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In this zany 2-D fighter, it's just another day for a humble traveling circus troupe when a meteor crash-lands in their camp.

The otherworldly orb, made entirely out of interstellar clay, contaminates all the circus employees, turning them into bizarrely superpowered versions of themselves. Choose from among the unique clay creatures, such as Bonker, the cheerfully manic clown, or Blue Suede Goo, the mild-mannered Elvis impersonator turned violent vocalist. Master their “Claytalities,” like the operatic Helga's deadly high note and Bad Mr. Frosty's fists of snowball fury!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

ClayFighter is a 2D fighting game in which the characters, as the name suggests, are made completely out of clay.

When Clayfighter was first released on the 16-bit consoles in 1993, claymation had never before been used in video gaming. While television shows and motion pictures had experimented with the technology to varying degrees of success, it wasn't until the...

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User Comments (70)



Drake said:

Believe it or not, I couldn't find a good gameplay video (Of the MD version), so you'll have to do with the commercial until I make one



Charco said:

I think you'll be searching for a long time to find a good gameplay video for this game Drake....

If it's one on one fighters you want, stick to the classics people.



TheLuigiDude said:

I'm dissapointed that this is going to be the Genesis version (or Mega Drive) especially due to the fact that there is a tournament edition that is improved on the SNES alone. I wonder if Interplay will pull a Capcom (releasing the best verision last for the extra buck) approach and not release it till later. Honestly I'll be waiting for the better version.



Radio_KJ said:

Sure it wasn't as polished as some of the more prominent brands, but it was mildly amusing. I like that in my games.

But as Dude said, there are better versions of it. I'll be waiting for one of the later ones. Preferably from SNES or N64, as I cannot stand the Genesis sound chip.



blackknight77 said:

I agree with Luigidude. The Genesis version is really good, but the SNES tournament edition is much better. If you have never played Clayfighter and like Street fighter, you owe it to yourself to give this game a try. Its has wacky characters and a good sense of humor. I always liked Bad MR. Frosty and the Elvis guy. The taffy character was always the best to play with.



WoRMaSTeR said:

Now this game was 600 Finnish marks (about 100 euros) wasted as I played it exactly once back in the day - it was that bad...



deggs said:

i remember playing both snes and genesis/md versions back in the day. the snes one looked and sounded a ton better. that's why it's soooo strange that the md one is being brought to vc. anyone have any idea why that is? and what about some other interplay games?

Blackthorne (programmed by Blizzard of World of Warcraft fame) was published by Interplay. I wonder who owns the right to that? It was released for snes and 32X (attachment for the MD)



WolfLink22 said:

I want Clay Fighter for my Virtual Console i never owned it but i rented it a lot back in the day.I never played the Sega Genesis Version so were there any other differences between the Snes Version which i rented the most til Clay Fighter 63 and 1/3 and the Genesis version? If the only Difference is the Sound then i will be getting my first Sega VC Game.because i am ready for a new VC Game even if it means that i wait until after May.just to get this game.



waldojeffershead said:

I love this game but as far as I'm concerned it was a Super Nintendo game. the Sega version always looked fake.. Listen up Interplay, The Lost Vikings is a SNES game also!



Rossi said:

I dont like this but i really enjoyed ClayFighter 63⅓.. it was the only game who stood up to say i dont want to have a 64 at the end of my game title.. I had ClayFighter 63⅓: Sculptor's Cut which was very good!



KeeperBvK said:

You had Sculptor's Cut? In the UK?! Whoah, how did you get it? And why don't you have it anymore, so you could sell it to me? T_T



CanisWolfred said:

I remember this game, It was the first fighter I ever played, and it was a lot of fun and really quirky. I'll take the Genesis version just for the memories. The only problem was that we only had one 6-button controller, so me and my brother would often fight over who would get it. Not that it really determined who would win, we just really liked that controller.

I never played the Snes version, but I did play the N64 one, and that was much worse than the Genesis version.



CrazyOtto said:

ClayFighter 63 1/3 just got an ESRB rating, you'd have to add that to the list too.



WolfLink22 said:

They won't add 63 and 1/3rd to the list just because the ESRB has /Extreme in the rating too.



carson said:

I love clayfighters. it doesnt have the best gameplay but it sure is one heck of a good time. It's kind of like the game "Brutal."



WolfLink22 said:

I'll be getting both if they both get released.I just found ClayFighter 63 and 1/3 a lot better then the 2nd one and only a bit better then the first one.



Shinnok said:

ClayFighter is a rather dull series, though I found ClayFighter 63 1/3 to be entertaining. I especially loved Sumo Santa. He was a villain, and trying to wrestle control of the North Pole away from Bad Mr. Frosty, who was his nemesis. Such a clever spin on the relationship between Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman.



WolfLink22 said:

@Shinnok the worst ClayFighter was not the first one it was Clayfighter 2: Judgement Clay.So between the 3 i'd buy the 1st and 3rd ones before owning the second one.

