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Three Interplay-Owned Franchises Coming to VC

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Gaming news site Gamasutra has reported something which will no doubt please many - 3 franchises currently owned by Interplay are making their way to VC.

After the recent relaunch of Interplay's website, there was some speculation on if there would be resurrections of the franchises shown around the company's logo. Well, these aren't exactly resurrections, but they're coming back, at least!

Earthworm Jim and Earthworm Jim 2 will no doubt excite the most people out of the three franchises. Earthworm Jim started as a videogame, but soon after became even more popular because of a cartoon on TV and a whole line of merchandise. The games still look remarkably good these days, mostly because the sprites are all very nicely animated.

Boogerman is a quirky but fun platformer. You play as Snotty Ragsdale, a millionaire with the secret identity of Boogerman, the self-proclaimed superhero who doesn't really have any superpowers. He does have some unusual other skills though, like farting, burping and flicking boogers.

ClayFighter was no doubt an attempt to create a one on one fighter game similar to Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat and other such games, but it never really became as popular as the rest. It's got some neat graphics though, because every character, as you might have guessed, is made out of clay!

All four of these games were originally released on both the Mega Drive/Genesis and the SNES - But the VC releases will all be the Mega Drive versions. This might disappoint some, but it makes sense, as for both Earthworm Jim and Boogerman, the Mega Drive version was released first. ClayFighter debuted on the SNES, while Earthworm Jim 2 is a bit special - Europe got the Mega Drive version first, while the US got the SNES version first.

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JaredJ said:

Great news, I would consider getting all four of these titles!!! Why are they all the megadrive versions instead of the SNES versions though? I always assumed if multi-platform games were released the nintendo versions would get picked over anything else.



Link79 said:

Earthworm Jim 1 and 2 are great but I wonder if this means we could get the 3rd one for N64 on VC? I heard it wasn't so great but I'd still like to try it anyway.



tnk4god said:

all very boring, but thanks for the update.
Not sure why anyone likes these games...clayfighter was horrible.



niner said:

The EJ games are great, but I'll hold out for the SNES versions. I agree JJ that it's odd to see Gen/MD versions being released for a multi-platform game.



Rapadash6 said:

That's good and all but why does it have to be the Genesis versions? Earthworm Jim, I can understand because that was originally for the Genesis but Clay Fighter was originally made for the SNES. Boogerman and Earthworm Jim 2 were released simaltaniously for both systems if I remember correctly. Still, the SNES versions of any multiplatform games back then were usually the better choice.



deadly_by_design said:

I was happy up until reading the 'releasing on Genesis' part. Heck, it beats getting another Street Fighter or Turrican game though, so that's good.

Next up: Zombies Ate My Neighbors and SMW2: Yoshi's Island! (uh, please)



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

I´ve been thinking about getting Clayfighter just because of the graphics, but I´d rather get a used SNES cart than the MD version. Might be prejudice, but fewer colors avaliable...



CrazyOtto said:

I guess the Genesis/Megadrive versions are coming out so that you can use the Wiimote.



firebrand said:

The Genesis/MD version of Earthworm Jim had an extra level which wasn't present in the Super Nintendo version..



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

If you like fighters, but you're sick and tired of Street Fighter, then Clayfighter is a really good option. Clayfighter and Eternal Champions are underrated, oft-overlooked fighting gems in their own right.



MacTruck said:

This is exciting news for me. The 2 earthworm jims were among my favorite video games. Now we just need Haunting, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and Vectorman and I will be mighty pleased. Toss in some road rash to boot.



Tim said:

Good news indeed! I wonder how long it will take to see these games surface.



aut0matic said:

EW Jim 2 was awesome on the SNES, I have some very fond memories of that game. Anyone know what the main differences are between the SNES and Genesis versions of EW Jim 2 are?



Clayfrd said:

As far as I know, the Earthworm Jim games were quite good. Boogerman might be worth my dignity, but I don't know. I have played Clayfighter 2 and 63 1/3, and those games are awful.



