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Tetris Attack is a puzzle video game developed by Intelligent Systems for the SNES. It was modified for North American and European markets from the original Panel de Pon. In Japan, the Super Famicom version of Yoshi no Panepon was not sold at retail, but was released on the Satellaview satellite modem service. However, Japan did get a retail title with the exact same gameplay - Panel de Pon. This featured different graphics and music but was otherwise identical.

Despite the usage of the Tetris name, Tetris Attack uses a different style of gameplay. Instead of falling blocks, Tetris Attack uses rising blocks, which the player must clear quickly enough before the screen fills up. This is done by navigating a rectangle-shaped, two-block long cursor around with the d-pad, causing two blocks to switch positions if the cursor is on them or to move one block left or right.

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User Comments (55)



KeeperBvK said:

Actually I'd rather get Pokémon Puzzle League just for the sake of more modes...and a really mean difficulty in the higher settings...and I'll admit it: For some sweet FMVs. ^^
But Tetris Attack is still a great game and probably the best on the VC together with Wario's Woods.



SKTTR said:

This is similiar to Pokémon Puzzle League (N64) and Puzzle League DS.
It's one of the best puzzle games Nintendo has ever created.
I never played the SNES version, so I'm glad this one's coming.
But it's only announced in Japan, isn't it?



Jazzem said:

I love Panel de Pon/Tetris Attack/Puzzle League! I'll probably get this, if only to have the Yoshified version of the game

I'd prefer this to the Pokémon version on N64, as I had that version but not this.



Bass_X0 said:

I read a rumor on a message board elsewhere that Nintendo won't be able to release this game as Tetris Attack because they are no longer able to use the word "Tetris" in the title. I don't know if its true or not...



Jogurt_the_Yogurt said:

I've definitely heard that licensing proper Tetris is going to be difficult/expensive. Too bad, too, because I'd like to see the NES and/or Gameboy Tetris games on the VC eventually.



WolfLink22 said:

I can't wait to re get this game since i no longer have it.Also even if i did my SNES Controllers don't work that great anymore and my collection is Mario and DK based so far and i want another game i use to like/own such as this and when Super Mario Kart gets Rated then you'll see me again maybe.



tnk4god said:

I loved this game, hours of single and vs play for me. If you want a great title this is it. Please release this soon, I miss the music and such so badly.



RB said:

The only game I kept for snes (sold mana, metroid, mario kart etc).
One of those games where it is easy to get 80% good so hooks in non games players. Then you turn into Tommy from Pinball Wizard and dont even need to think about the moves...
Looks very simple but once you learn the patterns to get the chains and combos going and start looking 4+ moves ahead, it is awesome. Do not attempt to play for 6 hours non stop in vs mode until 3am as you will start hallucinating and wont get the music out of your head.
Single player is fairly good but vs is magic.



Elk810 said:

This is one of the best puzzle games ever made, and I'm not even a big fan of puzzle games. I got this years ago for my SNES. One of the best decisions of my life. The same goes for Pokemon Puzzle League on N64 and Planet Puzzle League on DS. If Pokemon Puzzle League come out on VC (and that's only a matter of time) you'll just have to decide if you like Pokemon at all or not. If not, get Tetris Attack. Otherwise, wait for Pokemon. Both games are the same with the exception of 3D mode in Pokemon Puzzle League.

__Tetris Attack lover


Tetris Attack lover said:

This game is one of my most cherish childhood game. Then when i thought it was over with tetris attack, when i hear it was announced for the ds called the "planet puzzle league" you can't immagine how happy i was! When it got to the time it released, i bought it right away and started playing with other players via wifi and i "pawn" all you nUbs



Mendez said:

One of my favourite Puzzle games ever, this needs to be released ASAP!
So many memories in need of refreshing!



Paperfox said:

Hmm, I hope Pokemon Puzzle League will be released onto the VC--it's in my top 5 of childhood favourites. I'll settle for this if I have to wait too long, but I can wait plenty when I'm occupied with Pokemon Snap.



