Digital Champ: Battle Boxing is basically Super Punch-Out!!, except that the controls are not quite as good as those of its peer, and the opponents are nowhere near as stereotypical and interesting as those in the Punch-Out!! series. It's not completely bad though, so if you like boxing games it might be worth a shot. It costs 700 Wii Points.

According to Nintendo of Europe this is the last week of the Hanabi Festival, so, sorry, but DoReMi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken isn't coming just yet!

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Will said:

Well im not a shooter fan but thats ok. Im still playing metal slug from last week (I know its a shooter too, but not like these) By the way, six days without an update? Did just nothing happen in the land of VC for a week? Or did the boys just take a holiday? Thats ok if ye did, yer doin a great job



Mike1 said:

You guys probably won't get anything next week since you get WiiWare on Tuesday.



Kawaiipikachu said:

lucia in Gley Lancer is extremely cute but i want Final Fantasy which cost 1500 points plus i only got only 1800 points left on my account after Puyo Puyo 2 last week .
Then again side scrolling shooters are not my thing but still a play them at times but its not my faverite genre .

I think i just stick Final Fantasy at the moment .



Lugia2 said:

Good choices of shooters at least!

Earthbounder? Uh, you know other games exist, games that didn't even get sequels? I want EB too, but, well, you know.



Kawaiipikachu said:

I have read all 3 reviews while i know that parodir has the cutsie visuals but i know that Gley Lancer the girl in that game is cute .



StarDust4Ever said:

@Bensei - If you want DoReMi, you'll have to import. Ditto for SMBLL if you didn't get it while it was hot. I've got them both on my Wii. SMBLL was my first VC download. If it were up to me, USA and Europe would both get the same stuff, but I have no say either, so I feel for you...



Bass_X0 said:

If you're a shooter fan, you're in luck almost every week since thats we seem to be getting a lot of. But VC wise overall, I think Europe has outdone America on games unique to their region.



slangman said:

lol yeah this year seems to be a hanabi festival catered for shooting fans. I doubt this is the last hanabi festival we will have this month though.



samman said:

Firstly Star Parodier. excellent.

Secondly the megadrive games are japanese versions running at 50hz with borders. I compared to KEGA. What a shame nintendo.

17% slower with no optimisation so back to the early 90's days before multisystem TV's.

My Wii channels are all Pc engine games becase 50hz is untouchable for me.

Dont start releasing games from other territories nintendo and slow them down. That goes against retaining them the way they are.



slangman said:

samman aren't hanabi festival games running at 60hz? The same goes for Gley Lancer and Puyo Puyo 2 since they are imports.



samman said:

they do slangman. These are the first ones that Ive seen that havent

PC engine always will.

The two megadrive games (gley lancer and puyo puyo) here are running bordered and slower.

My Wii is set to 60hz



Drake said:

According to NoE this is the last week, so there's not going to be any surprises next week, sadly!



slangman said:

Wait so this is the last week of Hanabi festival? That sucks i was hoping for DoReMi Fantasy, and Earthbound.



DEMON212 said:


My point was that Corbie done bone the FFCCMLAAK and SP reviews and reading them, it sounds like he thinks SP is a much better game.

As for the complaints about no DoRe or Gaiden or Earthbound or SMRPG. I reckon we'll get the lot in the next Hanabi, which if they want to do a 6 month thing, then it'll be November. If not, itn might just be September again.



blackknight77 said:

Maybe the US will get Metal Slug this monday to go with Star Soldier and Dr. Mario. That would be a good lineup!



Sharecrow said:

I know that the US has games that Europe wants and doesn't have yet, but I still have to say that I hope we get Gley Lancer sometime....preferably soon!



Rapadash6 said:

Well, next week you guys are getting Wii Ware, so I'm wondering if this line up marks the end of the festival. I'd be surprised if you guys didn't get DoReMi Fantasy and, though it wasn't quite as likely, Rondo of Blood. Hopefully I'm wrong and the import releases will continue, unabaited, the following week.

Edit - Oops, maybe I should read the articals a bit more carefully before responding. ^^' I can't believe you didn't get DoReMe through all of that... that blows and I'm truly sorry.



Jacekc said:

They could give us Super Mario RPG or some random mario game like Mario Party 1, which was reallly better than 8th, Mario Tennis 64.......c'mon im tired of these totally random games. _



Quimby said:

Lame. More bloody SMUPs... I want some obscure N64 titles or at least one of the shining sequels.
We do have a MS channel now, how about some games?



Pj1 said:

NO Mario kart, Pilot Wings for the SNES. What! our last week? I don't know much about Wii Ware, We will still get VC games won't we? Please...



samman said:

cant believe it myself ICEknight. Im laughing about it now.

Why dont they offer an update on the emulator so that you can tweak it to un 60hz. Offer a warning that some games may not work properly.