As for the Sumo Santa and Bad Mr. Frosty thing yeah that was a great thing to do.But don't forget the EarthWorm Jim/Boggerman thing too.



CanisWolfred said:

Yes, it's finally arrived in Europe(and possibly Australia and New Zealand)! Now I just need it to come to North America, and I can finally enjoy good old Clayfighters again!


You're right, Judgment Clay was pretty bad, too, although personally I found Clayfighter 63 1/2 to be even worse.



WolfLink22 said:


ClayFighter 2: Judgement Clay was the worst of the 3.It goes like this for you:

ClayFighter the best ClayFighter 2 then Clayfighter 63 and 1/3.

For me:

ClayFighter 63 and 1/3 the best, ClayFighter 1, and ClayFighter 2 the worst.

ClayFighter 2 would have been better if it had a lot of improvements.

I liked ClayFighter 63 and 1/3 because it had Characters like Earthworm Jim in it and had Sumo Santa as well as the Characters having some better looking Stages in it.Some not all.I liked Taffy's Stage in ClayFighter better then his stage in 63 and 1/3.So when i get Clayfighter it will be like this:

First Genesis VC Game ClayFighter and second N64 Game ClayFighter 63 and 1/3.



Shinnok said:

I agree with most of what you said WolfLink22. The only difference is that I prefer ClayFighter 63 1/3 to ClayFighter. Though in last place is definitely ClayFighter 2 (it had such disturbing background artwork). And I agree, the Boogerman-Earthworm Jim rivalry was a fun concept. They make a wonderful pair.



WolfLink22 said:

This game will make it to the Top 20 VC Games in Europe and in USA too.


I was not disagreeing with you about ClayFighter 63 and 1/3.I like it just a bit better then the first ClayFighter Game.

If you look at my post to someone else you will see that it has my favorite to least favorite ClayFighter Games in it.



Corbs said:

This was a really funky game back in the day, but it hasn't aged well. Couple that with the fact that the Mega Drive version was just basically a dumbed-down version of the Super Nintendo game and what you have is a very mediocre and gimmicky 16-bit fighting game. Funny thing is, I still actually own this Mega Drive version even though I have the SNES cart. Go figure.



WolfLink22 said:

@Corbie the SNES version of ClayFighter was better overall when it comes to the Sound and other things that were not messed up in the Genesis version of the game.

Also to Corbie:

Your Pile of complete Garbage is someone else's Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow that is the Virtual Console Game Release List.

So there you go.



KeeperBvK said:

@ Corbie: "you'd be better off waiting for Clayfighter 66 1/3."
It's 63 1/3.
Kudos for your avatar, I love Death Smiles. I even 1CC'ed it in the Hey.



Corbs said:

I fixed it Keeper. Thanks. And it took me a long time to finally 1CC Deathsmiles. I'm working on Ibara right now. WOW this game is tough!



KeeperBvK said:

Guess I'm kinda mainstream in that regard (how can a Cave fan be mainstream, anyway? xD) as I don't really like Ibara all that much. In fact Ibara and Progear are the only Cave games I didn't enjoy at all, whereas all others are truly great games. Even the puzzler Mushihimetama, which a friend of mine even owns as a complete kit. ^^
Though I gotta admit I have yet to play Princess Debut.
BTW: In case you don't know yet, play-asia has opened preorders for the Death Smiles LE.



Corbs said:

I just got in my Ibara complete kit the other day and I'm just now finding a little time to play it. So far I like it, but it's tough. And I ordered the Deathsmiles LE as well. I'm hoping the port will be good enough that I can sell my Deathsmiles kit. That way I can just focus my Egret 2 on the vertical shooters and not have to rotate the monitor again anytime soon.



KeeperBvK said:

Wha the...? You've got a Death Smiles kit? Isn't that still like 1500-2000 bucks? O_o
Apart from owning DDPDOJ, ESPGaluda and Mushihimesama LE on PS2 and Ketsui Death Label on the DS I only got to play Cave games eitehr at my friend's place or directly in Japan (or China) and I guess I won't be able to play the DS LE anytime soon since I don't even have a 360, but still I've got it preordered. ^^
I guess the conversion's gonna be nigh-perfect, except for if Cave has still yet to figure out how to use the 360's technology correctly...it's their first next-gen homeconsole game after all. But I'm more sceptical towards the Ketsui and DDP DOJ BLE ports done by 5pb. Oh well, we'll just have to wait and see. ^^
BTW: I might not have as many Cave games as you, probably, but at least I managed to 1CC Death Smiles within a couple of tries.



Chunky_Droid said:

@Wolflink22: We hear you! You like this game, Corbie didn't, he reviewed it with his honest opinion. I think we've established that a lot of people liked Clayfighter (I liked SNES Tournament Edition ONLY), and a lot of people didn't. It's one of those dividing games.

And Corb, I have no idea what a Deathsmile is



Jazzem said:

"Unless you are just a diehard Clayfighter fan"

With all due respect, do such people even exist?