Tim said:

If the problem releasing this was the Tetris license then I would be just as happy if they renamed the game to Yoshi Attack. I don't even know why they used the name Tetris because this game has nothing to do with Tetris.



MasterMario said:

This is the same exact thing as pokemon puzzle league for the N64. And I also had the Game Boy port of Tetris Attack.



azariaspice said:

I love this game!!!
I was hoping it'd be brought to VC. My friend had to order away for it because it was hard to find here, and I fell in love with it. I can't wait for it!



lockelocke said:

When the computer stops counting your combos because you're kicking so much ass, you will agree, that Tetris Attack is the best puzzle game ever.



Chipmunk777 said:

Geez the guy on the video is freaking insane!

Love this game btw, one of the best puzzle games ever



Ricardo91 said:

Meh. Why get this when you can get Pokemon Puzzle League instead for only 200 points more? Sure, you have to put up w/ that annoying Pokemon tv show aesthetic, but it's problably still a better choice, unless you're nostalgic for this game. If you ask me, I'd take Planet puzzle league for DS over either of 'em .

Edit: The guy in that video was a machine! I'm not even 1/4 as good as he is!

@Jogurt. I don't think we'll see the NES tetris ever. That was an unlicensed Tengen port, bud.



Final_Starman said:

You can forget about this game being released due to the whole Tetris-in-the-name thing. And they already released Pokémon Puzzle League, probably to replace this.



LordJamak said:

Let's see... this game for 800 points or Pokemon Puzzle League for 1000 points? Come on Nintendo! Release this. Please?



carson said:

I love Tetris attack. It has some of the best Boss'. Pokemon Puzzle League is still a better game though. Still Tetris attack is a 5/5



CanisWolfred said:

I love Tetris, but honestly, this reminds me of Bejeweled, and I hate Bejeweled, so no go for me.



^ You know, I've never bothered to play Bejeweled, but if it's even half as good as this game, then I'd understand why it's so popular.

Tetris Attack is wonderful. Nobody forgets to press L+R when we get to the character select screen.



StarDust4Ever said:

If you want bejeweled, then get the Genesis version of Jewels (the original, not the crappy third). I wish they didn't release Puzzle League, because there is enough Pokemon crap out there as it is, let alone an @$$-whopping file size. So if they release it as "Yoshi Attack" or whatever name, then I will get it, but no Pokemon, please!!!

EDIT: Okay, after watching the video, I think it sucks that you can't move vertically as well as horizontally, aka DS Zookeeper style.

PS-That looks remarkably like a TAS video (the frame-rate indicator at the bottom is a dead giveaway)



WarioFan63 said:

I cant help but feel that listing this game is wrong since it technically isnt out in Japan. Panel de Pon is but the Yoshi version isnt.



slangman said:

Saw this mentioned in a gaming magazine yonks ago. Sounds great. Shame it's another game caught up in licencing issues. Although i still hope Nintendo will give this to us in a rainy day.



WolfLink22 said:

It still has a chance until i hear back from the Tetris Company.I e-mailed them about Tetris Attack and have not heard back from them yet.But i am sure since they allowed Nintendo to do Tetris DS that they will let us have Tetris Attack again.



Nintendork said:

I've always loved the Puzzle League series. I would absolutely love to play the game that started it all.



WolfLink22 said:

I hope that Nintendo will give it to us tho.There are like 6 games on my want list that i want now and this is one of them.

the other 5 are as follows:

Super Smash Bros
Super Mario Kart
Nintendo World Cup
ClayFighter 63 and 1/3

So there you go.



tatemon555 said:

Well well. Would you look at this. I think that I will get this, as I love any Tetris game. Although, I might be getting Tetris Party instead. Anyhow.



Goomba2996 said:

Can't wait for this one I was going to get Pokemon puzzle league a while back but Ash,Misty,Brock and pikachu's constant voices make me want to what for one with Yoshi because of one reason:Yoshi rules!



WolfLink22 said:

I hope Nintendo of America gets off their rump and releases Tetris Attack this year or next year.