Mario_maniac said:

... I vaguely remember playing an Earthworm Jim game before... I might set aside some points for the first one.



lockelocke said:

Genesis or SNES, I'll happily take the Earthworm franchise. In fact, when I first read the headline and saw the picture of Jim, I had a hyperventilating nerd attack.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Rapadash6: Boogerman was released on Genesis first, then updated with much better graphics and maybe some new levels (I'm not sure about that part) for a SNES release. Earthworm Jim 2 released on SNES first and was then ported down (apparently with an extra level to make up for the graphics and sound loss, according to firebrand above).
I've never played any Earthworm Jim game. I wanted to, but I'd much rather have the SNES version. I have a Genesis copy of Boogerman (got it at a flea market for $2!), but I'd really rather get a chance to play the SNES version that shell out for the same game again. This VC trend of releasing the inferior versions of games is getting really old (first Wario's Woods, then Yoshi's Cookie, and now ALL FOUR OF THESE?!? What are they THINKING?!?). It ranks up there with low storage for games, practically no Squenix support, and no Earthbound as the biggest problems with the VC. Get it in gear and fix your service, Nintendo!



brooks83 said:

While I would have preferred SNES versions, I guess it is only fair. After all, we got all the SNES versions of Street Fighter II and none of the Mega Drive versions



Manicfatty said:

You know, honestly...Earthworm JIm for the Sega CD was my favorite hands down. But beyond that, as attractive as the snes versions were the Genesis versions just seemed to control tighter. It was that way for quite a few cross-platform releases. I don't know if the faster processor gave the Genesis an edge in interface response time, or if there were any developer's tools supplied by SEGA that made this so.

Whatever arcane arts were used to conjure up sweet control, SEGA had it down...even with third party games. That's why I'll take the SEGA versions over the eye candy anytime. Not that the SNES versions controlled poorly. Just felt floaty at times, comparatively speaking. Oh well...just an opinion and my 2 or 3 cents worth.

I have to say that while I'll concede Clayfighter as a game that should be played on the SNES (the characters really come to life with the larger color palette. They start to really feel like claymation figures), I really don't understand all of the whining and crying about the Genesis versions. The control is tight. While the color palette suffers, and certain effects are not as pronounced or faked using work-arounds,the animation is every bit as smooth, and maybe even smoother. Certainly a bit faster/quicker. The game is still stunning in motion and certainly doesn't deserve a rabid fan-boy beat down. I'd venture a guess from the tone of the comments that most of these opinions come from people who have never played the 2 side by side or one after the other. For them I suggest you do some homework...cause you'll be missing out. Start a petition...yeeesh.



Jockolantern said:

I'd happily download the Earthworm Jim games...

If they would actually bother to give us the far superior SNES versions.



Kelvin said:

Wow, lots of whinging! They announce the mighty Earthworm Jim for release on VC, and you're still complaining!

Great news. On the Jim games at least. The other titles were a bit ropey.



BF-Medic said:

Yes! Earthworm Jim is finally showing up on VC

It's a sure download, whatever version they throw at us!



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

Heh, it´s not that I´m disappointed over VC releases of the MD versions. I´m just not very interested in any Interplay games at all, and should I get one I´d go for the nicest looking version. Since I´m afraid of running out of space on my Wii I would probably not even download a SNES version. So don´t mind my oppinion.



Bananiac said:

Oh my, I remember playing the N64 Clayfighter. That was a fun game, quite weird humor and somewhat strange to play, but still it had its moments. That Elvis dude was one of the funniest inventions in fighter history. I would definitely give this one a try, and wouldn't mind SNES (and N64, although I got the cartridge in the drawer) releases on the VC at all!
You shouldn't be looking for a SF competitor here, though. Can't hold up to any of the Greats when it comes down to the action...



strenny said:

Another thing - if interplay games are starting to be released on the vc do you think there is a chance for rock n' roll racing to be out soon?



slangman said:

Glad Earthworm Jim Is finally confirmed for the VC. Always wanted to try the game out. Would have been sweeter if it was the SNES versions though.



blackknight77 said:

I always enjoyed Clayfighter. The Genesis version was good, but the SNES version was better. The SNES also had Clayfighter tournament edition.

I remember renting Earthworm Jim as well. It was a good looking game for its time and I am sure it still looks good today.



mr_w said:

I think the reason, if I remember correctly, they are releasing the Genesis version of EJ1 over the SNES version is because the Sega's version has an extra level or two that didn't make it into the SNES version during a time when Nintendo was doing everything thing they could not to offend anybody.

One stage has Jim bungie jumping on a mucus strand fighting some booger character and I believe the other level that was omitted from the SNES version is the one were Jim's in "hell." The latter stage; I'm not too sure about concerning its ommision. In any event, having owned the Genesis version, I can tell you that's a fine version of the game that really only suffers in the sound department only a little.



DEMON212 said:

Kelvin, what do you expect?

This is like Pac Man for the 2600 being comfirmed. Or Renegade on the NES over the C64.

I love the MD, but these games are SNES must haves.



GiantPooka said:

Right. Time to clear up the Earthworm Jim confusion.