Corbs said:

I have a few Cave kits, and yes they are a bit expensive. I've got Ibara set up on my Egret 2 cabinet, Deathsmiles, and Muchi Muchi Pork. I'm saving for Dodonpachi Dai Fukkatsu as we speak, so maybe in a couple of months I can grab it too. And it doesn't matter how many Cave games you have. A Cave fan is a Cave fan, period.

And as for Clayfighter, I just wasn't impressed with it now like I was when I first bought it years ago. Some games age well and some do not. If you like Clayfighter, great. I'm sure there will be gamers that will enjoy it, but for most people I can't see a real connection with it now that its novelty has worn off a bit.



WolfLink22 said:


It's true i like ClayFighter but my favorite out of the 3 is ClayFighter 63 and 1/3.

So either way like i said i see this hitting at least the Top 20 VC Games List.



KeeperBvK said:

OMG! Ô_o
You've got an Egret II at your place? Improves the living quality of ANY home. ^^
But you seem to be focusing on the lesser liked cave shooters, seeing as you already have Ibara and Muchi Muchi Pork and saving for DDP DF. But MMP certainly is a good game and from what I've seen of DDP DF, that probably is, too.
If I could, I'd get Guwange, ESPGaluda II and Mushihimesa futari first, though.
Edit: At least I've got a Taito cointray (or ashtray) matching your cab. xD



President_Leever said:

Now this is a score I can agree with. Overhyped pile of crap that was all about the graphics. Even those haven't aged well (especially not the MD version which was way overdithered).



Corbs said:

I apologize for not being more clear earlier. The Cave shooters I listed are the ones I have complete kits for. I do have the Mushihimesama and the first Espgaluda pcbs, but not all the artwork and stuff that goes along with them.

Guwange is just a bit too weird for me. I played it in Tokyo a few years back and I just didn't care for it much. In fact, it and Progear are about the only two Cave shooters I don't care for much. I'd love to get Espgaluda II someday as well. And yes, every home should have an Egret 2. It's a must!



KeeperBvK said:

Ah, ok, I see. Yeah, I also played Guwange only once in Tôkyô but I thought it was an extremely interesting shooter. I loved the setting and the rare walking mechaniques, though the lock on is kinda hard to use. Seeing it's price, though, I'll probably never own it anyway. ^^
Good to see we at least agree on Progear. When I visited a friend of mine who owns the PCB I was all excited to finally get to play it but disappointment kicked in within the first minute and it stayed for thw whole game.
The other ones I don't care about are Ibara and Pink Sweet, sorry. Maybe after playing Battle Garegga and Soukyugurentai I might find something to like in them.



Corbs said:

I have the Battle Garegga pcb, but I have Souky for my Saturn. Both are pretty tough with their rank systems, especially Souky. And no need to apologize. You like what you like. It's like Clayfighter, some like it, and some don't. So I take it you're not a Yagawa fan.



KeeperBvK said:

As I said: I probably should give Battle Garegga a shot at some point. Maybe that'll change my mind about Ibara. Maybe I just can't like a Cave shooter that doesn't feel like a Cave shooter, but if it goes by a different label I might like it. ^^
Battle Garegga and Armed Police Batrider certainly are on my list of must plays for the future. I was looking for Soukyugurentai on my last Japan trip, but unfortunately I was out of luck. From vids it sure looked nice.



ZBomber said:

I used to rent this game with my friend. Yeah, its not the greatest game, but it does hold some nostalgia value for me. This was the only 2D Fighter I played in that era too... never really got into them.



Objection said:

@Corbie/ KeeperBvK-DeathSmiles looks awesome! That game looks fun. Looks like another amazing Japan-only title.
As for the commercial above, anyone else hear the MK movie theme being ripped off in the beginning?



Captain_Konami said:

@ 49 chunky_droid:
See, now here's the problem. You didn't get to see the right video for it......

What you need is one where you see the boss of the level and be saying "Holy Cow!!!".

And it looks like there is a decent enough YouTube vid of Clayfighter at:

It doesn't make the game any better. It's still the Cruis'n USA of fighters. But it was at least charming, back in the day.



yoshiman8964 said:

This game will get no more than 3 stars, but why on the genesis? The SNES version was much better! WAAAAAAYYYYYY better!



StrawHat said:

I use to have this game back in the day. Its not the best of the series but it was fun. My fav character was Blue Suede Goo =D



Bass_X0 said:

#59: Because Genesis games don't need the Classic Controller or Gamecube controller to play. Which means if you only have a Wii remote, you can still download Genesis games too. Its just a way for Nintendo getting more downloads.



mariofan5000 said:

oh come on! are you kidding me? today we get THIS instead of SSB64?!
No offense to ClayFighter fans.



JTC-Pingas said:

Good thing I didn't spend 800 points on this. Terrible port. Wait for the Tournament Edition on SNES.



I am a huge ClayFighter fan, but 63 1/3 is my favorite. Can't wait for the WiiWare game.

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