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EU VC Releases - 16th November - Double Dribble

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

If you were expecting another hugely popular, great game today to coincide with the release of Super Mario Galaxy, you are, sadly, wrong. While the game (Yes, GAME) was indeed quite popular, I wouldn't quite call it good these days.

Today's ONLY new game is Double Dribble for the NES. It's another one of those games like China Warrior - The game attracted many people because of it's good graphics, but the gameplay is incredibly lackluster.

Yes, that's the only game this week! Just forget Virtual Console this time and get Super Mario Galaxy - It's truly an amazing game!

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ruroremy said:

ONE game?! only ONE game?!
What the hell?!

At this rate I'll never get to play something great along the lines of Mischief Makers or Terranigma...



Shortay said:

This week is a disgrace, but I don't really care with getting Galaxy tomorrow...



junkeR said:

I want Mischief Makers, too... actually it's the only game I still care about being released.



Bass_X0 said:

They should really have played catch-up this week. There's several NES games on the American VC that Europe hasn't got yet plus there's Ordyne on TG-16...



MarioGalaxyRawks said:

Well that does suck a plenty...Good job i got my copy of Mario a day early! Courtesy of a well known street retailers preorder service!! Its AMAZING!! but yeah double Dribble...Looks like Double Drivvle to me



DivineOmega said:

Nintendo are probably neglecting the VC this week because of the EU release of Mario Galaxy. That's the only explanation that immediately comes to mind.



Mendez said:

Looks like I wasn't missing much without my Wii this week then LOL!
Maybe they just expected everyone to be focused on Galaxy this week...



CrazyOtto said:

Us Americans had a crappy week like this back in March. (Romance of the Whatever Crap)



Spike said:

i am waiting for castlevani 3, vamprie kiss, castlevania bloddlines, megaman2-7(&bass+X1-3) terranigma, the lufia games (both) illusion of gaia (time) batman (NES), final fight 2+3, super street fighter 2, and a few others...

so I have things to wait for.. and we get this...



LiekosOfMobius said:

The hell? I really feel bad about Europe always getting the shaft with the VC, and everything else really. If one game came out in the US, you know everyone would throw a hissy fit.



west72 said:

Bad week, but did find this on the Nintendo site...looks like we were going to get 2 games this week, still a bit poor.

Please note

A second Virtual Console game was due to be released this week; however it failed to meet our technical standards because it was found to be incompatible with certain TVs when using a Component AV cable. As we are committed to releasing all new Virtual Console games with 100% component compatibility, we have decided to delay the release of this game until these technical standards are met.



Ron_Prower said:

Wow, that's wrong. I feel really sorry for everyone in Europe today for getting the short end of the stick this week. You guys need to protest or call NOE for that.



MaxK said:

You guys are only got ONE game this week?

There's nothing wrong with Double Dribble, but why only one game?



eltomo said:

Wow... I was going to get Mario Gaxaly... But now there is no point... Because Double Dribble is out...



Mirokunite said:

Wasn't this the first basketball game to have voice effects?

Anyway, talk about a bad day for the EU...



yeah we get left behind
we should really make a stand against N-europe

even if they give amerika all the games n they won't be satisfied, never
why don't they at least give the europies what we want




Dominic said:

There was a second game but Nintendo refused the release as there where some problems with people who use the component cable. Nintendo doesn't named the game.



GamerWho said:

This is a complete kick in the stones to EU Wii owners. Note to Nintendo: if you are going to release just one game a week make sure it's must buy game like mario 3. Sod this, I'm playing SEGA this week!



Koffee said:

Nintendo caring about 100% component VC compatibility in Europe? That's even more far out than the release of a single game.



Starwolf_UK said:

Component cable problems...why not fix the games already up that have problems, eh Nintendo? Anyway their technical standards must be pretty bad considering most games don't run at the pro...



yeehaw said:

What the hell, just one game? Actually, it's not that bad. I think the people at Nintendo just want us to focus on Super Mario Galaxy (which BTW is ONE AWESOME GAME). And sure, the US has got some games we Europeans are still waiting for, but it's also the other way around. The US is waiting for games like Mario's Super Picross, Sonic 3D, Vectorman, Megaman (that's kinda it lol).

I'm headed back to playing Galaxy xD



RoninDennis said:

I don't understand the logic. We release an anticipated Wii game so release a crappy VC game at the same time. Why not release an anticipated Wii game AND a great VC game! There's always one thing better than having ONE great game for the weekend and that's having TWO great games. I don't believe that Mario sales would hurt the VC sales at all.



mummydaddy said:

don't forget, why would you want VC games when the sublime looking SMG is released. its like summer blockbuster movies, never relese two at the same time because only one will make more money (which goes without saying)



RoninDennis said:

You cannot compare a $50 Wii game to a $6-8 virtual console download, it just doesn't add up. No film studio decides to postpone the release of a kick-butt DVD because there's a blockbuster in the theaters. It's a completely different league.



