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Double Dribble is a 5-on-5 basketball game for the NES, based on the 1986 arcade game of the same name.

The game features four playable teams as well as adjustable game length and difficulty. Play against the computer or grab a second controller and challenge a friend on the court!

Featuring sampled speech and cut-scenes, and recreating the feel of real basketball with amazing accuracy, Double Dribble was well ahead of its time. Whether you want to relive the excitement or if you missed it first time around, now everyone has a chance to experience this classic game on Virtual Console.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Double Dribble is a 5-on-5 basketball game for the NES, based on the 1986 arcade game of the same name.

This is the first basketball game to come to VC, and unfortunately for us, it's not very good. While Double Dribble was fairly popular back in the day due to the graphics (There are some cutscenes with fairly detailed stuff, like a crowd marching into a...

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User Comments (19)



Mr_Nintendo21 said:

I agree with Mii be you. Only thing is, would they ever bring out NBA Jam/Tournament Edition due to they have the actual players from the NBA at that time on there. Unless they would just do like what they did with Tecmo Bowl and take out their names, which that would take too much out of the game.



Ian said:

I have this on my NES, did you know that this game was the first NES game to use Digital voice? Back in the day I really liked the game despite the fact I could never time the jump right when the game started to claim the ball. It realy isn't that bad, but it is quite outdated.



deggs said:

nba jam TE on snes (up to four players) = best basket ball game ever... but it'll never happen. they had a ton of actual player stats and copyright issues if they were to release that one... oh well



KhaoShar said:

This is the game that crossed the line. There were two games released by nintendo today, Super Mario Galaxy and THIS- and, my Lord, I know wich one I would choose.

Do all of europe a favor and don't EVER buy this game. Send a message to Nintendo so when the next Zelda comes out we won't get screwed like this on VC again...



Boo! said:

Sucks to be Australian - we won't see Galaxy for another 2 weeks and we get this on VC. Whoopee. Ah well, its just a game.



vikingscool said:

Oh, it's coming to Virtual Console. I remember that game when I
was kid playing with my cousin. I had fun playing video game with
him! Good times!



Steviis_Father said:

Of course NBA Jam on the SNES would be better... this came out on the NES.

Trippy though, that the dunk sound effect is the standard explosion sound used in Contra, Arkanoid and so many other games... haha!



Mark said:

I loved this game back in the day, and sometimes still play it. I'm sorry, but it seemed that the review was a bit European biased (as if European basketball was even something to make a game for on NES...or the Wii). It's worth 500 wii points IMO.



pricetag said:

The reviewer was way too tough on this game, IMO.

This was the first basketball game to come out on the console, and it was solid, for the entire lifespan of the NES. Only Tecmo's NBA Basketball game was better, and that was mostly because they had the NBA teams and players, season mode, etc.



koolkitties said:

NBA JAM would be a great game with or without liscenses. It's the best Basketball game ever made.



learn_japanese_ds said:

Oh man, Double Dribble! I will always remember this as the game that made my best friend K so mad that he threw his controller at the NES, hitting the power button and shutting the power off!



SmaMan said:

Another thing that could possibly hold NBA Jam:TE back is the fact that they had other secret characters besides NBA players like Fresh Prince(Will Smith), Bill and Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and many more. There were even Mortal Kombat characters in the early arcade versions!
But I think I'll pass on this game. I have NBA Street V3 on my GCN so even if NBA Jam doesn't come out, I can still play 3 on 3...



AndreasWii said:

It was a very nice game at that time! But i will give 2000 points to play NBA hang time on snes!oh my God it was great!!



TheDudeAbides said:

Forget about this game. Does anyone remember ARCH RIVALS? That game was a trip, especially when you trip over the blind referee.



Jona said:

i think this game is pretty good and fun. (i no call me crazy) remember this was made in the 80s and was 1 of the 1st basketball games ever created, and they did a pretty good job; 4 wat its worth u shud check out this game



Mr_64 said:

I have to be honest, my critique would be "Double Drivel"! My mate had it for his NES and even as a kid I thought it was awful. Also, why on earth are Nintendo bothering releasing baseball and basketball games in Europe? It's about as logical as releasing Graham Gooch's Cricket on the C64 in Japan and the US!

I'm hoping that Sensible Soccer in some form or another will appear, even if it's the slightly ropey console versions!



Corbs said:

This game is still one of my all-time NES favorites. I spent many a Friday night playing this with friends and kicking their butts.

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