Jukka said:

Never even heard of those games. but star parodier sounds interesting, might give it a go.



Bass_X0 said:

Are WiiWare games coming out on Tuesdays and Virtual Consoles Thursday nights? Or is the Tuesday release for WiiWare games here just a one off?



Drake said:

Bass: This Tuesday will probably be a one-off. If we're lucky we might even get WiiWare games on Tuesday and then more on the Friday after!



Adamant said:

Come on, people, stop complaining so much. Gley Lancer and Star Parodier are both fantastic game well worth downloading. Yes, they are just "more shmups", but DoReMi is "just another platformer", and God knows you have played your fair share of those up through the years.



captain-banana said:

i actually dont like the hanabi festivals: every week i check the shop channel and its another weirdo game with an unpronounceable name that kills my dream of pilotwings 64 or majoras mask coming even further.
dont judge me



Quimby said:

I'm with you captain banana.
I like the idea of obscure jap games, but when they come out they all seem to be crappy SMUPS.
They may be good SMUPs, but how many do we need?
Cho aniki, star parodier, parodius... to me all exactly the same game.
I got sick of SMUPs early Mega Drive days. (with the exception of Mars Matrix )



Corbs said:

At least Europe and Australia are getting Turbo/PC Engine games. We haven't gotten a new TG16 game since February.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

I can live without DoReMi Milon. This Hanabi-festival thing has been great with Cho Aniki, Star Parodier, Gradius II, Gley Lancer -and Metal Slug on top of that! I don´t mind shooters at all as long as they are GOOD!



Terra said:

I agree that there were a few too many SHMUPS but as long as they don't suck, i have no worries. I do wish instead of the Naxat Soft games, we got something more interesting and different, Like Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa and Castlevania Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (Obvious Choice. I Love that Title)



Corbs said:

I too, would like to see more RPGs. Of course that's my favorite genre, so I guess that's only natural. But I so love the shooters, and most of these have been very good, so it's really difficult to complain. Could someone call Hudson and remind them that the US still has the Virtual Console.



toffeeman30 said:

do the games on vc that u buy last forever on your console or do u lose them over time. cause my mate says that inbuilt flash memory only lasts 10 years or so. is this true cause im a bit thick when it comes to computers



Tim said:

Flash memory does have a life expectancy. It can only be written to and read from so many times. The life expectancy of flash memory is probably different with each type and manufacturer build quality.

Even DVDs and CDs have a life expectancy. I don't know the exact life expectancy of the wii flash memory. In short, nothing last forever unfortunately.

You could make your memory last longer by minimizing read & write operations. Don't transfer and delete saves and channels from Wii memory to SD card often. Of course that would be hard to do if you are low on space and buy a lot of WiiWare and VC titles.



toffeeman30 said:

cheers tim nice one mate. its just that i have spent quite a bit of money on vc like alot of us!



Terra said:

I hear what you guys are saying about flash memory but in the case of WiiWare and VC Games, surely can't we just redownload them when this happens?



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Well Terranigma by the time Wii´s flashmemory is worn out, it´s unlikely that Nintendo still has the Virtual Console service online. We´re talking at least a decade here. Unfortunatly this is a downside to collecting VC games, I hope my Wii will keep running for a long time... But like Tim said, nothing lasts forever.



Terra said:

yeah nothing lasts forever but you can try to make it last as long as possible, so when Nintendo announces when the VC goes offline, days before this happens, redownload all the games so you'll defintetly enjoy them for longer but this situation isn's likely to happen for many years as they've spent too much time, money and effort into the Virtual Console



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Absolutely, VC will be online for a long time. I sincerely doubt that a redownload would make the flashmemory last longer though, don´t downloads just wear it out even more? Of course if a game suddenly would disappear a redownload is needed, but I don´t think downloaded copies have a predetermined lifespan. It´s the memory itself thet can get broken if I´m correct.



Terra said:

I meant by the redownload is that, yes it might still last as long as the first copy you downloaded but it's a new copy so it will have the same lifespan as the original, so redownloading it before it gets taken off will mean you can use it for longer



Tim said:

Your license to use the game on the system you purchased it for doesn't expire. It lasts forever. You can always back up your games on a SD card so you have a copy on hand for when Nintendo goes off-line.

The wii memory doesn't last forever. Every time your system reads and writes to memory it wears down a little more. So redownloading and deleting over and over again isn't going to make the game last longer.

When your wii memory fails your wii won't work anymore. If you have your games backed up on SD card it won't matter even if you were to get a new wii because the DRM is exclusively locked to the dead system.



samman said:

Well if this is the end of the hanabi festival im pretty sad. We did get some good releases but Dracula X hasnt come to the console.

Not interested in c64 and master system games that will probably follow.

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