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South Korea gets their own Virtual Console

Posted by Darren Calvert

Interestingly the Wii finally went on sale in South Korea for the first time yesterday on the 26th April. This wouldn’t normally be a news item for us but with the Wii launch comes a whole new Virtual Console region with different prices!

Let’s take a look at the launch games as listed on the Korean Nintendo site:

Famicom / NES (400 Wii Points)
Antarctic Adventure - Konami
Donkey Kong - Nintendo
Kirby's Adventure - HAL Laboratory
Super Mario Bros. - Nintendo

Super Famicom / SNES (600 Wii Points)
Gradius III - Konami
Super Mario World - Nintendo
Super Metroid - Nintendo
Cybernator - Hudson
Contra III: The Alien Wars - Nintendo

Nintendo 64 (800 Wii Points)
Mario Kart 64 - Nintendo

Let’s not begrudge the lower price point for games in this region, there is no need for jealousy. These games will cost a whole lot of Won in Korean terms so it’s not really like they are getting special treatment comparatively. Still Nintendo could have just sold the Wii points cheaper to begin with couldn’t they?

If you were wondering what Antarctic Adventure on the NES was, you probably won’t have heard of it because it never got released in the west. It is sort of a racing game where you drive a penguin! The penguin character Penta, and his son Pentarou have made appearances in over 10 Konami games to date, including the excellent Parodius.

Check it out:

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MasterMario said:

I agree, they could have sold the Wii points cheaper to begin with. It would make more downloads to certain titles. Or this could be a sign that the prices will be lowered in the U.S. Europe, and Japan. Let that happen, please Nintendo!

How come now Korea gets the Wii when the other regions already had it for over a year now?



Starwolf_UK said:

The Korean Wii SKU still sounds like a raw deal full and full:
-Seperate region to rest of World
-Releases generally worse than Europe
-NO Gamecube backwards compatability (Korea did get the gamecube, it was Japanese region and Japanese style boxes with Korean manuals but with English games)

Btw, in case anyone was wondering i'm not Korean it sjust I remember Play-Asia having a Korean gamecube deal up at one time.

All that aside its still nice for casual consumers plus as far as VC goes the SNES lineup is pretty great. Well maybe not Gradius 3 but the rest are wonderful. Wonder if they'll see any non-Nintendo systems?

Edit: Looking at the ammount of Won the points cards are worth its about the same cost as points as Japan. Though of course how much do other things cost is the more important question.



teamdoa said:

Ah yes, Antarctic Adventure...great game!. It first came out on the MSX home computer, the first sequal was called Penguin Adventure. I had them both on Konami cartridges for my MSX.



Jupiter_Adept said:

That's pretty good. Most of the games are good, and they're cheaper. I wonder when their VC updates...

Also, maybe we'll get Antarctic Adventures as an import?



Juampi said:

Oh my god... I remember playing that game when I was little... good times...



Roo said:

Good launch line-up...better than the guff we got i.e. Soccer, Pinball and Wario Woods...



aphexbr said:

Excellent opening lineup... that penguin game reminds me of TuxRacer!



riggah19 said:

I had antarctic adventure on the colecovision. It would be nice to get those memories back.



Tides_of_Chaos said:

@ Roo
Hey! What's wrong with Wario's Woods? That's a good game albeit the SNES version would have been better.



Viral said:

I think Nintendo should release the "Gameboy Player" as a Virtual Console downloadable, letting you download Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and older Gameboy Advance titles. For instance, how many people actually own Legend : Oracle of Season and Oracle of Ages? I own them both and I know they'd be instant downloads. Pokemon? Super Mario LAND? Metroid II? Those could just be the beginning...



MrPoo6321 said:

let's get an import of that game please... as well as vectorman finally.... i'm not gonna shut up about it until it happens



Villain said:

Interesting fact; Antarctic Adventure would soon be followed up by the similar game Penguin Adventure for the MSX. THAT game is famous for being the first game that Mr Hideo Kojima worked on.



eagidni said:

these are the prices i've said should be standard for vc games for quite awhile now. granted, i've not said anything about it out loud, but... still. ;-D

anyway, i don't begrudge them the lower prices. i'm glad they're getting a piece of the wii glory in south korea!



StarDust4Ever said:

Hmmm, Antarctic adventure sounds interesting - Penguinn racing conjurs up imagery of that stupid Penguin race star on the ice slide in M64 Cool cool mountain. I fell off a million times.

@superduper - are the VC games for Mexico/Latin/South America different from the US/Canadian releases? (Austrailia did initially get different stuff from EU). If so, I may be tempted to temporarily change the country code on my Wii to have a look.

I will have to D/L Antarctic Adventure and try it for myself (Yes, you can D/L ROMs to the PC, but it is just not the same as owning the cartridge or playing on the Wii). Here is a poor English translation of the official webpage, provided by Google.



Alato said:

That's funny. I always thought Antarctic Adventure came out in the West, too.
I owned it on an NES multicart. I also downloaded a PC version a while ago.
It's pretty fun, but the music gets too repetitive, then you want to shut it off.



Clayfrd said:

Wario's Woods is a good game!
Also, that is not a bad lineup! It's too bad they just got the Wii, though. I guess the next generation will come 1 year and a half later too.



KhaoShar said:

It's so easy to Dazza-sama to ask everybody not to be begrudged about N.'s prizing, but does he have to pay €24,99 for one stupid 2000p-card by now?! That's madness!! Not everybody is luck enough to have a credit card to buy them on a 1000p-to-€10-rate, you know...

But that does not really mean I'm jealous for the prices S.Korea gets. I mean, on my map of the richest countries in the world, Korea does not shine all to bright- but is there anybody on the EUVC who would not be happy to pay those WiiPoint prices in Yen, or in US$ at least!?



dark_moogle said:

So Nintendo can give Korea a break, but are still screwing over Australians with VC Prices!!!!! Since I cannot focus my rage into a foul enough curse word I'm just going to slap the keyboard a few times now.
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I feel a little better now, but not much...



Bass_X0 said:

Wario's Woods is a good game!

On the SNES, yes. But I just couldn't like the NES version. But the addition of bosses was cool.

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