MrLopez said:

The only puzzle game I actually like! This game is great! I love the Yoshi's Island theme!



Supermarioman said:

Were never gonna get this, Japan will allow games with chances of lawsuit come to their VC, not the same in NOA and NOE.



MetalMario said:

I hope this one comes to VC. I play Pokemon Puzzle League like the guy in the video and I want to play this one!

And this one's cheaper!



marktheshark said:

Hmmm. They'll probably release Panel De Pon on the Eur & NA vcs to make up for Tetris Attack.



astarisborn94 said:

Even thought I alrady have Pokemon Puzzle League, I will probably get this when it comes out on the North American Virtual Console.

@Supermarioman: The name is the only thing going against it's VC release in North America an Europe, which means we are almost guaranteen to see this game on the Virtual Console.



WolfLink22 said:


like Super Smash Bros. Fan1999 said the only thing stopping it from coming out is the name.I don't care if we get this or Panel de pon since minus the characters the game is basicly the same thing.



astarisborn94 said:

Hey guys, I sent an email to The Tetris Company to see if they'll OK'd the Virtual Console release of this game under it's original title. Here is the email. It's long, so hopefully you'll fully read this and understand what I'm trying to say:

"Hello there. I have been a loyal Tetris fan every since I've gotten the game on the Game Boy and loved the franchise ever since. However, I'm not here to praise you (Although you do deserve a LOT of it), I need to ask you a question about the Virtual Console. Please don't send a generic boring response that answer nothing and cause even more confusion. I want a stright-out answer from the highest person in rank that you can send this to, even though just someone with knowledge about this would be good enough.

I've been wondering about the statue of a game called "Tetris Attack" for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System release on the Virtual Console in North America and Europe. Despite the name, it has nothing to do with the main Tetris formula. As a matter of fact, it has almost nothing to do with Tetris in general. It's the gameplay out of the Puzzle League series, such as this game, Pokemon Puzzle League for the Nintendo 64, and Planet Puzzle League for the Nintendo DS. In short, the game is completely different from the Tetris games we all know in love.

In case you haven't heard, the game has indeed been release on the Virtual Console in Japan, but it has yet to arrive in North America, Europe, or Australia and we have no idea if we'll ever see it. As a result, it has come to my conculsion that I needed an answer to the question that everyone who is a true Puzzle League fan wants to know. If Nintendo were to release the game in North America/Europe/Australia for the Virtual Console under it's original title, beforehand, would you give them permission to release it under the original title? I know Nintendo no longer owns the right to the Tetris name, but would this prevent a Virtual Console release outside of Japan?

Please respond via email to ******************* and give us a real answer. If someone with knowledge on this can answer this, I will deeply apperatice it."

BTW, the censored words were meant to avoid giving out my email, not some curse words.



astarisborn94 said:

@Bass X0: I have a disagreement here. By the look of that initally, it looks near impossible. However, Nintendo can dodge lawsuit by doing one of the two things:

1. Change the title of the English and European version. Considering that Nintendo may not use the Tetris name anymore, they can just change the title of the game to something Yoshi related. However, this is for both the title screen on the Wii Shop Channel and the Virtual Console intro. They must do both. Nothing else has to change. We still get the same music, same gameplay, same everything except for the title screen.

2. Bring on the Japanese Sattleview import. If NOA and NOE are that lazy, they can always use the Japanese version of the game, which is called Yoshi's Panel De Pon and charge us 900 Wii Points. They don't have to translate anything, just use the Japanese version. Nintendo has brought games previously available in North America and still charged the extra 100 points. Example is Alien Soilder and Pluseman.

Releasing the game under Tetris Attack is impossible, but the game being release isn't. Unlike with Earthbound, which has tons of legal issues that Nintendo has to deal with, regardless of which version, there is a way to avoid all this crap know as licensing if Nintendo would do one of these things. Therefore, your arguement about the game never going to get released is flawed.

If Nintendo gets it releasing either ways, I will happily pay 2,000 Wii Points.

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