RMA said:

Personally, I'm neither angry or upset - way I see it is that there's very little difference between having two games I won't download this week and one. GALAXY AHOYHOY!



Bass_X0 said:

then in that case some more crappy games would have been nice - just so we don't have to see them during weeks when games of super mario galaxy's greatness aren't released on the wii. just one crappy game does nobody any good.



Delay said:

Nintendo had technical difficulties, so they couldn`t release the second game. Just look at the offical site: Wonder what game it would have been...

Too bad.



tank2tank said:

Oh. My. God. Why even bother Nintendo? Ah well, its Mario Galaxy weekend- even though i'm not getting it till christmas...



Kevin said:

We had our blah week with RotK 4 now here's yours. I think that makes us even. I'm not bragging or insulting you guys or anything like that, I'm just stating a fact.



KhaoShar said:

This sucks all the way home, Big-N >

Im not caring if SMG was released today. Yes, i got it myself, but I reserved it at my local dealer in advance. And guess what- had it not been held back for me, the game (of course!) would have been sold out hours before I could have reached the store.

Note to Nintendo #1: You can't sell a great game to every one who wants it on the first day- you never can! Those who couldn't get Mario from the first shipment will be facing a pretty frustrated weekend.

Note to Nintendo #2: You wouldn't belive it, bur there are actually people who DON'T CARE FOR MARIO. I've been trying to convince a friend to get a Wii for months now but he has a very special tase in games. If VC had some more blockbuster RPGs, he would be in- add Zelda-Majora's Mask or any Square Title like FinalFantasy and you've got one Wii sold- consider that



RoninDennis said:

There's another reason for releasing good or more VC games that coincide with major releases. Not everybody will be able to buy them. I'm broke, but I have Wii points. It would have been nice to get a good game to ease my aching heart.



alvieao said:

ONE GAME!?!?! A bad week in Europe and everyone would be playing Super Mario Galaxy by now...



ruroremy said:

Actually, after stupidly commenting about hoping to get Terranigma...
I think we won't get that game ever.

But if they do release it, I hope they will show America what Enix's best SNES game is all about.



superBBQ said:

So because they release Galaxy they think it's okay to give us ONE CRAP game? BS! I'm a student, how much money do they think I have, I cannot afford to buy new games all the time and no time to start a new full-length game (sounds lame, but is true) but Wii Points I do have. They might aswell have not done anything. it would have been less insulting.



Bass_X0 said:

does anyone think nintendo will make it up to europe next week by giving us four or five good games?

well, i can dream...



JODIsBack said:

"We had our blah week with RotK 4 now here's yours. I think that makes us even. I'm not bragging or insulting you guys or anything like that, I'm just stating a fact."

They had it a long time ago already.



Bensei said:

lame week, I guees they want to make people play SMG, I think the SMG bonus was last week with SMB3



Boo! said:

Haha, sucks to be Australian - have to wait another 2 weeks for Galaxy, and now this. Ah well, its just a game.



E-dawg said:

We better get a MUCH better game(s) next week to make up for this. Could the game with technical difficultie of been Majora's Mask? I heard that the emulated version has a lot of crashes on the GameCube.



coire said:

Oh Well, This week we got the distraction of a consoles lifetime to distract us from this.



Mike said:

I wonder what Nintendo is using to select these games...I mean at this point, I would almost point towards random selection or even throwing darts at a board with games listed on it and see where it lands.

While some awesome games have been released, there are far more games that are labeled as awesome and incredible that have yet to see the light of day on the VC (and apparently havent even been considered as of yet).



SKTTR said:

Apparently the EU got their worst week in January with only one game: Xevious, an old waste of a shmup game.
After that, the US got Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV, a multiplayer strategy game that's a million times better than Xevious.
And now the EU got their second lame week with a game that's again much more worse than RoTKIV, Double Dribble.

Now, for crappy weeks: EU got two and the US got none.
I don't consider RoTKIV a bad game because it's not.



retro_gammer79 said:

This game was great for it's time, when there were no other Basketball games. Now, since their are classic game titles like NBA Jam I would strongly avoid this title.



Mike1 said:

Attention SKTTR:
Actually Europe has had 2 weeks, the US has had 1. ROTK4 is not a good game like you may believe. Maybe you like to play a game about the history of China, but myself and many other Americans don't!

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