The Mega Drive version of EWJ 1 has an exclusive level called Intestinal Distress, which takes place inside a giant alien's body. The snot bungie and hell levels are in both.

The Mega Drive game's definitely the better of the two, as the SNES one just feels really ropey, and it's even missing some animation frames! Loads of sound effects are different too, and not for the better. The music may have taken a dive in the Mega Drive one, but that's it.

Different story with EWJ 2- the SNES one sounds and looks a lot nicer, and you can swap weapons, which you can't in the Mega Drive one. Grab the Bubble Gun and you've got to use up all the ammo before you can get back to a decent gun!

So, Mega Drive version of EWJ = Good!
Mega Drive version of EWJ = Bad!

Sorry, I'm a huge fan of the series, so I had to butt in- great that they'll be on the VC!



Adamant said:

The EWJ games are great news, but the other two... eh. Was never a fan of either.



MrPoo6321 said:

Oh hell yeah, this is great news. I still have Earthworm Jim 2 for the SNES and I play that one all the time... that game is a classic and I'll definitely be downloading the original when it comes out. I also can't really see myself passing up on Boogerman. I remember playing it as a kid and really enjoying the humor of the game.... I don't recall it being a bad platformer by any means. And I remember renting Clay Fighter with my friends and having a decent time with it.... It might be worth 8 bucks just to take a little stroll through memory lane, but I can't see that game still having hours and hours of appeal. Who knows though, maybe I'm wrong. It's good to see 4 games that I actually played back in the day making it to the VC.



Betagam7 said:

Personally, I'd rather see snes versions of games for one reason alone. SEGA still refuse to do anything about the borders on there PAL games. Sure the SNES games still don't run 60hz but at least companies go to the trouble of making them run full screen. I can only assume that the Snes Emulator is easyer for companies to do this with or somehow forces full screen as no megadrive titles ever bother



Manicfatty said:

@GiantPooka - Yup. That's exactly what I was getting at. But I still felt the Genesis EWJ 2 played better as well. Even my Nintendo fanboy friends at the time (who thought I was stupid and a traitor for getting a SEGA System) had to concede that the games just felt better on the Genesis. I don't specifically remember the weapons swapping issue and I had both versions. But it HAS been awhile. Apparently it didn't distract me too much!

@Betagam7 - Sorry to hear of your PAL issues...but I don't have that trouble, so it's the Genny games all the way!

And does anyone find this ironic: In a time where Nintendo is hawking the 'gameplay over graphics mantra...and telling the world Wii gamers and Nintendo fans prefer gameplay over pretty graphics...the Genesis version of EWJ, which has extra content, tighter gameplay and more fluid animation, is getting bashed based, almost without exception, on the graphics?

Even funnier still when you consider the only real glaring difference is the color palette. Just an observation.



Ben said:

lol @ all the SNES Vs MD comments... it's like we've gone back in time to the early 90's!

Wasn't the first EWJ game actually developed for the MD then later ported over to the SNES, hence the reason the MD version was better.. it was running on what it was designed for..

EWJ2 however was done at the same time for both, so i guess the SNES may have come out a bit better, this by no means makes the MD version the poor cousin, it's still a great game



Tides_of_Chaos said:

It's just like what I said for Yoshi's Cookie when it was released: Why don't they just release both versions of the game when they were multi-platform? Sure, it may be more work but don't they want us to have the same options as we had back when they originally came out? It makes no sense to just choose for us.

Oh, and I've only ever played EJ on the N64 and that didn't give me a good impression but based on the comments here, I guess should still check the original anyway, huh?



brooks83 said:

Manicfatty that's not exactly true. Earthworm Jim was made in the 16-bit days, and at that time there were two versions, where the SNES version had slightly better graphics. Today, if Nintendo made two versions of Mario Kart Wii, one with average graphics and one with great graphics, which one do you think the consumers would pick? Personally though, I'm glad it's the Mega Drive editions that we are getting.



Manicfatty said:

@brooks83 - That's my point...thus the irony.

That's not what I'M saying is the reality of things...that's what Nintendo's Company line has been since they announced that comparatively the Wii was going to be severely under-powered. They've said from the beginning (even Miyamoto) that graphics have become nigh on irrelevant and that stick figures could carry a game if the game-play was kick ass.

I assert that if that were true, then why are so many sprite based, 2-D games and even 3-D games with either innovative game-play or spot-on old school mechanics being outsold by graphic powerhouses with stale game-play or sequels that do nothing to move a series forward other than step up the tech and game engines.

