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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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ruroremy commented on Rolling Thunder 2:

After watching the video... Is this game exactly the same as Sunset Riders on the SNES?



ruroremy commented on EU VC Releases - 16th November - Double Dribble:

Actually, after stupidly commenting about hoping to get Terranigma...
I think we won't get that game ever.

But if they do release it, I hope they will show America what Enix's best SNES game is all about.



ruroremy commented on EU VC Releases - 19th October - Castlevania II:

dissapointing week. I never really liked Castlevania 2, I'm not interested in shooters that much and I won't be downloading any more fighters (unless SF2 Alpha gets a release).
Guess I'll wait till next week.