To get back on topic, that is why I find the very 90's-esque console wars (as Ben mentioned ) obtuse and a bit comical. I was just trying to point out the fact that the game rocks on the system it was built from the ground up for, and ppl should stop crying and wetting themselves about it...and just have fun! I do admit ignorance to the plight of the PAL laden ppl of the world. I don't know how SEGA has wronged you, so I can't comment on your frustration.

See what I'm saying now? Btw...I'm probably one of the older, if not oldest of the posters on this site. The 16 bit days were halcyon days for me...the golden era and I miss the feeling I used to get with new game releases...hell even with waiting for my next issue of EGM, or Next Gen...or better yet Die Hard Game Fan! I owned all of the systems at the time, and had no bias...other than crappy games bad...kick ass games good! I think you missed my point, but that's ok...I was just pointing out all of the silliness

@Kingston - I personally wouldn't waste points on Clayfighter ...use them on any of the Street Fighter games on the SNES instead. Sadly, the only version I could recommend probably won't see the light of day. The Championship or special edition or whatever it was called packed enough into it to warrant a purchase. Unfortunately, it was not released at retail and was only available for rent through Blockbuster Video They did this with a few games. You can now find it used, of course. I doubt it will make it to the VC though.

It's not a stinker of a's just not worth the space and the coin.



Will said:

"I assert that if that were true, then why are so many sprite based, 2-D games and even 3-D games with either innovative game-play or spot-on old school mechanics being outsold by graphic powerhouses with stale game-play or sequels that do nothing to move a series forward other than step up the tech and game engines"
This is because people are stupid. FACT

My first console was Atari 2600 by the way, and iv had one of each generation since. So im guessin you cant be too much older then me manicfatty!



Manicfatty said:

@will - hahaha...YES! My feelings exactly!!!!

And my first console was the Odyssey 2...because it had a keyboard and that was the only way a game system was getting my parents approval. Suckers...heh. That was followed by a C64.

And NO! No one on this site may cut me in half and count my rings! Dammit!



McGruber said:

I am excited about Earthworm Jim. This is one of the games I really wanted to see on the VC. Boogerman I have never heard of but it looks fun.



Drake said:

I heard, NintendoBrad, excellent news. There's also a new cartoon and a feature film coming. None of it is VC/WiiWare news though (At least for now, maybe the game is actually a WiiWare game) so we're not going to do a story on it, sorry!



DEMON212 said:

I've been trying to get EWJ 3 for ages, so hopefully it'll hit too.

I'll still buy both EWJ's, I just prefer the SNES versions. Pure and simple personal preference. Maybe the VC versions though will change my mind?

Boogerman though, I'd heard amazing things about the SNES version, but loads here are saying that the MD version sucks, so maybe that game really is best on the SNES?

Same with Clay Fighter. Because I loved the SNES Clay Fighter.

Damo's the resident MD expert though, so I'll see what he says about them when he reviews them

As for EWJ 4, the PSP's had an EWJ game confirmed for ages now, so EWJ 4 has came as no surprise to me

Loved the old cartoon, Dan Castellaneta rocks in any role, especially EWJ and Homer J Simpson though



brooks83 said:

Manicfatty - I do see you're point. It's not the consumers that are saying graphics don't matter, it's Nintendo. Kinda like how they say Wii users don't need a hard drive. I'm 25, and I used to subscribe to EGM too. Still have the old issues in my closet lol.



Kelvin said:

To be honest, I don't reckon the graphics matter that much. HD visuals are worthless if the game's naff.



Manicfatty said:

@Kelvin - I think it's a matter of pride in what you're doing. Publisher deadlines not withstanding, why would you NOT create the absolute best visuals possible to accompany your brilliant game play. As brooks83 alluded to above, given games featuring equally kick-ass game play, but with different levels of polish...well I think we know which one would sell. And I believe rightly so. There is absolutely no reason not to expect the developer to put their best foot forward and create a very complete package. Graphics aren't the most important thing, but they are important. There are some exceptions, but given the power at developers finger tips, a game with great game play, and sub par graphics now seems rushed or lazy...and will take the appropriate hit when reviewed. It shouldn't stop anyone from playing a game, but it should make them buy the graphically superior version. (all other things being equal) Just a counterpoint



President_Leever said:

Well, Earthworm Jim is the only one still worth playing but it's great to see more third party dev games making it to the VC.



TheDudeAbides said:

It's more exciting that third party publishers are putting out games on the VC than the the actual games coming themselves.

I kinda wanna play Earthworm Jim, though. It's been a while.

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